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Cozy clothes: Best lint rollers that did it for us

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Household life. Quite often an endless battle with fuzz, lint and hair all over our clothes, suits, floors…

Sometimes I feel my sweaters have a will of their own and seek all the fuzz they can. And pet owners? Oh my, I can clearly imagine the amount of hair…

Luckily, there is a simple solution in just 3 simple steps. First, grab a lint roller like my preferred Scotch Brite.

(I actually use Scotch Brite products for our bathroom and kitchen too. They rock!)

Next – roll, roll, roll those sticky sheets. Finally: dispose of them afterwards, enjoy your presentable clothing. Repeat again when needed.

But do we really accumulate that much hair/fuzz? Let’s see…

Here’s the clean new sheet of our lint roller:

How a lint roller looks with freshly changed adhesive sheets!

A few quick rolls on Greg’s sweater later…

You'd be surprised how much fuzz and hair your clothes accumulate. A lint roller helps solve that.

And that was just a quick glide over one section!

So anyways, I’ll review 3 best lint rollers you can use to restore your clothes’ great looks. Why only 3? Because lint rollers aren’t that complicated, honestly…

But some of them are still different.

For example, if you have pets that shed a lot of hair, this Evercare roller is extra sticky. It’s manufactured as a dedicated lint roller for pet hair.

Or maybe you want a portable roller for when you’re on the go. Flint has this reusable lint roller that ‘s retractable and easy to carry around.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and see what are the best/worst things about these products!

The 3 best lint rollers I can recommend you

1. My preferred best lint roller:
Scotch Brite roller

Scotch Brite: the best lint roller for everything - not only sweaters, but also suits.

It’s not only the Scotch Brite sponges and cleaning sheets that I adore. This lint roller has been a companion of me and Greg throughout our nomadic travels.

The secret lies in two very important features.

First, it has a huge amount of sticky sheets! At 95 pieces, you get a long-lasting lint roller. Seriously, a lot of other products only have 50-60 sheets.

Second, the quality stickiness is guaranteed by the brand’s proprietary 3M adhesive. It hasn’t failed me over various household uses.

Not only this, but the sheets are ridiculously easy to tear. No uneven tearing, no struggle in pulling the sheets. Clean disposal that takes literally a second!

Design-wise, what can I say? It’s your standard lint roller. You’ve got a plastic handle and it’s quite easy to work with. By easy, I mean ergonomic.

What really matters here is the amount of sheets you get, and how simple and effective they work.

Great for both general use and working with pet hair.

2. Best lint roller for pet hair:
Evercare Professional

Evercare's lint roller is the best choice for pet hair. Its extra tough adhesive copes with what your dog or cat would shed!

Speaking of lint rollers and dog/cat hair…Evercare’s roller might be a slightly better idea if you have a thick fur friend around the house.

The adhesive is even stickier and can cope with increased amounts of hair/fuzz. I’ve praised Evercare’s lint brush in my guide to lint removers – their roller is no exception either.

You have 60 sheets here. Yes, that’s less than the Scotch Brite, but they’re definitely more heavy duty so it evens things out.

Don’t worry – them being tougher on fuzz/hair doesn’t mean they’re hard to tear apart. Changing to the next sheet is as easy as any other similar product.

A slight difference is the handle. It’s a bit bigger than some other rollers, but still quite ergonomic.

It makes sense, though – working with pet hair is more demanding than the odd stray fuzz, right? If you want a lint roller that will keep your clothes pet hair-free, this one should be your top choice!

3. Best reusable lint roller:
Flint Retractable

Now this one’s a more innovative take on lint rollers.

Here’s the thing: clothes get swarmed with fuzz when we’re outside too. And it’d feel awkward to carry a standard roller around if you want to be presentable.

Flint address those of you who want something portable and ready to be used on the go. This is a reusable, retractable lint roller that suits every occasion.

Note: remember that the reusable part is the roller itself. Not the sheets! Speaking of that…there are so many exciting colors to pick from. Definitely an eye-candy!

The downside is that you only get 30 sheets of paper with one load. That could feel limiting, but remember: what works for you the most here is the portability.

The retractable function takes care of protecting the sheets’ stickiness. They work well on all types of clothes. However, don’t expect them to work as well as Evercare on pet hair, for example.

Refilling is quite easy too. Hold on to the sticky area, pull it up a bit, and then insert a new refill. It’s done in only a few seconds!

That said, if you want a lint roller for home use, stick to the previous two. Flint is great, but it’s definitely best suited for more mobile people!

Are lint rollers only for clothes?

I’ll tell you something terrific:

Nope, not at all! You can use a lint roller for so many things.

You can use them on dirty lampshades, curtains, carpets…Running them over your thicker sheets is a good idea too.

In fact, did you know that they also work on dandruff? That’s right – those black, ultra official suits don’t need to be full of the infamous scalp snowflakes!

A lot of garments makers or sewers also can find uses for lint rollers. Picking up loose threads, small pins and other manufacture-related headaches are easily solved with this tool.

Did I mention how magnificent they are for your car’s interior? We all know what a nightmare car seats can be when it comes to hair/fluff.

Last but not least, my favorite: you can pick up tiny shards with a lint roller.

I’m fairly certain most of us have broken a glass (or plate) or two. Picking up sharp shards is not my definition of fun. Not to mention it’s so easy to lose sight of the extra small pieces.

Running a lint roller over the surface will collect all of them – without the danger of you cutting yourself!

Lint roller vs lint brush: which is better?

Generally, both of these products take care of your clothes looking presentable.

Some people have concerns with rollers leaving residue when you use them. Personally, I haven’t experienced such a problem yet.

That said, a lint brush like this Evercare one will have an easier time to clean specific fabrics. I’m mainly thinking about wool here.

Lint rollers have it easy with cotton, but when it comes to wool, they might struggle a bit. So if your wardrobe consists of a lot of woolen clothes, grabbing a brush might make more sense.

Lint rollers don't go that well with wool. In this case, using a lint brush might be a better idea.

Other people are concerned with environmental issues. With most lint rollers you definitely accumulate more plastic waste (the handle.) You can quickly burn through a lint roller, especially if your household includes a few children.

At the same time, a brush can be reused and reused, and a quality manufactured one can last you quite a long time.

Ultimately, it’s your call. I do prefer to have different products when it comes to cleaning my clothes off hair or fuzz! On some fabrics I prefer the control that the brush gives me. I can be more gentle so as not to ruin their integrity.

On the other hand, cleaning a carpet is so fun with a lint roller. You’ll accumulate a lot of debris and it’s easier to just tear the sheet and switch to a new one.

Cleaning the brush after a carpet would take a lot of time!!

Oh, and by the way, we also enjoy using our lint roller on sections of our laminate floors!

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