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Hats for small heads: Quick guide + brand & style tips

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There’s nothing cozy about a hat that’s simply too big for your head. It slips, it looks hideous, and as a result you feel a bit too conscious about yourself.

Please don’t.

Heads come in all shapes and sizes. Hats do too, of course – but sometimes it’s so hard to find the one that will fit you well.

The struggle people with smaller heads face reminds me of my own challenge in finding a suitable cap as a bald man. Let’s dig deeper and find a solution to your worries!

Before I continue, though…How small is a ‘small head’? A quick peek at a hat sizing chart says…

(Chart taken from here.)

So, assuming you’re an adult, a ‘small head’ would mean a fitted size of 6 3/4 or 6 7/8. Flexfit for example has dozens of caps in this size!

In other words:

Are you doomed?

Not at all!

A few good brands for small heads
(Men & women)

If you took a ride to your local H&M, there’s a good chance you might find a limited selection of smaller sized baseball hats, snapbacks etc.

Note that I said “limited” – expressing yourself properly can be tough when you have only 3 or 4 caps to pick from.

There are several brands whose products I found to jive well with tinier heads:

They’ll save you from hat-wearing experiences that will lead to this reaction:

Surprisingly enough, Acorn – otherwise famous for their shoes, have a good selection of trucker hats for small heads.

As for those that stand at 6 3/4, Flexfit has a plain-looking, but well-fitting collection of 6-panel hats.

I’m a huge fan of Flexfit, actually. It also helps that 6-panels are a hat style that usually goes well with modestly sized heads. Flexfits are sturdy, odor-resistant and quite breathable for those sticky summer months. Very flexible too, which helps with your fit.

The only downside is that they don’t have those ultra stylish, eye-candy designs some more hip/fashionable people desire.

While some brands might tout their One-size-fits-all products fit small heads too, this is a very hit or miss measure.

I’d recommend you to look for your specific size, instead of relying on generic all in one sizing.

My head is too small for hats!
What can I do to make things look better?

First of all, I’m not sure what your personal style looks like. From fedoras to snapbacks; from trucker hats to summer hats…things are so, so different.

Generally, though, smaller heads tend to encounter some discomfort with snapbacks and flat brimmed hats. The reason: that darn brim looks way too huge!

One possible solution is to just wear these hat types backwards. I know it doesn’t really solve the issue that there aren’t snapbacks for small heads available, but by doing so you skip on brims being too high or too deep if facing forwards.

Another strategy you might try out is sticking to 5-panel or 6-panel hats. They look a bit better on smaller heads and the fit is easier too. Bonus cozy points for curving the brim to suit your dimensions.

These usually aren’t that prone to falling over your ears too. I’m sure you’ve experienced that questionable ‘delight’ at least once!

For DIY fans, you can resort to sponge-foam weatherstripping tape. Grab a few strips and stuff them inside your hat’s band…and tada, you have somewhat of a solution!

Last resort…Take a look at the women’s section of baseball caps. If you think about it, these are probably the best baseball hats for small heads.

I know, I know, it sounds weird. It might even hurt your sense of pride a little bit.

But the boundary between men’s and women’s caps can be very thin with some more neutral, unisex designs. What matters here is the difference in sizing.

Be honest: can you really say that any of these caps is specifically for men or women:

I’m not telling you to grab the girliest design out there just because you have no choice. I’ve seen plenty of hats that are supposedly for women, but nobody would even suspect that.

I already have a hat that’s too big for me. Can I do something?

Sure, why not. Honestly, I think it’s just easier to get a cap that fits you properly instead of tinkering around with something that’s a little bit off.

However, there are a number of interesting YouTube videos that guide you through re-purposing a hat that’s too huge.

One of the most helpful ones I can think of is this quick tutorial on downsizing a fitted cap. Hope it helps you out!

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