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Every Man Jack review: Deodorant, body wash & shave cream

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The right deodorant to keep the sweat away. The shave cream that will give you a smooth, comfortable shave. A body wash to leave you clean and refreshed.

These three products are a cornerstone in a man’s life. Over the past few months, I’ve been trying out Every Man Jack’s line of products to see what’s up with their quality.

I’ll review Every Man Jack’s deodorant, body wash, and shave cream in this exact order. Summed up in short (1-10 scale), here are my impressions:

Alright, onto my full impressions!

Every Man Jack deodorant review: quite good for routine use, but not for intense sports activities!

Every Man Jack deodorant review:
Decent performance

Aluminium free and natural are definitely what gets the ball rolling here. Lots of people discuss whether aluminium is that harmful. To me, the truth is that aluminium deodorants tend to irritate my skin a lot.

I tried two of Every Man Jack’s deodorants over a few months. First, I gave the cedarwood one a shot. Currently, I’m using their citrus deodorant.

SCENT: I love the citrus, but for a lot of people the smell might be overpowering. The cedarwood was more delicate, though. It was just a gentle whiff to suit a gentleman’s overall fragrance.

Does it linger enough? Surprisingly, I found that the stronger citrus smell doesn’t stay around as much as the cedarwood. I’d say the cedarwood performs above average in terms of keeping the scent around.

If you prefer not having any scent, Every Man Jack have a fragrance-free deodorant. I think of trying their sandalwood anti-perspirant next.

ANTI-SWEAT ACTION: Alright, that’s the biggest one. I’d say this one really depends on how sweaty are you exactly, though.

As you can guess from my non-sweat underwear guide, sweaty is my way of life. Surprisingly though, my armpits aren’t that bad compared to some of my other body parts.

Both Every Man Jack’s deodorants were enough to keep me cool in the summer. A ballpark for how long their protection stayed around would be 7-8 hours or so.

Every Man Jack's natural deodorant review: didn't really irritate my skin, as promised.

If you’re very sweaty around your armpits, you’ll definitely need to reapply. And if you’re doing very intensive activities (read: sports), it probably isn’t the best choice.

In this case, I’d go with something like the Herbal Life sport.

For the average gentleman’s everyday use, though, it should be enough.

SKIN-FRIENDLINESS: Over the few months of trying the cedarwood and citrus, I haven’t had a single issue with my skin. Basically, no rashes or irritations! Which is great, because with previous antiperspirants I’d have a bit of trouble.

FINAL VERDICT: 7/10. Quite ok, but not a WOW product for sure. I’m keen on trying the sandalwood (as I like sandalwood fragrances) after I finish with my citrus.

Every Man Jack body wash review:
Actually quite good!

First, apologies for the lack of photos. I depleted my EMJ reserves and am currently trying out another minty body wash to compare how it performs.

That said, Every Man Jack’s body wash is easily among the best ones I’ve tried out yet. As with the deodorants, they have quite a few fragrances: sandalwood, cedarwood, eucalyptus, mint, citrus…

Mint. Definitely mint!

SCENTAmazing. The mint Every Man Jack achieves the perfect balance. It’s refreshing and fragrant, without being too overbearing.

Wonderful mintiness without going overboard and turning you into that guy with the ultra strong body wash. Masculine and perfect for any season (especially summer).

LATHER: I’d say pretty good. I’ve had body washes that wouldn’t lather for the life of me, but Every Man Jack’s body wash lathers well.

Just the right amount of scrub particles too. I hate body washes that are too…grainy, and you won’t get that here.

Good lathering + proper scrub volume = a pleasant body washing experience and properly cleansed skin. Speaking of skin…

SKIN-FRIENDLINESSVERY skin-friendly. I’m sure you’ve also experienced it, but some body washes (as well as soaps) tended to really dry out my skin to the point of flakes.

Every Man Jack’s mint body wash moisturizes well and its scrubs don’t “scratch” your body parts like some others do. Healthy, clean skin: a must have in every gentleman’s grooming routine!

(Semi-related, read up Kate’s guide on hard water shampoos if you’re in hard water areas.)

FINAL VERDICT: 8.5/10. Definitely one of the better body washes on the market. After I’m finished trying out that other brand, I’ll try the citrus one!

Every Man Jack shave cream review:
That’s a good one!

A note: this shave cream is a bit more difficult to rinse from some traditional razors. Keep that in mind.

OK, so I got the fragrance-free/sensitive skin version of Every Man Jack’s shaving cream. It might be one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.

SHAVE QUALITY: Easily the smoothest shaves I’ve had yet. You have to only apply a thin film of this and it’ll be enough to prepare your skin for the shave.

The razor glides over effortlessly! A basic rule of shaving is to not apply any pressure – with EMJ’s cream you don’t even need to push even a little.

It’s crazy, the first time I couldn’t believe it!

Every Man Jack shave cream review: amazing smooth shaves with a small caveat you can read about.

You really need to apply a thin film, though. I mentioned the possibility of getting your razor’s blades clogged. If you go overboard, you’ll definitely do that.

TEXTURE: Pretty standard stuff. Maybe a little bit more slippery than some other shaving gels or creams. Perhaps that’s the glycerin speaking?

I realize some people prefer more “manageable” gels, but I don’t mind it. It’s what allows for the razor to glide so graciously over my skin, after all.

SKIN-FRIENDLINESS: Outstanding. No dried out skin, very softening, quite moisturizing too. Similar to body washes, I’ve had quite a few headaches when using other shaving gels or creams.

Every Man Jack’s sensitive skin shave cream lives up to its name. It’ll take care of your skin – the proper way.

FINAL VERDICT: 9/10. Definitely my current preferred cream to shave with.

I can’t stress on the importance of applying a thin layer, though. The first time I went overboard and clogged my blades real good, ha!

Also, make sure you apply some witch hazel after shaving to skip on those nasty ingrown hairs/bumps. I’ve outlined why I think Thayers is the best choice.

By the way, I’m not sure what type of razor you’re using. However, if you’ve thought about trying something other than good ol’ cartridge razors, check out my guide on shavettes. It’s sharp (or at least I’d like to think so!)

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