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Cozy & cool: best men’s underwear for hot weather

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A while ago me and Kate decided to do a few months of travelling around Southeast Asia. I was stoked, of course. Exotic travels? Sign me up!

However, the infamous humidity of this region made me worry what would happen Down There.

Obviously, I needed some special underwear for hot weather. Otherwise I’d get all chaffed, sweaty and my trip would become a moisture-filled nightmare.

My first pick were a pair of Under Armour’s Heatgear boxer briefs. They still rock – both for daily use, or more intensive sports activities.

I’ve tested a lot of other options too. In fact, when we did a quick trip to Japan, I got a few pairs of Uniqlo’s famous “Airism” boxers:

Not bad and quite affordable. However, I feel what brands like Ex Officio, Under Armour, Adidas and Ibex offer is a cut above. They definitely deserve the premium price tag.

Let’s save you from some unwanted hot and sweaty action where (and when) you don’t really need it.

I’m about to review the 4 best picks for men’s hot weather underwear that worked for me. High chance you’ll also love them! 

My pick
  • Under Armour BoxerJock
  • Best for:
    Lightweight boxer briefs with extra space and breathability. Versatile use & great colors.
  • Materials:
    Polyester & Elastane
  • Comfort:
  • Moisture-wicking:
  • Odor elimination:
  • Ex Officio Give-n-Go Sport
  • Best for:
    Extra stretchy, moisture-wicking underwear for highly intensive action. Recommended for sports.
  • Materials:
    92% nylon & 8% lycra spandex
  • Comfort:
  • Moisture-wicking:
  • Odor elimination:
  • Adidas Climalite
  • Best for:
    Most affordable boxers with well-rounded performance. Perfect for people on a budget.
  • Materials:
    91 % poleyster & 9% spandex
  • Comfort:
  • Moisture-wicking:
  • Odor elimination:
  • Ibex Merino Wool
  • Best for:
    Premium merino wool underwear excels at killing odor & keeps you cool. Keeps warm during winters too.
  • Materials:
    86% merino wool & 14% nylon
  • Comfort:
  • Moisture-wicking:
  • Odor elimination:

1. Best boxer briefs for hot weather:
Under Armour BoxerJock HeatGear

Click on the image above for pricing info

I love Under Armour’s delicate HeatGear fabric: polyester plus elastane. The blend is very lightweight and gentle on your delicate parts, while providing outstanding mousture-wicking performance too.

An even better touch is the mesh fly panel which gets even more breathability. And yes, extra coolness is always welcome!

Another reason why I’ve been enjoying my pairs of BoxerJocks is how roomy they are. I mean, usually underwear for hot weather is not constricting. But these go a cut above in the space they provide you with.

These are quite versatile.  Those of us who do more intensive stuff – workouts, running, etc. will love them. However, I find that they are not too “sportsy” for everyday use too!

I definitely appreciate the whole no ride up thing going around with this underwear. Very important if you’re moving around a lot and need your boxers to stay put.

The smooth fabric, paired with the added size in the package area that still follows your body’s shape allows for no chafing whatsoever. Bonus points for the fly-like opening that makes toilet moments easier.

So what’s my pet peeve with these? The tags. Oh man.

I love Under Armour, but sometimes the huge tags they insert get on my nerves. Grab a pair of scissors, cut them, and enjoy your new pair of best boxer briefs for hot weather.

2. Best sports underwear that keeps you cool:
Ex Officio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh

Click on the image above for pricing info

Hey you, dedicated outdoor fanatics!

Ex Officio has something to give you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hiker, rock it all out at a sweaty tennis session, do quite a bit of running, or other similar intensive activities.

The Give-N-Go in its Sport Mesh edition is the best underwear for hot humid weather if you move around a lot. That includes activities like Spartan races.

The blend here is 92% nylon and 8% lycra spandex. Ultra quick-drying, extremely lightweight (even more than the Under Armour!), and very, very stretchy!

While at first glance you’ll think the design’s a bit tight, it’s exactly this stretchiness that’ll prove you wrong.

Now, you’re probably wondering: what about the standard Give-N-Go briefs? Aren’t they good enough.

They sure are. But the sports edition builds up on them with:

  • More lightweight materials

  • A better knit for even better moisture-wicking performance

  • A wider waistband for more flexibility

Click on the image above for pricing info

Plenty of reasons to upgrade your humid weather underwear, if you ask me.

The 6″ and 9″ inseam versions also have an overlapping type of fly for additional convenience. The mesh also dries ridiculously easy – even better than other competitors.

Where’s the catch here?

None really, aside from the eye-candy factor. It’s just that Under Armour have a wider selection of designs and colors – something I really, really like! Ex Officio is somewhat limited in the design department.

3. Best affordable mens underwear for sweat:
Adidas Climalite (2 pack)

Click on the image above for pricing info

Alright. So, you’re ready to change your summer underwear wardrobe.

But there’s an issue: money.

Relax, you’re not doomed. Adidas Climalites are somewhat comparable in terms of coolness, despite being significantly cheaper!

The materials used here are 91% polyester and 9% spandex. Once again, a very lightweight, flexible construction for your sweaty nether region.

The fit isn’t bad either, maybe a little bit tighter than Ex Officios and Under Armour.

You have decent space, paired with the nice design and skin-friendly properties of the fabric. Needless to say, you shouldn’t see any chafing.

Adidas’ pair of hot weather underwear delivers you cool performance due to two features. The first is the Climalite material blend with added moisture wicking properties.

The other one is the so called Climacool technology: that’s the part where ventilation enters the scene.

That said, this one isn’t as great for intensive outdoor activities. The thinner materials and somewhat tighter fit won’t do as much of moisture/odor elimination compared to higher end briefs.

Here’s a deal breaker for me: there is no fly with these. Other people probably won’t have a problem with that, but I like extra convenience.

Get these if you just want an affordable daily pair of boxer briefs that’ll keep you cool in hellish humidity!

4. Best anti-odor underwear to prevent sweating:
Ibex Merino Wool

Click on the image above for pricing info

Merino wool: the King of materials; a pure bliss to experience as I’ve mentioned in another post.

Ibex’s pair of merino wool underwear for hot, humid weather means you’re getting the very special treatment.

Here’s the thing! A blend of 86% merino wool and 14% nylon means you’ll be cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. A perfect year-around underpants investment.

Now, breathability and preventing sweating are top of the top here, that’s for sure. But what merino wool specializes in is killing any odor.

If you remember, that’s exactly what I mentioned in my slippers for sweaty feet article.

Insanely cozy, the Ibex hot weather briefs will annihilate any unwanted smells and bacteria. And let me tell you: there’s a lot of bacteria to be seen during humid months!

The downside to the merino wool pleasure is…

…well, when you wash a pair of these, they’ll dry out a bit slower compared to other material blends. Keep that in mind if you’re on the run with a limited supply of underpants.

If you’ve stocked up on briefs for humid climate, though, this shouldn’t be of any concern to you.

Also, the price might run a bit steep – even compared to the already more expensive men’s pants for hot weather. In the end, though, the outstanding comfort and quality construction is worth it.

Is regular cotton underwear that bad for sweating?

Oh boy, yes it is.

Nothing against cotton, I love my cotton shirts or T-shirts.

However, if you live in a humid area, cotton is a terrible pick for your crotch area.

First of all, it doesn’t wick moisture properly – it stays there as long as you’re wearing your pants.

Second, it’s very prone to develop bacteria (I mean, it’s always sweaty down below, what else do you expect!) Which is the best way to have some really stinky moments with your balls or bottom parts.

The final concern you should have with cotton is the amount of chafing it can cause. Given how delicate the nether parts are, having them sore is my definition of anti-fun. Yours too, for sure!

Any other tips for reducing sweat down below?

In a lot of those summery sweaty moments, grabbing the right men’s underwear for hot weather will solve your worries.

If it helps, but there’s still some progress to be wanted, look at the bigger picture.

Are you putting your pants right after you’ve finished showering? That might not be the best idea. Give your, er, boys, some freedom and air before slapping a pair of boxer briefs on top of them.

Some people might go as far as using a blow dryer on their balls before wearing their pants. It might sound ridiculous, but it helps.

Also, consider using a powder for sweaty areas – such as Gold Bond, Freshballs or similar products.

Even if you’re a ridiculously sweaty man, the combination of powder + dedicated mesh underwear should keep you amazingly cool in the sweaty summer heat!

 By the way, if you suffer from sweaty armpits and aren’t doing too much sports…check out my Every Man Jack deodorant review. Worked quite ok for me!

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