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Best Sunglasses for Big Heads: A Short Guide To Help You

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Having a bigger head doesn’t make finding the right pair of sunglasses a total nightmare.

It also isn’t as embarrassing as that sly devil of self-consciousness whispers to you.

A large noggin does limit your choice in glasses, though. It also means you have to play by few basic rules. I’d like to talk about them and hopefully help you out a bit.

As I own only one pair of sunglasses, let’s use my several pairs of normal glasses for illustration purposes.

Take a look at these two pairs. Can you tell me which one you think would be better for a person with a big head?

The answer is: neither. The pair above is still a bit better though, due to its wide frame design.

Let’s move onto the next stage. What about now?

We have a winner! The bottom pair is a suitable pick for larger heads.

It’s not as good as the ultimate Oakley Fuel Cells (inarguably, one of the best sunglasses for big heads.)

However, it’ll still do a great job.

But why? What’s the secret?

The 3 sunglasses rules you’d better follow
(as a big headed guy)

Did you notice how thicker the frame of the bottom pair in the second photo was?

Rule 1: Pick thicker, wider frames.

The thicker the frame, the sturdier and stress-resistant it is. If you pick a thin design pair of sunglasses, there’s a high chance you’ll bend them in no time.

Thin framed and thin armed glasses are really bad with pressure distribution. One of the biggest headaches (ha) you might experience with poor-fitting sunglasses will be temple pain. Keeping things thicker will help you avoid this.

Same as the frames being wider. You will need space!

Rule 2: Tough, high quality plastic is the best.
Sporty, wayfarer or retro square designs work like a charm.

Thin metal might look dope, but a well-manufactured plastic is your best friend. So if you’re looking to grab a pair of Ray Ban aviators, think twice.

If you’re a Ray Ban fan, get the Justin instead. It fits larger heads pretty well.

I wouldn't recommend aviators as sunglasses for big heads. Rather, go for wayfarers, wider frames and more sporty designs.

Rule 3: Pay attention to the hinges.

This is not a complete must, but will contribute to an increased level of comfort.

There are two main types of hinges most of our glasses come with.

Type 1 are the hinges with a screw, where one part of the hinge is fixed on the temple, and the other is glued on the front of your frames.

Type 2 are the so called spring hinges.

Ideally, you’d want the latter. They allow for better flexibility as there’s a spring connected straight to the hinge. Imagine a bird flapping its wings freely: that would be your sunglasses.

Any specific brands that offer the best sunglasses for big heads?

Any reputable brand will offer a good selection of sunglasses for your larger noggin. It depends on the budget you have in mind, to be honest.

I’ve always strived for the golden mean. On one hand, I can’t afford to have the top of the top $400 models you’ll see in high end shops. On the other, no way I’m grabbing a pair of $9 glasses!

If you want something reasonably cheap, this pair of wayfarers isn’t bad at all.

In case you’re after real quality and comfort, though, turn to the big players. Oakley, Costa Del Mar, Rayban would be my best picks for large head sunglasses.

As for specific models, I’d like to recommend taking a look at Costa Del Mar’s Blackfins and once again, Oakley’s Fuel Cell sunglasses.

If you’re bald (like me), also make sure to check my general guide on what sunglasses look good on shaved heads!

Oh, and here’s a big-headed guy’s unboxing video featuring a pair of Oakley Fuel Cells. You’ll see why I recommend them:

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