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The Best Shampoo for Your Bald Head: My Experience

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You know how the joke goes. You’re bald, so you must save a lot on shampoo.

I’ve actually had numerous people say that to me. Some of them even wondered whether I need any shampoo. Wasn’t water and a bit of soap enough?

I mean, obviously us bald guys use a way less shampoo…but we still need it. In fact, a naked scalp is a playground for dirt, dryness and The Itch.

Here’s a tip I have for you, shaved head brothers: look for a shampoo with essential oils. For example, I’ve been using this Nature’s Gate with Jojoba Oil & Sacred Lotus:

Essential oils are the best way to moisturize and nourish skin. And that’s what we’ve got: naked, exposed skin. A fickle scalp that gets dry and flaky the moment you don’t pay proper attention to it.

This short, but handpicked list of the best shampoos for bald head is based on my own experience over the years. All of these 5 products have essential oils – be it argan oil, jojoba oil, or tea tree oil. They work especially well for shaved noggins.

If you have dandruff or suffer from extreme itching (sadly, way too common…) I’ve also included Maple Holistics’ shampoo. It was a real gem when I had a flaky scalp two years ago.

Let’s head to the reviews first, before I mentioned some things to keep in mind in the tips section.

5 best shampoos for bald head:
What my scalp has enjoyed thoroughly

1. My current favorite shampoo:
Nature’s Gate Revitalizing

Jojoba oil has been a crucial part in my routine as a bald man. I’ve been using pure jojoba oil as my main daily moisturizer for ages. At one point, I decided that this ingredient is a good idea for my shower routine too.

Nature’s Gate mixes jojoba oil with a further soothing, nourishing sacred lotus extract. Throw in some Vitamin E and C, as well as Panthenol (B5) and you’re getting a very balanced, caring mixture of ingredients.

This one lathers somewhat average. You won’t get the best lather, but the smell and how gentle this shampoo is compensate for that.

Nature’s Gate is a good brand: that’s actually the 4th product I’m using from them. Their shampoos lack any phthalates. All the ‘alcohols’ you’ll see in the ingredients like Stearyl alcohol or Cetyl alcohol are actually vegetable derived. In other words, it being plant-based means it’s alcohol free.

For those concerned about cruelty-free products: this shampoo is one of them.

The smell is very pleasant. I wouldn’t call it manly, but I don’t really care about that. I don’t have any hair that this scent will stick to. The shampoo nourishes my scalp and that’s what matters!

2. Best Argan oil shampoo for shaved head:
Essential Oil Labs Argan

Argan oil products have experienced a real boom over the past few years. It’s obvious why: the first wave came with the increasing popularity of those long, lumberjack-type beards.

It’s what I’ve used for my beard too. In terms of moisturizing/follicle nutrition it’s up there with jojoba oil for me.

Catch my drift?

Yep. This is also a very important essential oil that can take care of your scalp.

In fact, I picked this brand’s Argan oil shampoo because it actually combines several other oils too. You have jojoba oil (ha!), a bit of avocado oil, as well as camellia seed oil. A hint of coconut oil and some keratin take care of a fantastic moisturizing mixture for your noggin.

This one suds a bit better than Nature’s Gate. Sulfate-free shampoos sometimes don’t deliver much lather, but this one is an exception.

The smell is slightly sweet, but not too much. It’s a well-balanced scent.

My only remark would be to be careful of how oily your scalp is. If it’s extra oily, better stick to bald men shampoos that have less oils in their ingredients. Otherwise you might clog your noggin a bit too much.

3. Best anti-dandruff shampoo if you’re bald:
Maple Holistics Pure Tea Tree Oil

Scalp itch can drive you crazy. It’s persistent, the flakes look awful, and all this can hit your confidence levels pretty bad.

Skip the thinning hair marketing with this shampoo. You’re already in the awesome bald territory. What matters for you here is the strong anti-flake, anti-dandruff action.

Maple Holistics mix the tea tree oil with some argan oil, as well as rosemary and lavender oils. The good thing about the latter two is that they’re not ridiculously, well, oily. So even if your scalp is a bit on the oilier side, you’ll be fine.

Lavender is very soothing. Maple Holistics also have a milder formula than a lot of other brands – yes, even natural ones. This will help with your scalp not getting further irritated by shampoos that are a little bit condensed for your noggin’s liking.

No specific remarks on the smell here. It’s just…normal. Which is actually good, if you think about it. I’ve used shampoos like Nizoral and whatnot and I didn’t really like their scent back in the days.

4. Refreshing shampoo for a minty buzzcut:
Avalon Organics Peppermint

This one was my summer jam, together with an amazing Mint/Lime body wash from another brand.

Avalon Organics are actually a company me and Kate adore. No, seriously, right now half of our bath/kitchen products are from them:

Back to the shampoo…The leading essential oil here is Peppermint. There are some exotic additions like babassu oil which, frankly, I didn’t even know existed before using this product.

What matters here is not only the outstanding feeling of being fresh and invigorated. This shampoo has a little bit of aloe which, as you might now, is a bald man’s best friend. Or, at least one of them: considering how much it soothes, calms down inflammation and refreshes skin.

Similar to Nature’s Gate, Avalon Organics rely on cruelty-free, organic products. 100% vegetarian, lack of any animal tests, natural, high quality ingredients. The shampoo you’d love to put on your scalp.

As I said: a must have for hot, humid weather and its sweaty dreadfulness. Your scalp will be and feel cool!

5. Best luxury shampoo for your bald head:
Truman’s Men’s Shampoo

You might like gentlemanly personal care products. I mean, my Every Man Jack collection is a sign I can be quite tempted by this ‘It’s a man’s world’ marketing too…

Luckily, Truman’s also don’t purely rely on macho marketing. They actually dish out some serious quality and this extra moisturizing shampoo is a good example.

Guess what? You have peppermint here too, for some minty scalp care! But it’s not the thing I want to note.

No, that’s the fact that this is a wheat protein-based shampoo. And wheat protein moisturizes pretty darn well. Honestly.

As a whole, Truman’s shampoo follows a three-fold formula: cleanse – nourish – hydrate. Kelp extract, the aforementioned wheat protein and the cool peppermint oil achieve what’s promised with a decent lather.

The smell? Well, it can be a bit stronger than the previous shampoos, and definitely more masculine. The formula here seems to be a bit more condensed too so you might end up using less shampoo per wash than other brands.

All in all, pretty good stuff if you want to shell out a bit more cash. Definitely not a solution to your dandruff problems, however!

Quick tip:
Don’t overdo it!

I think a lot of us smooth shaven folks have done this mistake: washing our scalp with shampoo every single day.

While that might be fitting if you’re doing a blue collar job or it’s the stinky hell of summer…Generally, it’s not that great of an idea.

Remember than even the gentlest of shampoo can strip your scalp of its own natural oils. Sure, you can nourish with some moiturizer afterwards, but it’s the best to leave it to your head’s natural balance.

I’ve found my scalp feels the best when I thoroughly wash it with a good shampoo every other day. Of course, I prefer to exfoliate/wash it before I shave so I don’t risk additional irritation/razor burn.

Wait: so can I get dandruff when I’m bald?

Unfortunately, yes.

But there’s some good news: it’s harder to get dandruff with a shaved head than if you had a lot of hair.

Exoliation/removing dead skin cells and cleansing a bald head is way easier, that’s why. Use this to your advantage and remember to always refresh your scalp.

Getting rid of the sebum (a.k.a your scalp’s natural oil) when it’s built up too much is ridiculously easy as a bald man. As long as you properly keep that routine, the risk of getting dandruff is quite low.

Pair your shampoo with other essential care items

There’s a reason I’ve written a somewhat lengthy guide on hats for bald men. Shampoo is one aspect of skin protection. Keeping your scalp safe from weather conditions is as important.

In fact, if you don’t properly care about your shaved noggin when you’re outside, even the best of shampoos won’t help you out.

Also, remember that post-shave and post-shampoo times call for another essential measure: the moisturizer. Never leave your scalp unattended. Shampoos might nourish, but their effect won’t last throughout the whole day!

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