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Cozily dark: Blackout curtains for nursery & home theater

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Both me and Greg love the sun – if it’s about getting some healthy-looking tan during the bright summer days.

Inside our house, however, we prefer a darker, cozier ambience. Typical curtains don’t really cut it, as the light easily penetrates through them.

What recently worked for our bedroom are blackout curtains quite similar to Deconovo’s curtains with backside. We picked them due to their cute floral design:

Why mention Deconovo? Because of that specific backside both curtains have! We found out it helps tremendously with keeping the sunrays away even better.

Also, why blackout curtains for nursery and home theater of all things?

Because both call for similar blackout performance.

The only caveat I have is that people who love watching movies at home might prefer Sun Zero. The reason is the ultra thick fabric for additional noise reduction.

Some people are more keen on blackout shades for baby/kids rooms. We don’t really have any experience with these, but my friend liked this one.

So, based on our (& our friends’) experiences, we’ll review these. But before that, I have a few things to share regarding blackout curtains…and this quick comparison table. 

  • Deconovo Backside
  • Light blocking:
  • Fabric quality:
  • Grommet diameter:
  • Insulation:
  • Noise reduction:
  • Half Price Signature
  • Light blocking:
  • Fabric quality:
  • Grommet diameter:
    Comes with a 3" pole pocket.
  • Insulation:
  • Noise reduction:
  • Sun Zero Baxter
  • Light blocking:
  • Fabric quality:
  • Grommet diameter:
    1.5", get a heavy duty rod.
  • Insulation:
  • Noise reduction:
  • DEZ Furnishings
  • Light blocking:
  • Fabric quality:
  • Grommet diameter:
  • Insulation:
    A little bit.
  • Noise reduction:

Basic things to know about blackout drapes & curtains

Let’s talk about marketing first, shall we?

The truth is, a lot of the companies will advertise that their curtains block 95% or 99% of incoming light.

According to our experience with several quality brands, that’s not true. I’d say it’s more around 80% to 90% in most cases.

Is that a bad thing? Not at all! You’d be surprised how dark a room can be even at around 85% of blocked sunlight. Yes, even nurseries!

The second thing I want to mention is that colors do matter.

Dark brown, navy blue, black or dark grey curtains will fare a little better with blocking sunlight. Lighter colors will deflect brightness too, but not as well in usual cases.

Remember the Deconovo backside I praised?

That’s the secret. Our beige curtains are the same and it’s exactly this backside that serves as an additional “filter” for the sunrays.

What this achieves is better blackout capabilities even on brighter colors! But again, it really isn’t 99%.

Our cozy picks:
Best blackout curtains for nursery & home theater

1. Best pick child blackout curtains:
Deconovo with backside silver

Deconovo have pretty good blackout curtains for nursery rooms on affordable prices

Affordable, good at keeping the light out, and made of durable material. What would you not like about Deconovo’s curtains that block light?

As I mentioned before, the secret here is the silver coated backside of the curtains. Complementing the quality polyester material, it takes sunlight reflection to another level.

Speaking of the polyester, it stands at 230 GSM in terms of thickness. Considering we’re talking about a set of curtains here, that’s a pretty good score.

The reason I mention this? It further helps with not only keeping the light out, but with insulation and even sound reduction.

However, do note that the primary WOW! factor of these is their blackout capabilities. There are better curtains for insulating your room out there.

You’ll get a set of 2 curtains, with 8 grommets each. The grommets are around 1.6” wide so keep that in mind when picking your rod.

2. Best blackout drapes for kids room:
Half Price Drapes Signature

Half Price is definitely the brand for the best blackout drapes when it comes to kids rooms. Outstanding quality!

Don’t judge the brand by its name! There’s no discount feeling about these drapes. On the contrary, the Signature is a lengthy, velvety beauty that will bring elegance to any room.

Yes, these block out sunrays – lighter colors at a rate of around 80% or so, so a little bit below Deconovo. They will make any nursery comfortable dark.

The darker colors shoot up at around 90%, so if you want as close of a pitch black ambience as possible, they’re a better choice.

However, the best thing about these light blocking drapes is how they look.

They’re royal!

The polyester velvet brings a specific depth to the color that the Deconovo simply lacks. A chic, elegant way to help keeping any kids room cozily dark.

The variety of designs is also way richer than what other brands offer.

Keep in mind that drapes have sizier rings. In this case, Half Price Drapes come with a 3” pole pocket so pick a pole/rod accordingly!

The drawback? They’re definitely more expensive, as they’re sold per one panel only.

However, the luxurious construction, paired with potent sunblocking capabilities justifice the higher price. Definitely!

 Remember to take care of their brilliance, though. Maybe using a lint roller can help maintain the depth of color I praised them for!

3. Best blackout curtains for home theater:
Sun Zero Baxter

Sun Zero: a home theater fan's best blackout curtain buddy!

This one is heavy duty. In fact, it;s way thicker and impenetrable than both previous picks.

If you want to watch light-free movies at home, this will be your partner in coziness.

Why didn’t I recommend this set for nurseries?

While these are perfect for home theaters, their heavy feeling might be a bit unsuitable for a kids room’s mood. Also, they have only 3 designs to pick from.

Back on topic: these definitely block more than 90% of the incoming sunlight. The brand mentions 100%, but I think I said what I think about such claims.

The extra thick fabric gets you a good level of noise reduction (up to 35%.) Definitely a must-have if you really want to immerse yourself in your movie of choice.

If you’re looking for extra insulation, you’ll find it here. Summer heat will be properly kept out, as well as the dreaded chill of those cold winter days.

On the topic of rods, the Baxter should fit rods of up to 1.5” diameter. Sun Zero recommend you to grab a rod with brackets or a wall anchor and I concur.

The fabric (polyester/cotton) is significantly heavier than other blackout curtains or drapes. Don’t go with a thin rod – it won’t withstand the weight.

4. Best blackout shades for nursery:
DEZ Furnishings

DEZ Furnishings deliver dark ambience with their outstanding blackout shades for nursery rooms (and not only)

As I said, me and Greg prefer curtains/drapes to shades. However, a friend of ours is very satisfied with this product, so I decided to include it in the list!

A quick tip: these shades for kids room come in three colors – linen, white and deep blue. Definitely go for the deep blue, as they outperform the other two colors in terms of blocking light.

The material is think and durable, and most of all, doesn’t get dirty as easily as some other blinds. Some people like hanging their shades outside…My friend said she preferred installing them in the room itself.

Personally, the reason I prefer curtains is the lack of installation. I’m not a fan of drilling holes and all the setup connected with shades.

With these blackout shades for bedroom/nursery, however, installation is quick and painless. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, according to my friend (and a few reviewers over at Amazon.)

Pulling these up and down (whenever you need some light coming in!) is also pretty smooth. I’m sure we’ve all encountered a set of stubborn shades that refuse to retract properly. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the DEZ Furnishings.

I don’t think there’s any drawback with these if you prefer blackout shades or blinds to curtains. It’s just that personally I’m more of a fan of the mood a good, long set of curtains/drapes add to our rooms!

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