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Thayers witch hazel toner: it saved my skin

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Normally, I wouldn’t go as far as saying a specific product is indispensable to me.

Thayers’ witch hazel might be the only exception, though. I usually make it a rule to keep at least two bottles of toner in our house. What if I run out of it and there’s no back up?

Kate herself is a huge fan too! I’ve tried all of the brand’s scents, but right now I’ve stocked up on these two bad boys:

My Thayers witch hazel review: a look at HOW this fantastic toner has helped my skin.

I’d love to give you an honest, first-hand review of Thayers witch hazel toner…Which means I’ll discuss:

  • What I usually use it for

  • Why I think Thayers is the better witch hazel brand

  • Which Thayers witch hazel is the best

  • General uses of witch hazel

Let’s go on a quick ride to Hazel Town!

Thayers witch hazel & me:
(Almost) a love story

I have been, uh, ‘blessed’ with a few things going for me.

First of all, oiliness is a ‘dear’ friend, my pores are out of whack, and my skin is a festival of irritated spots. Redness and inflammation are as common to me as eating a tasty cheeseburger for lunch.

While Kate has it better, breakouts are her top reason to use a bit of Thayers here and there.

Secondly, I’ve got quite a bit of facial hair. Oh, and I shave my head due to my diffuse thinning. As you can guess, both of these involve a bit of what we men call razor burn.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s not fun. If I don’t get the cotton pads + witch hazel combo out, my scalp and face will be a battlefield of ingrown hairs and razor burn spots.

Easy to use: I sprinkle just a little bit of Thayers toner on my cotton pad. Works wonders!

Last but not least: mosquitos seem to love me. I’d prefer having a different crowd of admirers, but you live with what you can. As you surely know, mosquito bites aren’t exactly entertaining either.

Thayers witch hazel has helped me tremendously in solving all three questionably pleasant pain points in my life. Especially considering #1 and #2 are a daily thing.

Which brings me to…

Why I think Thayers is the better brand

There are dozens of witch hazels out there. And, to be honest, quite a few of these brands are quite good.

But none is as good as Thayers according to my experience. It’s a mix of several things.

First of all, Thayers is an alcohol-free toner. You’d be surprised how many hazels out there are for some reason mixed with some alcohol.

Now, this depends on a person’s skin…but alcohol completely destroys my skin. It gets dry and irritated to the point of significant discomfort.

Skipping on the alcohol, Thayers produce their skin toner with organic ingredients. It moisturizes your skin, removes excess oil and takes care of inflammations/blemishes.

Here’s a snapshot of the ingredients used:

Here are the Thayers witch hazel ingredients. Remember: no alcohol here!

See? No alcohol. These guys have a specific formula to their products that goes all in on purified water, aloe vera extracts, antibacterial agents and soothing grapefruit seed extract.

Additionally, it’s not distilled.

Summed up in short, this means it retains more of its active ingredient’s (tannins) strength and benefits compared to other toners.

Think of it as something similar to getting your vitamins directly from fruits, instead of relying on supplements.

All you need to do is grab a few cotton pads and start your skin’s cleansing process.

Which Thayers witch hazel is the best?

All of them.

But it slightly depends on what you need it for, and, well, your preferences when it comes to the scent.

For example, probably the most popular Thayers is the rose petal one:

Amazing, not-overly-sweet fragrance put aside, the rose petal has good amounts of Vitamin C which strengthen your skin cells.

However, for extremely oily or acne-prone skin, Thayers themselves recommend using the brand’s Lemon astringent.

Personally, I’ve found every single variety of their witch hazel works well with my skin.

Recently I’ve been specifically fond of the Cucumber due to the increased amount of anti-oxidants and some soothing Vitamin B-5 present. I’d say while all of Thayers skin toners take care of clogged pores, the Cucumber might be the most efficient in this regard.

General uses of witch hazel:
What can it help you with?

Every single bottle of this thing is a treasure chest. Its uses are so versatile that sometimes it boggles my mind.

Thayers witch hazel definitely gets mainly used as a natural astringent. But did you know you can safely use it for ALL of this:

  • Eczema

  • Bruises/red spots

  • Swelling skin

  • Insect/mosquito bites

  • Sunburns

  • Razor burn/ingrown hairs

  • Acne

  • Varicose veins

  • Cracked, painful skin

Whoa, right? And that’s for the topical witch hazel (which I’m reviewing.) Witch hazel can also be a part of some medicines where it takes care of diarrhea, vomiting and similar discomforts. But let’s stick to the skin toner…

The active ingredient tremendously helps with sebum build-up, removing excess oil from your skin.

As you can guess, it also helps with clogged pores (like mine…) Dirt stands no chance which conveniently reduces your chances of getting black heads, ugly pores or greasy, oily skin that will make you feel insecure.

Which Thayers witch hazel is the best? All of them, but some might be better for your skin type and needs.

Research shows that it’s pretty good for those who suffer from acne too. Makes sense: after all, witch hazel serves as a skin toner, cleanser and moisturizer that is naturally derived.

Small note:other good ways If you shave your head like me, you’ll also need a stronger, more long-lasting moisturizing agent. I use jojoba oil, but there are also to keep your skin nourished.

I’ve spoken about my painful, itchy experience with scalp sunburn before. Surprisingly – as I didn’t know about this possible use until then, this product sped up the process of my skin healing.

This little guy is a godsent in case of painful sunburns!

The combination of lack of alcohol, aloe vera extract and strong anti-inflammatory properties promote faster skin healing. Just make sure you go extra gently with that cotton pad soaked in witch hazel.

Remember to let the skin peel naturally by itself, not by you forcing it out.

Men who shave often are acquainted with the absolute nightmare of ingrown hairs and razor burn. Even quality grooming supplies like a skin-friendly shaving cream might not help with that.

Whenever I shave my head or trim my face, I apply some witch hazel afterwards. What was one a world of inflammation and redness is now a relaxed, well-moisturized skin.

Especially for bald men like me, moisturizing is extremely important. Dry scalp feels awful, looks awful, and will ruin your skin in the long run.

I know some of you use aftershaves and similar products. The issue with most aftershaves is the fact that they include alcohol. You might be different, but in most cases alcohol disinfects, yes, but also dries out your skin like hell.

You can have the moisturizing effect without resorting to alcohol-based skincare products. For this purposes, I especially recommend the Cucumber or Unscented Thayers witch hazel varieties.

You can thank the naturally found combination of polyphenols and tannins for that!


I’ve found that Thayers witch hazel is all you wished for…and a little bit on top of that. Sure, it might be a few dollars more expensive than the toner you’d find on the shelves of your Walmart, for example.

The difference in taking care of your skin more than makes up for it, though.

I hope you liked this brief review of the Thayers toner. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below!

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