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Shaved head basics: 6 best hats for bald guys

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My first change of seasons as a bald man was pretty weird. It was also a valuable lesson on how important it is to protect your dome with the proper hat.

During the winter I quickly realized that no, my bald-headed dad wasn’t joking. Your noggin does get freaking cold! It’s ridiculously easy to get a cold going outside with a bare scalp.

And summer? A few hours of being careless (read: not having my baseball cap on) cost me a nasty sunburn. Let me tell you: having a swollen, red and itchy scalp with the skin starting to peel like crazy is not any man’s definition of fun.

Which is why I have several hats ready in my list of bald men necessities:

Shaved head basics: 6 best hats for bald guys

Picking the best hat for you as a clean shaven guy comes down to balance. A balance between feeling comfortable and being stylish as the gentleman you are.

You don’t want to look stupid in your hat. You also don’t want to experience itching/irritation due to its materials.

My personal favorites?

If I’m casual, a good winter beanie – fond of this NorthFace one recently, and a nice baseball cap for the summer.

For more sophisticated events, I trust my navy blue Kangol 507 flat cap.

But personal tastes differ. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the 6 best types of hats for bald men.

Some of them will fit your style; some might not. Some are great for those scorching summer months; others will protect you from the winter’s freezing kiss.

My 6 best hat type recommendations if you’re a bald man
(like me)

Top 3 wintertime choices

1. Winter casual style:
The Beanie

The beanie is the standard casual look. It’s very compact, it’s warm, and there are hundreds of colors/designs to help you keep your head cozy.

I do recommend you to shoot for a cotton/acrylic beanie if you have more sensitive skin. Other materials might irritate the scalp leading to bumps/red spots. At least that’s what I experienced before switching to a cozy cotton beanie.

I wouldn’t pair it with formal wear, but it’s an acceptable style for 95% of your everyday situations.

Beanie recommendationDefinitely North Face beanies! 

They have a wonderful collection of various beanies. Warm, neatly designed, and sturdy to not get torn after a few months of wear.

Winter casual style: The Beanie

Click on the image above for pricing info

A second option could be Columbia’s beanies with their fold-up cuff and a little bit thicker acrylic material. Just as good of a choice from a reputable brand.

2. Winter formal style:
The Flat Cap

No going around it: flat caps are a bald man’s classic. They are stylish, suitable for more formal occasions, and can accentuate your overall looks ridiculously well.

The downside is that your ears will remain exposed to the winter’s chill. The reason I stick to beanies is that my ears are quite sensitive. A cold enough winter will wreck them if I leave them outside of a hat’s cozy zone.

Flat caps definitely give out a sophisticated, artistic vibe. Pairing the flat cap look with a well-groomed full beard is a modern day intellectual look, in my opinion.

Flat cap recommendation: Kangol’s 504 cap. I bet you’ve seen it on the slick heads of a few celebrities.

Samuel Jackson is particularly fond of Kangol flat caps and it’s become an iconic look of his:

Flat caps: as Samuel Jackson shows, they are a classy type of hat for sophisticated bald heads.

The 504 keeps your noggin ridiculously warm with its gentle woolen material. It’s unlined, has an adjustable closure and is, honestly, years ahead of many other flat caps you’ll find.

Keep in mind that flat caps are suitable for warmer months too. It depends on the materials used, but cotton flat caps are totally a-okay in the summer heat!

3. Winter wild style:
The Trapper Hat/Ushanka

Born in the chilly territories of Russia, the ushanka definitely fits the narrative of a wilder, more rebellious man. Just make sure you don’t wear it with your suit because you’ll look ridiculous.

Ushankas offer the best winter protection, even when they’re made of faux fur. They’ll cover your ears and some designs can even offer some neck and chin protection.

Ushanka/trapper hat recommendation: SIGGI’s ushanka line if you want something cheap, but cozy.

There are also several pretty cool designs/colors to pick from to customize your winter Mad Max looks.

Winter wild style: The Trapper Hat/Ushanka

Top 3 summertime choices

4. Summer casual style:
The Baseball Cap

Pretty obvious, right? Long gone are the days where a baseball/sports cap was only limited to the playing field.

Baseball caps can be quite stylish, actually. If you want to be extra casual, you can always switch to the snapback variety. In my early 20s this was my preferred choice, even though I wasn’t that much into hip-hop culture (where it originates from.)

Baseball cap recommendation: Carhartt’s Odessa cap is a very elegant take on the casual look of baseball caps.

100% cotton, ready for machine washing, and a simple way to adjust it via the hook-and-loop back. Very clean looks!

Baseball caps are a classic for the best summer hats for bald guys.

For snapback lovers, Skyed Apparel have my favorite combination of denim pattern with wooden brown elements.

Baseball caps are a classic for the best summer hats for bald guys.

Click on the image above for pricing info

5. Summer leisure style:
The Straw Hat

The straw hat calls for a blissful stroll around the seashore, with warm breeze carressing your face softly. An image pops up in your head: azure skies above, emerald waters below, with the inviting appeal of fine sands sprinkled around.

Straw hats are a perfect fit for any stylish bald man’s summer wardrobe. They will protect your head from the vicious sun rays, keep it warm so you don’t sweat under it, and still send some classy vibes to people around.

Straw hat recommendation: Columbia Men’s bonehead straw hat.

With 55% paper and 45% polyester, you’ve got the perfect balance between durability and lightweight construction. The UPF50 sun protection is an added bonus for your scalp.

Summer leisure style: The Straw Hat

6. Summer formal style:
The Fedora OR The Panama Hat

Fedoras sometimes get a lot of flack on the internet, I know. However, they remain one of the best hat styles for bald men who like formal attire.

A well-designed fedora made of high quality material is a must have in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Just make sure you stick to classic looks and colors (grey, black, moss or khaki.) Of course, you can feel free to experiment with more daring color combinations.

Fedora recommendation: Brixton Men’s fedora hat.

It ticks all the right boxes for more stylish hats for bald guys. 100% wool, flexible, sticking to the classic, clean fedora looks. Just keep in mind that it you have to wash it by hand (no machine washing or you’ll ruin it!.)

Summer formal style: The Fedora OR The Panama Hat

Panama hats are another option – taking the lightweight nature of straw hats and infusing some formality into them. There are lots of option to pick from, but I do believe the fedora is a better pick for bald gentlemen looking to protect their head during the summer.

Additionally, you might consider throwing a pair of sunglasses into the mix. Bonus style points, and who likes being almost blinded by the scorching sun anyways?

General hat wearing tips if you shave your head

As bald men, we encounter some issues other people don’t really have when wearing a hat.

A good example would be slippage. Yes, sometimes hats will struggle to remain on your slick bald head. The famous smoothness of our freshly shaved scalps comes with a cost.

So, what can you do if your hat keeps slipping off?

Simple: shave in the evening before you go to work. By the time morning comes you should have a little bit of stubble. Perfect to create a little barrier to any slippery headwear.

Of course, before doing so make sure you wash your scalp with the proper shampoo. Otherwise you’ll risk irritation!

Another thing that might affect whether your hat stays put are materials and knits. In my experience, tight-knit hats tend to remain steadier on my head.

General hat wearing tips if you shave your head

Should I wear hats ALL the time, then?

Not really. In fact, if you wear hats everywhere – including cinemas or restaurants…well, that would scream a little bit of insecurity to others.

I’ve been there in my first weeks of being bald. Some newcomers to the slick looks seem to be afraid of showing their magnificent dome to the world.

So they try to cover it all the time, ashamed what people would think of their new looks.

Heads up: no one really cares, not until you show them you’re insecure in how you look.

Do not wear a hat to cover your baldness or hide away from the world.

Don’t use hats as a crutch.

Do wear it to protect your head from the sun and from the freezing cold. As I said, catching a cold is extremely easy if you don’t cover your head during winter. And sunburns are twice as painful and bothersome when it’s your scalp that’s on fire.

And yes, do wear hats as a fashion statement.

Looking sharp is always hot, but the harsh truth is that as clean shaved guys, we have to up our fashion game a little. Yes, it can feel bothersome. Especially if you pair it with our shaving routine.

Last but not least: make sure your hats fit the size of your head! If your shiny dome leans on the smaller side of things, check my relevant guide on hats that will fly well with you.

If you’re still early in the early thinning phase, maybe shaving your head would be too drastic of a move. Check my guide on pomades for thinning hair which also includes a thickening effect product.

Lastly, here’s a good video on improving your hat wearing game. While it’s not made for bald heads specifically, the fundamentals remain the same:

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