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Stay cool: 4 best slippers for sweaty feet

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I hate sweating. Not that I suffer from hyperhidrosis… but I’m still quite the sweaty man.

  • Acorn Digby
  • Materials:
    Wool (66%) & Polyester (33%)
  • Coolness level:
  • Easy to put on:
  • Design:

    Stunning variety of designs available!
  • RockDove Two-Tone
  • Materials:
    Cotton (95%) & Spandex (5%)
  • Coolness level:
  • Easy to put on:
  • Design:
  • Le Kapmoz
  • Materials:
    100% boiled merino wool
  • Coolness level:
  • Easy to put on:
  • Design:
  • Acorn Moc
  • Materials:
    Cotton blend w/ Suede sidewall
  • Coolness level:
  • Easy to put on:
  • Design:

Southeast Asia’s climate was a nightmare when me and Kate lived there for a while!

You can bet that a pair of extra cool slippers for my sweaty feet were a must. I’ve had good experiences with both cotton or the famous merino wool.

Now back in the US, I enjoy the amazing feeling of Acorn’s Digby mule slippersNot only is the burgundy check design stylish, but they don’t make my feet sweat like there’s no tomorrow.

Plus, my toes feel all snuggly in the embrace of their Italian wool even when it’s colder!

If the Digby’s too much for your budget, RockDove’s Two-Tones are another good no sweat pair of slippers. Great for winter and summer alike!

(Ladies: I have a recommendation for you too, so read on, please!)

Anyways – both are way better than my previous slippers who weren’t up to the task and looked quite dull:

Give me a few minutes of your time and I’ll introduce some cool house slippers for both men and women who suffer from somewhat sweaty feet.

4 best slippers if you suffer from sweaty feet

1. Best value sweaty feet slippers:
Acorn Digby gore mule

Acorn combine style with the ultimate anti-sweat slipper experience. Warm, made of wool, and elegant

Click on the image above for pricing info

Acorn’s mule slipper is pure luxury for you feet, without the need for you to shell out ridiculous cash.

No joke. These really are something else.

67% Italian wool means warmth without your feet getting all sweaty and smelly. The polyester (33%) softens the wool and makes things a bit more lightweight.

Sure, the wool isn’t merino, but who cares? It’s high quality, won’t make your feet itchy and paired with the berber lining it’ll deliver top moisture-wicking performance.

All that wouldn’t matter if the Acorn Digby wasn’t comfortable, despite being practical.

Good news: it’s a cozy masterpiece. Acorn have their Cloud Contour tech for insoles: it’s a recipe for both proper support and a comfy feeling for your feet.

These are a bit better than the Rockdove in terms of outdoor capabilities. You can use both of them for your quick trip to the garden, true.

However, Acorn’s outsole is a bit more sturdy and rugged. It’ll cope better with harsher surfaces or that dreaded after-the-rain trip to the lawn.

Click on the image above for pricing info

I’m a shameless sucker for eye-candy. That’s why what completely sealed the deal for me are the numerous exciting designs the Digby comes in.

Few other slippers offer this freedom of expression. I know, I know – it’s inside your home, who cares, Greg?

I do! It’s awesome to know you have several amazing colors to pick from. It makes me feel fancy.

Especially when I’m walking on my shiny, even laminate floor. Makes for an entirely different experience, you know?

That’s why I recommend them as awesome slippers for hard floors too.

Do note that their size runs a bit larger compared to other slippers. That’s my only warning for an otherwise flawless slipper for cold sweaty feet.

2. Best indoor mens slippers for sweaty feet:
RockDove Two-Tone

RockDove offer the best inhouse slippers for sweaty feet.

Click on the image above for pricing info

I know, RockDove mention that their sole is sturdy enough to be used outdoors too. But at its core, this pair is meant to be mainly used indoors.

The material is a blend between 95% cotton and 5% spandex. That’s a great ratio: the spandex gives just enough elasticity without you having too much synthetic fibers that will suffocate your sweaty feet.

An important point is the memory foam. Paired with the breathable cotton, it allows for a soft, cozy and cooling effect even in the hottest of summers. The moisture-wicking inner part of the slippers is made of odor-resistant terry cloth.

Not sure where your priorities lie, but to me it’s pretty crucial to have a pair of warm weather slippers that are easy to put on. RockDove gets an A grade here – the low heel collar requires zero efforts and seductively invites your foot to slip inside.

While it won’t win any intricate design awards, this pair of cool house slippers is stylish. The two-tone thing works, especially my favorite dark gray x ocean blue combination. Simple, but pleasant to look at!

You can do the occasional garden run with these. As I mentioned, the sole is extra thick for mild outdoor usage. This is also what makes these no sweat slippers a bit heavier, too (but nothing too bad!)

Just remember to never bleach these and make sure you wash them in cold water once the time comes. A little bit of airing them after that, and they’re ready for a refreshing use as slippers for men with sweat feet problems!

Get a bigger size if you have high arching feet or you plan to use socks with them. These might run a bit small sometimes.

3. Best women’s no sweat slippers:
Le Kapmoz breathable slip

For women, Le Kapmoz anti-sweat house clippers for summer are a valid choice.

Click on the image above for pricing info

This one is based on Kate’s recommendations. While her feet stay waay drier than my sweaty nightmare, she still likes cozy coolness inside the house.

Le Kapmoz’s slippers are something else, really. First, the material is 100% boiled merino wool, which is the best option you ladies could’ve dreamed of. Keeps cool, is gentle on the skin and quite durable.

These are notably German style-influenced, blending traditional design with more modern construction. Even if you’re not into European artistic expression, they’re very cute and will make you feel like a no-sweaty-feet-queen.

As pointed out previously, there are no synthetic materials involved here. The moisture-wicking slippers are furnished with a contoured insole with great arch support so you feel cozy at all times.

The felt sole has nature liquid latex to prevent too much slipping when you walk with these.

You can also comfortably wear these barefoot. Why?

Well, with usual wool, the issue lies within the fact that it’s scratchy and can irritate your skin. Merino wool is way gentler, so you don’t need to worry about that. Your feet will stay wrapped in merino’s comfortable embrace.

Odor-resistant and anti-bacterial, this pair of women’s slippers for sweaty feet will be your savior during humid, nightmarish months.

Even better – the wool regulates temperature at all times, so you can use them when the winter months creep in with their freezing temperatures.

I’ve praised merino wool and its odor elimination properties for men’s underwear too. It’s a real game changer that makes up for its premium price.

4. Best indoors + outdoors cool slippers for guys:
Acorn men’s Moc

Click on the image above for pricing info

Acorn are a very good brand with a proven history of providing comfort to shoe wearers across the globe. Their Moc slippers are a good way to reduce your sweaty feet moments and restore the cozy feeling of being cool.

The best thing here is that these are great for both indoor or outdoor use. Unlike RockDove, these look like something you’d cozily wear outside too. Very stylish, yet simplistic, presentable for the regular gentleman (like me and you!)

I know you’re most interested in its cooling capabilities. Moc is made of lightweight, breathable cotton blend. The sidewall is durable suede, while the linings are cotton blend terry linings.

Yes, no merino wool or something too fancy here again. However, the slippers do come with a moisture-wicking feature and are extremely breathable. They’re suitable for quite hot months and won’t leave you disappointed and soaked in sweat.

Softness is crucial too. Mocs benefit from Acorn’s Cloud Cushion technology – basically the cushioned footbed here is multilayered. This ensures extra softness that wraps your feet so you could feel like a cool god roaming on top of fluffy clouds.

Maybe Zeus, what do you say?

Now, compared to RockDove, these are harder to slip into. Their design is something between slippers and loafers, a very interesting hybrid. You won’t be able to go hands-free in putting them on.

A small note I want to mention. The fabric covering the middle part of your foot might need some stretching initially. It might feel a bit too stiff in the beginning so keep that in mind.

After all, these have a little of a loafers feeling to them. And, based on my experiences, loafers need a little bit of use before their initial rigidity softens a bit so you feel 100% cozy.

So why do my feet sweat so much?

That’s a question I’ve been pondering upon myself for so much time now…

Yeah, perhaps we’re unlucky in that we’re more sensitive to higher temperatures. But there’s also the chance that you’re doing something wrong. Something that triggers your feet getting overly sweaty.

Most of the time, it’s the fabrics you use. Nylon and rubber are generally serious culprits for the sweat fest that you suffer from in more humid months.

Switching to a breathable cotton or the best option – merino wool, will radically change things. You’ll feel cooler and your otherwise easy to sweat feet will receive the breezy treatment they’ve longed for.

Really, the basic issue with feet is that they’re a total sweat gland land. Our feet hold the record for most sweat glands in our body – there’s probably 250 000 of them around there!

Not only this, but these feet sweat glands tend to secrete all the time. That’s right, in another body regions the glands only produce sweat in specific times – for example, during heat stimulation.

I’d wish I could tell my sweat glands to take a break from my feet, but hey, you can keep on dreaming…

How can I prevent sweaty feet?

I’m not sure if we can really prevent sweaty feet – like, completely stop the process. There are, however, a few things you can do:

  • Stop using materials like nylon or rubber: they trap moisture in so you sweat

  • Wash your feet thoroughly at least once a day

  • Let your shoes dry out between uses

  • Grab a set of cool slippers for sweaty feet

  • Alternate between pairs of shoes to let them “breathe”

Remember that excessive sweating can cause anything from itches, to burning sensations or funky odors. Athlete’s foot or fungal infections are also possible due to the moist environment.

None of these are fun, but they can be prevented by proper personal hygiene and some changes in your shoe-wearing habits.

The slippers for both men’s or women’s sweaty feet I listed above are only a small part of the possible choices you have.

You might like the design, colors or materials of other products. Just make sure they’re breathable, lightweight, and soft enough to guarantee you a cozy no sweat experience.

Ex-digital nomad, DIY enthusiast and an appreciator of cozy foot wear. Always ready to give lifestyle tips for men. Tea, not coffee is my fuel for writing.

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