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Best Moisturizer for (Black) Bald Head: What I Use Daily

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You know the first rule for having healthy, good-looking skin:

You moisturize it often.

My first full head shave was a few years ago. Back then, I thought my scalp would be alright with a few dabs of the occasional moisturizing cream. Oh boy, how wrong of me!

Since then, I’ve learnt a lot. First, you should moisturize daily – or at least after each shave.

And second, I found that for me it’s not creams or balms that nourish my scalp the best. It’s pure oils like Desert Essence Jojoba Oil I’ve been using for months:

Only a few drops of this amber beauty and my noggin is a smooth, hydrated and fabulous dome ready to take over the world. It feels absolutely marvelous.

Actually, that’s the same jojoba oil I use to soften my facial hair too.

Also, I know my African American brothers are prone to bumps when they shave. In this case, Dare to Be Bald is a great moisturizing cream to use.

But I don’t want to limit you to only one or two choices. I’ll list four of the best moisturizers for bald head you can find. All of them are made of organic ingredients that won’t risk skin irritation or rashes.

1. My favorite lotion for bald head:
Desert Essence Jojoba Oil

Desert Essence is my favorite moisturizer for my bald head. Here's more on this amber beauty of a jojoba oil!

Click on the image above for pricing info

One thing I don’t like about a lot of men’s grooming products is the overhyped marketing. Balms and oils are slapped with fancy labels and their prices are inflated artificially. The marketing gimmicks are all over the place.

Desert Essence has no ‘gentlemanly’ marketing tricks up its sleeves. It’s 100% pure natural oil and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

Which is great, because jojoba oil is one of the best moisturizers you can ask for. And since there are no inflated prices either, it’s pretty affordable.

Yes, the 4 fl oz bottle might seem rather small for you. However, the oil is pretty concentrated and with only a few drops you will be able to cover all of your head.

Obviously, as an oil-based bald head lotion, it might feel a bit too fluid for you. Compared to other oils I’ve tried, however, it doesn’t leave as much residue.

The product is vegan, gluten-free, and pretty much eco. I shave every other day and after dousing some witch hazel to minimize razor bumps, I apply some of Desert Essence’s amber liquid.

The result? Smooth, moisturized scalp with zero flakiness or itching due to dryness.

2. Best moisturizer for black bald heads:
Dare to Be Bald Cream

High Time's cream has an anti-bump effect. In this sense, I think it's one of the best moisturizers for black bald heads prone to such irritations.

Click on the image above for pricing info

It’s no secret that my African American bald brothers have it tough. They’re the top demographic for those dreaded razor bumps and various skin irritations on their noggin.

Tea tree oil is one of the most soothing natural oils out there. High Time have prepared a great scalp treatment product based on tea tree oil. The result is a moisturizing beauty with healing, anti-bump action.

This one is essentially a cream, so some of you might prefer it to pure oil products. At 4.75 ounces, the package is also a bit bigger than Desert Essence.

As the cream is quite concentrated, you’ll use a bit more product than a pure oil bald lotion…but not that much.

A very good aspect here is that the Dare to Be Bald isn’t as thick as other creams. I’ve always disliked putting thicker products on my scalp. It’s very easy for the pores there to get clogged, not to mention residue…Also, a hot summer isn’t remotely fun if you have a thick layer of any skin product chilling on top of your shaved head.

Good smell, good price, and the wondrous effect of tea tree oil. For my African American bald-headed friends, this one should be a great solution to scalp worries!

3. Best mixed oil lotion for bald men:
Bliss of Greece Organic Blend

Click on the image above for pricing info

Normally, if I saw something marketed as ‘Ancient Greek Remedy’, my anti-corporate marketing alarms would go crazy.

The truth is, though, aside from the somewhat gimmicky title, this one is a killer product.

Mixing natural oils is a good thing as long as you don’t overdo it. Because if you do so, you’re going to get a thick liquid that will feel heavy on any skin.

Luckily for Bliss of Greece, their blend is well thought out. Four essential oils are blended here: olive, lavender, almond and grapeseed. All of them, of course, natural and plant-derived.

Olive oil ensures a pretty strong moisturizing effect, while the lavender has that calming side to it that takes care of any irritation. A drop of Vitamin E which helps with shiny, healthy skin is the perfect cherry on this lotion’s top.

Sure, this one is a bit more expensive, but it’s a very versatile skin moisturizer. You can actually use it on your feet, for cuticle problems, nail care and whatnot. The feeling is pretty similar to the pure jojoba oil from Desert Essence.

4. Best balm for bald head:
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Balm

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Let me preface this that in my case, balms haven’t really worked much for me. I like to use beard balms to give my facial hair a proper shape. I’ve also definitely used lip balms for those ultra cold and dry winters...

But balms feel a bit too much on my shaved noggin. Keep in mind that compared to creams or pure oils, you might need to make more efforts to spread a pinch of balm on your scalp. The substance is definitely waxier and harder.

That said, I doubt there’s a better moisturizing balm for shaved domes. In fact, it not only nourishes your scalp, but it provides a decent SPF 30 broad spectrum protection from the sun.

Makes it a perfect addition to the right pair of sunglasses, if you ask me.

So: moisturizing, skin protection, and a convenient 2.25 oz of a high quality product. What’s missing in the equation?

Well, the smell. This is definitely one of Palmer’s highlights here.

The balm smells delicious. Cocoa butter nets you a very delicate and pleasant chocolate scent. For those of you not into such smells, this might not be that cool. But generally, I love the smell of chocolate.

Not to mention that it makes for a terrific icebreaker when you meet people!

How should I moisturize my scalp?

It’s no rocket science, gentleman. Pick the product of your choice. Then, get a few dabs/drops on your fingers. As a final step, gently massage this amount on your scalp.

Doing this evenly is crucial, make sure you don’t miss any spots. Every single area of your bald head – yes, even behind the ears, will need some invigorating action.

Generally, the moisturizer comes last in my usual head shaving session:

  • Prepare my skin (hot shower + preshave oil)

  • Shave (either electric shaver or a razor depending on my mood)

  • Apply witch hazel (astringent to minimize razor burn or bumps)

  • Wait a bit and apply daily moisturizer

If you follow this simple template, you should have a smooth noggin that’s been properly taken care of!

Will that really fix the dry, flaky on my bald head?

Well, it’s always good to have a dermatologist look at your noggin. There are so many skin conditions you might be suffering from.

However, you’d be really surprised. I had severe flakiness and itching issues until I realized that I moisturized only once per week! Once I started getting those natural oils into action, the feeling of dryness and the constant flaking stopped.

As I pointed out before, way too many people underestimate the effect proper moisturizing has on our skin. Twice so for our slick domes!

So is just using a lotion enough?

Of course not.

Proper scalp care involves several steps and I’ve already mentioned keeping an astringent/witch hazel ready for some gentle post-shave care.

What I want to also emphasize on is using the right shampoo. Similar to moisturizers, your it had better be based on essential oils.

I’ve written a basic guide on some bald head shampoos I love. Coincidentally (or not really!) the ones I’ve been using for months also has jojoba oil as its main active ingredient.

Not over-washing or over-moisturizing your shaved melon is also crucial. Using lotion once per day, and shampooing every other day has been a good formula for me. Otherwise I risk clogging my pores or exhausting my scalp with too much treatment.

Ex-digital nomad, DIY enthusiast and an appreciator of cozy foot wear. Always ready to give lifestyle tips for men. Tea, not coffee is my fuel for writing.

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