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Cozy kitty: 3 adorable best heated cat beds

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Cats value coziness as much as us, their humans. (It’s obvious that our kitties own us, not the other way around!)

No, forgive me, I lied. They value comfort way more than us and that’s exactly why you’d want to get the best heated bed for your cat.

Now here comes the tricky pad: grabbing just any heated pad won’t do. Cats’ temperature preferences differ from ours. What’s cozy for me and you might be a discomfort to them.

Planning to set things up indoors? K&H’s famous “Thermo-Kitty” is the best heated cat bed for indoor use.

If your cat is more of an explorer of the open world, a good heated outdoor cat bed is this barn red & black beauty.

Let’s do a very quick comparison between the three types of warming options: 

  • K&H Thermo-Kitty
  • Best for:
    Elegant indoor bed with ultra soft cushioning, cute design choices and two size options.
  • Comfort:

    Foamy walls and fluffy cushioning for extra tenderness.
  • Warmth range:
    Up to 102°F (dual thermostat.)
  • Sizes:
    16" x 16" or 20" x 20"
  • Price:
  • K&H Outdoor H
  • Best for:
    Water-resistant outdoor heated house. Easy to assemble and spacious, with secure steel-wrapped cord.
  • Comfort:

    Two door flaps for free movement.
  • Warmth range:
    Up to 102°F.
  • Sizes:
    14"x18" (pad)/18"x 22"x 17" (house)
  • Price:
  • Aspen Bed
  • Best for:
    Budget choice if you want a self-warming pad. Cozy wool plush for warmth retention and no cords.
  • Comfort:

    Fluffy wool plush and wale corduroy for amazing softness.
  • Warmth range:
    Uses your cat's temperature as a heating source. Limited range.
  • Sizes:
    From 19"x19" to 35" x 27"
  • Price:

It really depends on your specific preferences. The indoor heating bed for cats is basically the most popular way to keep your kitty warm.

In any case, stick around for my heated cat bed reviews. After that, I’ll mention some snuggly things about why your kitty might adore its heated pad so much.

Cozy kitty: 3 adorable best heated cat beds

The 3 best heated cat beds [Reviews]

1. Best indoor heated cat bed:
K&H’s Thermo-Kitty

The Thermo-kitty is the best indoor heating bed for cats, period.

“Thermo-Kitty” sounds like a killer superhero name, right? All your feline pal needs is a cape and they’re ready for take-off!

Jokes aside, K&H are the best brand for heated cat beds in my opinion. This model is somewhat simplistic and focuses on providing the ultimate comfort.

Its secret?

That would be the soft foamy walls and an amazingly fluffy cushioning. The polyfilled pillow will make even the pickiest of kitties meow with joy. If I could lie in one Thermo-Kitty bed, I’d gladly do so!

Especially considering the ultra cute designs. I admit I might be a bit too crazy for the lime green style with colorful fish prints, but you can pick another.

Some technical details.

First, you can get this in a 16″ x 16″ size, or go for a bigger 20″ x 20″ heated bed for kitties. Adhering to standard practice, the wattage is low at 4W. This is done with the goal of your cat receiving maximum safety – too much wattage might cause overheating.

The dual thermostat will go up to 102°F (that’s ~39 in Celsius for our European readers!) Quite snuggly, but you know what’s better?

Even if your kitty is not lying in the bed currently, the heated pad will keep a temperature 12-15°F higher than your room‘s temperature.

This means that once your cat goes for some additional warmth, the bed will be already prepared to gently accommodate its body.

A lot of people are concerned with washing heated cat pads or beds. Rest easy! Here you can just remove the cover by unzipping the orthofoam padding, and take care of washing the synthetic material.

The manufacturer has guidelines on the process, but it’s literally unzip, pop out, machine wash. No complicated procedures whatsoever.

You can also leave the heated bed plugged in 24/7, if you wish. Some people might prefer to unplug it if they’ll be absent for a long time. Really up to you.

2. Best kitty heated bed for outdoor use:
K&H Outdoor House

K&H do it again with this amazing outdoor heating house for cats.

K&H again, huh? Well what can you do when a company knows how to produce quality that brings comfort.

If you have a kitty that prefers the great outdoors, there’s no better way to keep him/her warm. Once again, the designs are outstanding, with the barn red/black model being my favorite.

A very important point: this house is water-resistant. Unlike indoor cat heated pads, of course, you never know what the outdoors will be up to.

Inside the house, the heated pad itself measures 14″ x 18″. Your kitty will have space to snug itself – the construction measures 18″ (width) x 22″ (depth) x 17″ (height.)

In fact, if you have two kitties and they’re not too big, the house can accommodate both of them without any issues. That’s why you also get 2 door flaps, instead of just only one!

Unlike the simpler indoor pads, some heated cat houses for outdoor usage require more thorough assembling. This K&H model doesn’t require any additional tools and you can get it up and running in only a few minutes.

You literally have hook & loop fastener walls and a simple zippered roof to take care of. Easy as pie!

Similar to the Thermo-Kitty, the pad inside heats up to 102°F. This is K&H’s patended heating system for cats and once again the pad will keep warm even if your cats aren’t lying on it.

There’s a 5 1/2″ long cord wrapped with steel for extra security and sturdiness. The construction itself is 20 watts. More powerful than the indoor model, but that makes sense considering it’s made for open environments.

3. Best budget self-warming bed for cats:
Aspen Pet

Best budget self-warming bed for cats: Aspen Pet

If you’re tight on the money, this doesn’t mean that you can’t provide your kitty with the warm coziness it deserves. Aspen Pet’s heated cat bed gets rave reviews with a reason.

You can pick among heaps of sizes here, but the standard 19″ sized bed is perfect for most kitties.

Here’s the catch, though: this cushion uses your pet’s own temperature as a heating source. Think of it working like a kind of a space blanket.

This means you don’t have cords and any plugging into electric outlets. The bed will stay cold if your kitty isn’t present among its fluffy, cozy polyester. It won’t reach the higher temperatures of a true heating bed for cats either.

That said, Aspen Pet’s pad works. It’s very lightweight and beneath the gentle and soft polyester you’ve got a no-slip bottom for further comfort.

In fact, Aspen use some extra wool plush (faux lambs) and wide wale corduroy for proper softness and warmth retention.

As you can guess, lack of cords means straightforward washing too. This is a one-piece bedding for cats, there’s nothing to unzip/take apart. When the pad is dirty, throw it for a good machine wash and you’re done.

I’ve got to say, though – if it’s colder where you live, a proper heated bed for kitties might work better. Self-warming only goes so far, after all.

What about heated cat bed safety?

Properly manufactured heated pads (like K&H’s) often have dual thermostats installed. These take care of your kitty’s physical safety and comfort. You shouldn’t worry about them overheating as long as they’re in good condition.

Keep in mind that you have to be on the watch for your kitty playing with the cords. Inspect any cables thoroughly – you know that damaged cables can be a recipe for disaster.

With higher end indoor or outdoor cat beds, though, the cord is strengthened. You can see how the K&H outdoor house has steel reinforcement to prevent kitties tearing it apart easily.

Additionally, you can always grab a cord lock to further reduce the chances of your feline friend compromising cables.

Cozy kitty: 3 adorable best heated cat beds

What are the benefits of heated beds for cats?

I mean…you love snuggling beneath an electric blanket (or grabbing a pair of extra thick winter sheets) when it’s cold, right?

Heated beds are like the Cozy Heaven for any kitty. They’re especially great for geriatric cats or kitties suffering from joint issues. Any extra warmth will calm down these little buddies’ conditions and make their life easier.

Cats aside, you might love the benefits of any kitty heated pad. You might be one of the many people who love their cats, but don’t quite appreciate them sleeping in their bed…and having to wake up to hair up their face.

If your kitty has its own dedicated pad, it’ll stick to lying in it, instead of crawling beneath your own sheets.

Will my kitty like its heated bed?

Most of the indoor heated beds for cats don’t require any “training” or any adapting.

Eventually your kitty will just go there, acknowledge how cozy they are, and remember them as its most favorite place on earth.

Outdoor houses, however, can be tricky. Your feline companion might feel anxious about entering this unknown construction.

As you can guess, the answer is: gentle training that involves treats and leading by example. Once your kitty sees you’re comfortable with the house (and gets rewarded with delicious snacks), it won’t have any problem with its new cozy home.

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