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Best smelling Axe spray: My 4 top choices

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Some say that Axe can feel cheesy.

The advertisements everyone takes a jab at. The “smells like teen spirit” memories of times when we’d douse ourselves with unhealthy amounts of Axe spray.

Sure, Axe can feel cheesy, but it also works. It’s actually a pretty good body spray. And if you don’t go out proclaiming that you’re wearing, say, an Axe Phoenix

…People will actually like it. Women might even ask you a ‘Hey, you smell nice! What are you using?’

See, it’s just a gag at this point. No one ever addresses the real product and its effectiveness, just the marketing around it.

That said, what’s the best smelling Axe deodorant? There are quite a few fragrances out there.

I rightfully mentioned the Phoenix, because it’s my favorite. Kilo and the classic Essence are also quite popular. Take a look at this poll from the Bodybuilding.com forums with 1500+ votes:

You can see how these three Axe fragrances get more than 70% of the overall votes. That’s huge.

So why do I like the Phoenix?

Easy answer: I like the refreshing smell of citrus. That’s the reason why now, temporarily having switched to a roll stick, I’m using another Citrus-scented deodorant:

But enough talk. Let me provide a brief overview of the 4 best smelling, most popular Axe body sprays…And why they’re so preferred by men.

1. My favorite Axe:
Axe Phoenix

To me, Phoenix is the best smelling Axe spray.

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As I said, the Phoenix is my personal choice for a good smelling Axe spray. Usually it’s in the top 3 among gentlemen using the brand, but for me it will always be #1.

It’s because of how fresh the smell is, seriously.

Phoenix combines well-toned citrus notes, with a hint of lavender and the additional freshness of geranium. The smell is light, playful, extremely invigorating. As I already said, it is the best axe scent, in my opinion, and this is one of the reasons.

Might be hard to properly catch it, but there’s a slight woodiness to the smell of this body spray. Pairs up pretty well with the citrus freshness.

This is an amazing choice for the challenges of hot, humid weather. It’s exactly at these times that you need some invigorating scent to keep you dry and smelling good.

2. Most popular Axe spray:
Axe Kilo

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I mean, it’s pretty relative, but I think that Axe Kilo has gotten a lot of love over the years and it is probably the most popular axe scent.

Kilo is on a whole new aroma level compared to most casual Axe sprays. I even dare say it’s well-suited to more formal situations. Seriously: people don’t need to know you sported an Axe on someone’s wedding.

(But they will note how well this one smells!)

Kilo’s scent combines a simple, but delicious formula: throw Coconut, Hazelnut and Caramel, and see things happen.

The usual problem with such a combination might be an overbearing, too sweet of a scent. Happy to say that this isn’t the case here. The scent is moderate in how strong it is, and stands the test of time pretty alright.

3. Most Masculine Axe spray:
Axe Apollo

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A lot of us are also fond of the distinctive sandalwood smell. I’ve already written a bit on sandalwood colognes and how great they feel.

For you like-minded fellas, Apollo might turn out to be the right body spray to sport.

The teal-colored offering from Axe combines Green Fruits, with a generous dose of Sandalwood and some fresh Sage. The sage really helps with enhancing the sandalwood and bringing a nuance of freshness into the mix.

Similar to the Phoenix, this one is good for months that can make your whole body sweat (even the feet!) That said, it’s a bit weaker than good ol’ Phoenix and lasts just a little bit shorter. Or so I feel!

4. For those into spices:
Axe Essence

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As I’ve noted in my review on Creed colognes, some people are fond of spicy aromas.

That’s great! I’m not really a fan, but they can sure go well with a lot of situations, casual or formal alike.

If you like deep, spicy scents, this will be the Axe body spray for you.

A tang of Oriental spices here, some woodsy notes there…And a good amount of depth to the nice smelling combination. This might actually be one of the Axe scents that has quite a bit of deepness to its fragrance. And, for one of my best friends – hi, George! – it may be the best axe body spray.

Definitely better suited for milder or colder months, though. I can’t imagine wearing this in summer, even if I liked the spicy tones.

Where should I buy Axe sprays?

They’re everywhere.

That said, I recommend grabbing a few from Amazon.

First, they’re even cheaper than the price you’d find in your typical retail store. Seriously, check it for yourself and you’ll see I’m right.

Second, buying a pack of these will save you even more money. So and so you’ll end up using them a lot, why not stock up on a few?

That’s especially great for families with boys who are entering the teenage years. Remember how much we loved it back then, when the Axe story was just beginning?

Yeah. Current teenagers are as fond of it!

Should I go for an Axe or a cologne?

Body sprays are casual, subtle, easy-going.

A colognes is better suited for more special events, or when you want to be extra formal. They’re also quite strong in their scent.

For your everyday routine, Axe will be a trusty spray-sidekick. It’ll get you through the day somewhat dry and definitely not stinking up the room.

Colognes also tend to be significantly more expensive. Some people just don’t want to shell out that much cash to keep themselves scented. Not to mention that cologne doesn’t refresh/protect from sweat even remotely as much as body sprays like Axe.

What’s your favorite Axe commercial?

Come on, let’s be honest:

How can you choose only one?

Axe are consistently hilarious in their marketing efforts. Love it or hate it, they managed to stay relevant for well over a decade, coming up with crazy ads in their typical style.

But anyways, I love this one that shows us the historical woes of a real Romeo. Of course, all solved in time with the help of Axe:

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