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Sunglasses & bald guys: what works best for different head shapes

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Sunglasses (or glasses as a whole) can be tricky enough when you have a full head of hair.

For bald brothers like us? Man, picking the right glasses for our head shape can quickly spiral into a living nightmare.

In my case, I suffer from nearsightedness (myopia) and I hate wearing contact lenses. Glasses are an inseparable part of my daily life.

I won’t lie. When I shaved my head for the first time, anxiety hit me hard. Rocking the chrome dome makes every single facial feature stand out. Small factors that would otherwise go unnoticed weigh in to your overall looks.

Turns out it’s not that bad! I actually used this to my full advantage. A small change of sunglasses/glasses and my face was painted in a completely different light.

Since then, I’ve gone from the classic Ray Ban aviators replica to more hip sunglasses like Woodies. My regular glasses collection has also seen a lot of colors and shapes:

My recent pairs are a perfect match for my oval-shaped shaved head. But enough about me. Let’s try to find out which are the best sunglasses for bald men and see what sunglasses generally work well for bald guys with their slick, shaved heads…and shapes.

Sticking to the importance of basics

Face shape.

It’s the single most important thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for sunglasses or regular glasses. In fact, it’s twice more important with bald guys.

There are 4 main types of faces:

  • Square-shaped face

  • Heart-shaped face

  • Oval-shaped face

  • Round-shaped face

That’s my personal experience, but I’ve seen quite a few bald men with oval faces. Mine is quite oval too.

Rocking an oval-shaped dome

You’re in luck. If you’re more oval/oblong like me, you can literally rock most of sunglasses out there with style. Round or rectangular, aviators or rimless…they’ll all work well.

Just look at Mr. Willis and his outstanding looks:

Personal recommendation: If you have the $$, a pair of Ray Ban aviators is a classic choice. Quality and style in one, for one hell of a summer look. You haven’t heard of anyone looking ridiculous in Ray Bans now, have you?

Ray Bans: a classic for the bald-headed guys, especially for those with an oval-shaped face.

Click on the image above for pricing info

If you’re on a budget, no sweat. Cheaper doesn’t mean you’re getting a ridiculously bad product. There are hundreds of low cost sunglasses to choose from, and most of them are quite alright!

Round-headed buzzcut fellas

It’s geometry time for you. Go for rectangular sunglasses or glasses. Don’t go too thick with the frames either.

Stick to thin materials that will elongate your face a little bit, doubling up your style points.

Personal recommendation: I’ve seen quite a few bald men rock the classic Oakley’s sunglasses. They seem to work exceptionally well with oval and round faces.

I’ve also recommended them in my illustrated quick guide to sunglasses for bigger heads! 🙂

Durable plastic, established brand, no chance for the sun to irritate your sight. A sweet deal if you ask me.

Square-shaped face bald brothers

I know there are quite a few of you around. You should ditch the geometry. Go for oval, round, more softened out shapes.

Thinner frames are a must, don’t go for too much thickness else you’ll buff your face too much. Semi-rimless sunglasses will also work wonders.

Personal recommendation: You can start with a budget pick like these Sungaits. There are plenty of option to upgrade later if you like the look. Going semi-rimless is godlike for square bald noggins, in my opinion.

Heart-shaped sleek bald guys

You have a killer look too: sharp jaw line, paired up with a wide, prominent forehead. But you need to be careful…

Your chin can appear very pointy if you don’t soften things up with the right pair of glasses. Go for wider designs, including but not limited to retro square glasses or good ol’ rectangular sunglasses.

Thicker frames are a-okay here, just watch out with the temples. These need to be thinner so you don’t go overboard with how bulky the top part of your face appears.

Personal recommendation: Merry’s have a good pair of square sunglasses with a thinner frame. Alternatively, consider some of Ralph Lauren’s catalogue.

What about my pale scalp/skin and sunglasses?

I won’t lie: I like the fact that I get tanned easily, so I’m not ultra pale.

If you’re worried about that, rest easy.

Sunglasses work as a great contrasting point that will make things better for you. If it’s about regular glasses, picking a pair with heavier, dark rims will improve your looks too.

Another thing that might help out for very pale bald guys is the right hat. So and so it will be a must for you in the summer.

Even I get sunburns easily, I can’t imagine how prone to sun damage can a very white skin be.

Take proper care of your scalp, guys! This also includes frequently moisturizing that fabulous dome! The itch and peel after a few careless hours are not fun.

Not all of us bald heads can be a comfortably tanned masterpiece like Pitbull and his iconic aviator glasses:

So what if I’m the sportsy type of bald guy?

Well, summer doesn’t have to be unfashionable for you either.

The slim-shaped, elongated sports glasses type works extremely well for most bald heads. If your shape is oval or square you’ll be especially happy with these.

Square-shaped bald guys might need to do a little bit more shopping around to find a pair of sunglasses that fit them.

However, there is an abundance of choices to pick from. Plenty of cheap options that will work well with your style and provide you with the much needed protection like Duduma:

Sports glasses work extremely well with bald heads. Their elongated shape makes them a great pick especially for oval faces.

Click on the image above for pricing info

Or, if you want to shell out a bit more cash and are into premium quality, Oakley’s M frames are one of the best sports sunglasses for bald guys out there.

Iridium, extra tough construction, high quality plastic frame, 100% UV protection via high tech coating. An all-around nobrainer.

Last but not least, a reminder for you smooth-shaven boys. I’ve written quite a few other guides that relate to the bald gentleman’s style. Do check them out: here’s my guide to shavettes, and also some thoughts on one of my favorite men’s personal care brands, Every Man Jack.

For bearded buzzcut fellas like me, I also recommend you take care of that burly beard with a proper comb like the Kent magnificence I use daily.

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