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The cozy snug: 5 best warm sheets for winter

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I’m pretty much a minimalist. If I could save as much space as possible, I’d be happy as a pig in mud.

Sadly, sheets can be a fickle mistress. What works during hot summer months won’t quite cut it when it gets colder. You’ll need a set of warm sheets for winter to experience the whole Be Cozily Snug in Your Bed thing.

When temps hit the lows, we’re basking in the fuzzy comfort of Therme’s Micro Flannel set of winter bedding sheets. They feel nice, keep us warm and are overall of very high quality.

Of course, they’re but an example in a sea of other soft warm sheets for colder weather. I’ll start with some of the best sheets for winter me and Kate have come across.

Then, we’ll do the whole fleece vs flannet sheets debate, so you can pick whatever works the best for you.

By the way, can you understand why I miss my summer silky sheets during winter? Just look at their chill design:

The cozy snug: 5 best warm sheets for winter
Alright, let’s head for a quick comparison table before I continue with the winter sheet reviews and some quick FAQs after that.

The 5 best sheets for winter (flannel & fleece)

Our pick for best winter sheets:
Thermee Micro Flannel set

Thermee has our most favorite best sheets for winter months.

Alright, let’s start with an important announcement: Thermees are made of 100% polyester. If you’re a cotton fan, you might feel a bit sceptical…but please don’t be.

Micro flannel sheets to me are a “best of two worlds” coziness. You get the comfort of standard flannel (cotton) sheets on one hand.

On the other, you also grab the relaxed, lightweight and easy care you see in fleece beddings. These winter bedding sheets won’t wrinkle much and you won’t see them shrinking either!

You’ll get the whole package here: fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillowcase. For bigger sizes, like the Queen one we’ve got, you’ll get two pillowcases.

Now, the depth of these bed sheets for winter depends on the size you get. Generally, though, they stretch quite well and will fit deeper mattresses. Our queen size one is around 16″ in depth, which is plenty.

They feel extremely soft, but what you really care about is how warm will they keep you. Don’t worry. The thermal design, combined with the fluffy touch, skyrocket these sheets into 5-star coziness territory.

Did I mention the amazing designs you can pick from? We’re crazy about the Alpine Village one (shown above), but you can suit your new micro flannel winter sheets to whatever color your room is.

Best flannel sheets for winter:
Pointehaven heavy weight set

As for the best flannel sheets for cold winter, Pointehaven it is!

When it comes to cotton quality, Pointehaven know their stuff. This set of warm flannel sheets will keep you in blissful heaven once the biting winter chill comes.

Now, as you know, cotton has the bad habit of shrinking on the first wash. Luckily, these sheets come oversized! You don’t need to ponder whether they’ll suddenly get too tight for your bed. A huge plus.

Other than that, a good way to describe their coziness is a combination of thickness, fluffiness and yes, outstanding design quality! Sure, it says they’re “heavy weight” right there, but don’t think you’ll be too restricted when lying in them. They strike a perfect balance at 170 GSM.

If you have an especially deep mattress, don’t worry – most of these sheets’ sizes go as deep as 18″. You’ll also get the full set of 1x flat sheet, 1x fitted sheet and 2x pillowcases (only one pillowcase on smaller sizes.)

The quality of the design here deserves praise. Pure cotton winter sheets sometimes feel a bit “dull”, especially after a few washes. Pointehaven counters this with vivid, exciting colors.

The only drawback would be the limited number of designs – but all of them are gorgeous!

Best fleece sheets for winter:
Sunbeam Super Soft

Okay fleece-lovers, your time to shine! I’ll be talking about the perpetual fleece vs flannel sheets war a bit later, but for now, bask in the fleece glory that is Sunbeam’s bedding.

180 GSM is just thick enough for some quality winter fleece time. You’d be more than delighted to hear that piling is as far away from your life as it could be. Easily washable (cold water, please!), easy to dry (tumble dry, low.) A pleasure to be wrapped in, convenient to take care of. Sun-b-e-a-m!

Granted, this polyester coziness scores only around 17″ in terms of depth, it’s still great for a myriad of mattresses. Sunbeam’s winter fleece bedding will charm you with its thickness and the fluffier feeling in comparison with 100% cotton sheets.

A friend of mine who’s into fleece sheets sometimes jokes that it’s just like sleeping on an extra puffy cloud. True, cotton is soft, but fleeces have this cloud-like puffiness: and Sunbeam deliver the same.

To top it off, there’s quite a few designs to pick from so you can match these to your how your room is designed. Oh, and before I forget: yes, you’re getting the usual package here too with all sheets and pillow cases necessary for a cozy winter bed experience.

Best thick winter bedding sheets:
Tribeca Living

At a 200 GSM score, Tribeca’s warmest sheets are a sure way for you to consider staying in your bed over the whole winter period. Once again 100% cotton, these will give you an enticingly soft experience on a good price.

For those of you who go wild about deep mattresses, that might be your best pick. Depending on the sizes, Tribeca sometimes goes to 20″ and above in terms of depth. That’s a tangible improvement on other sheets for colder weather!

You get the same deal as other models: fitted and flat sheet, plus one or two pillow cases depending on the size. Unfortunately, this is a fixed-design set of winter sheets, so you don’t have much of a pick here. However, the print here is outstanding.

Due to the thickness and this being flannel sheets, please mind how they need to be washed. They shouldn’t pill much, especially compared to standard cotton sheets. Some shrinkage might occur, but nothing too radical.

If you value thick, deep coziness, Tribeca’s extra warm sheets for winter were made for both you and your comfy mattress!

Popularity vote cold weather sheets:
Cuddl Duds flannel bedding

Cuddl Duds are a favorite for many, and I do agree that the brand’s name is simply clever. Not to mention their products adhere to a strict quality and coziness factor.

In my opinion, these winter sheet set is quite comparable to Pointehaven, but I deduct some points for it not being as deep. If you have an average mattress, they’ll be ok, but they don’t jive well with something deeper than 15″.

That said, the cotton is both soft, durable and elastic. You’re getting a premium treatment that’ll last you well, as long as you take proper care of it. The cozy brushed flannel will give you that sweet bedding haven you longed for during the hideous chilly days.

Oh, and the designs! Honestly, the “Patchwork” one really reminds me of the summer sheets I posted above. Cuddl Duds both offer you a wide choice of vivid designs and make them interesting enough to fully transform your bedroom’s atmosphere.

Yet another A score from us, with the reminder that this bedding for winter could’ve been a bit more deep mattress-ready.

Fleece vs Flannel sheets: which is warmer?

Let me say this directly: if you get good quality sheets, both of these will keep you warm. The real differences between these are more related to their maintenance, with some other factors sprinkled in.

Fleece vs Flannel sheets: which is warmer?

Fleece sheets features

Fleece winter sheets are usually made of so called man-made fibers (think polyester as our Thermee pick.) They aren’t woven and they can feel slightly stretchy.

Now, the good thing about warm fleece bedding is it’s less prone to wrinkles. Also, unlike cotton where you can expect some shrinkage with the first wash, polyester/fleece sheets will stay at the same size. No unwanted surprises!

Usually, fleece blankets are a bit thicker due to the increased amount of threads they can accommodate. However, that’s not always the case: just look at our Tribeca cotton champion! Don’t underestimate flannel sheets when it comes to thickness.

The bad thing about fleece pals? Well, with some cotton winter sheets, you can also use them in autumn or spring too. They’re more “breathable”, wick moisture well, more flexible as a whole.

Winter fleece bedding might be rendered useless when the weather becomes warmer. It’ll simply keep you too warm for your own comfort!

Also, sometimes fleeces can pill just a little bit more than your traditional flannel sheets.

Flannel sheets features

Your typical cotton flannel sheets for winter come with brushed fabric. High quality beddings are made of 100% natural cotton fiber that can feel softer than fleeces. Some people also don’t like the plushy-artificial feeling of polyester, which can be understandable.

With cotton, you’re getting the breathable, lightweight, versatile treatment. Flannel sheets can be used throughout the year as the material will keep you warm in cold weather, but cool you off when it gets hot.

Some people are allergic to fleece materials (due to their man-made, not organic nature.) With cotton though, you won’t encounter such issues.

The biggest downside is, as I mentioned before, that a lot of cotton products go through a process of shrinkage. You have to be careful with that, but in the case of sheets we’re lucky – there’s more leeway to size errors!

Prints/design can also fade a bit faster than fleece counterparts. Once again, quality prints will go a long way in keeping your bedroom fresh and vivid!


The cozy snug: 5 best warm sheets for winter

In terms of warmth, higher end sheets for winter chills will keep you warm regardless of their material.

What you need to consider is whether you have something against synthetic fibers, are afraid of the shrinking process, or want to use your winter bedding as much as possible outside the cold season.

Honestly, me and Kate are very eye-candy driven, so we’ve always went for the designs. Luckily, with both types of cold weather bedding, you have quite the choice!

Also, the warm snug feeling isn’t only limited to sheets. Some curtains also have thermal properties that keep the cold away.

We have a set of these, so we decided to also do a list on blackout/thermal curtains. Check it out!

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