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Be a champ: Best hydration pack for Spartan race

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One day you woke up and the first thought that hit you was…

“Man, it’s high time I challenged both my body and spirit!”

Then you went ahead and signed up for a Spartan race. Understandable! Participating in one is tremendous work, but also insanely inspirational.

As with all challenges, though, you want to approach this one with some strategy in mind. Staying hydrated is a make it or break it practice.

Truth is, you’ll have a way easier time with something like Camelbak Lobo a.k.a. a hydration pack tailored for Spartan races.

I mean, can you imagine yourself carrying around clunky water bottles? Yeah, me neither.

Ditch the bottles: here are what I recommend if you're looking for the best hydration packs for Spartan race.

The Lobo isn’t the only choice you have – I’ll introduce two other amazing hydration packs. But it achieves a perfect balance: lightweight body paired with 100 fl oz (3 liter) water capacity.

Let’s take a look at these 3 best hydration packs for Spartan Beast/Race. I’ve picked them to suit the most common preferences Spartan “warriors” have! 

Top Pick
  • Camelbak Lobo
  • Best for:
    Balanced, lightweight pack with 100 oz capacity. Extra snug due to the two adjustable straps for better bit.
  • Capacity:
    100 oz / 3l
  • Material:

  • Snug/Fit:
  • Space:
    More than satisfactory.

  • Geigerrig 500
  • Best for:
    Ease of drinking and two additional pockets for extra space. Extremely durable fabric.
  • Capacity:
    70 oz / 2l
  • Material:
    Ultra tough ballystic nylon

  • Snug/Fit:
  • Space:
    Two extra zip pockets.

  • Camelbak Classic
  • Best for:
    Ultra lightweight, extra breathable hydration pack. Compact and easy to carry.
  • Capacity:
    85 oz / 2.5 l
  • Material:
    Lots of breathable padded mesh

  • Snug/Fit:
  • Space:
    More than satisfactory.


Handpicked: 3 best hydration packs for Spartan race

1. Overall best hydration pack for Spartan race:
Camelbak Lobo

Camelbak Lobo: 3 liters and lightweight fabric for our winner in the best hydration pack for Spartan race category.

As I mentioned, Lobo’s best point is blending a lightweight, durable body, with a whole 100 fl oz (3 l) of water capacity.

Most other hydration packs keep around 2 or 2.5 liters and they can be heavier.

If you’re into outdoors stuff as a whole, there’s a chance you’ve met Camelbak MULE and Rogue. These are classics among hydration packs.

The Lobo is situated right between them in terms of convenience and utility.That’s why it’s specifically tailored for spartan runners – unlike the too heavy MULE.

Anyways – the fabric here is 100% nylon. Very durable without being too heavy on your shoulders/back. There’s a removable bladder depending on how light you want to move around.

A third important point that makes this spartan beast-friendly is the snug fit. You have two adjustable straps – one across the chest, and some straps along the waist.

You get me, right? Most hydration packs come with only one strap which leads to them bouncing (even if a little.) That’s far from cozy if you want to be focused on overcoming the next obstacle:

So, lightweight, snug, and with a big enough water capacity. The Lobo is definitely a total winner.

Bonuses include a great back panel that won’t cause too much sweating, and enough space for a spare tube, a small wallet, your keys, and smartphone.

In fact, you can even insert a quick bite there (protein bar, for example) for some energy burst on the way.

2. Best technology hydration pack for Spartan beast:
Geigerrig 500 RIG

Geigerrig 500: an outstanding, 2l. capacity hydration pack for Spartan beast marathons!

True, the Geigerrig gets you a little bit less water capacity at 70 fl oz (2 liters.) From a design standpoint, it also isn’t as cool as the Lobo, in my opinion.

But there’s a very important point on convenience here. And that’s the technology Geigerrig use in their higher end hydration packs.

In short, you don’t even need to suck on the tube to gulp down some water. The special reservoir here comes with a pressure bulb. It inflates a secondary compartment located inside the reservoir…

…and bam!, the water comes up and up through the bite valve. All you need to do is open your mouth!

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the construction. The 500 RIG is definitely the toughest among all three hydration packs for obstacle racing in this post.

The reason?

That outstanding heavy duty ballistic nylon! This fabric is insanely tough and even going through your spartan beast like a madman won’t affect it that much.

As with the Lobo, the bladder here is removeable. Great fit, and two additional zip pockets to keep your stuff in them.

Geigerrig mention there’s 500 cubic inches of pack capacity. I’m not an expert in exact measuring, but there seems to be enough space to fit keys, maybe a spare T-shirt, and other basics like your smartphone and wallet.

Something small for lunch break too!

3. Best lightweight Camelbak for Spartan race:
Camelback Classic

Alright – this one is for those of you who want something really lightweight. The Classic is a basic approach to staying hydrated. A smart pack that strips all stuff deemed as unneeded by some spartan racers.

This one is quite great for ladies too, as the Geigerrig might be a bit too much for some!

So, let’s start with capacity. 85 fl oz, or 2.5 liters – just between the Geigerrig and the Lobo. A cozy amount that you can rely on.

The technology here is Camelbak’s own Crux reservoir approach. In short, you get around 20% more water per single sip, faster overall flow, and an intelligent anti-leak system.

There’s a lot of padded mesh in the construction, especially on the back panel. This allows for extra breathability and even more compact, lightweight feel than other hydration packs for spartan race.

The drawback is that basic approach to construction leads to no waist belt present. I’m not sure if that’s important for you, but keep it in mind.

You also have only one exterior zipper pocket. You’ll only fit a smartphone and possible your keys here, as it’s substantially smaller than the previous packs.

Last but not least, there’s only one chest strap with the Camelbak Classic. So while it’s very comfortable and light, it won’t be as snug as the Lobo, for example. You might experience some bouncy moments.

However, if you want something ridiculously lightweight and easy to carry around…Well, there’s no other hydration pack for obstacle racing that will beat the Classic!

Do you really need a hydration pack for Spartan races?

There are very few things that are a must in our life, and a Spartan race hydration pack is not one of them.

However, it certainly makes things easier and more secure.

Ask yourself: do you know the course perfectly? Including at what point you will reach the next water station?

We consume different amounts of water at different times. Especially if you’re a beginner you probably won’t be able to objectively evaluate when will you hit the “Need water, NOW!!” mark.

Hydration packs for spartan beasts are manufactured so they don’t slow your performance. Also, they don’t only serve as water containers. You can keep a small snack bar for extra energy which is, let’s face it, quite important too.

In my opinion, a hydration pack is not needed per se…But it’s a really, really good thing to have around!

Basic tips for running a Spartan beast

Wear the right clothes

Forget about your usual trainers and cotton shirts.

You need extra lightweight and quick-drying clothes that are also very breathable. Yes, that includes possibly a pair of no sweat boxers!

Things will get dirty and quite hardcore on the Spartan tracks. A good pair of trail running shoes, thin anti-moisture socks and sturdy top will make a huge difference.

The proper shoes: a must have in your Spartan race checklist

Don’t give in to adrenaline

It feels good. It makes your blood go ham with the desire to run, run, and outrun everyone in as short time as possible.

Calm down and strategize.

Don’t start sprinting as if there’s no tomorrow right at the beginning of the spartan beast. Keep a steady pace in line with your physical capabilities.

It wouldn’t make sense to be the first after the initial obstacles…Only to lag behind afterwards due to exhausting yourself, right?

It’s perfectly OK to not win

What does ‘winning’ mean here anyways?

Don’t you ‘win’ by deciding to ditch being lazy and undertake a challenge like obstacle racing? This is a commendable effort in itself.

You don’t need to be first to be a winner in a spartan race.

You achieve this just by participating, or even better – just by making it to the finish line. Consider how little people actually do what you’ve decided to be a part of!

Don’t be too hard on yourself…but also always remember to strive for more. Next time you’ll perform even better!

Quick Spartan race checklist

Alright, I mentioned some of the stuff that you’ll run with, but let’s cover the usual things you need to bring as a whole.

  • Proper gear: lightweight, breathable, sturdy

  • Sunscreen: You don’t want sunburns for sure

  • Small snacks: Energy bars are godsent

  • Your ID, some money, venue info & map

  • Spare clothes: Post-race socializing is a thing. Be clean!

  • Small snacks: Energy bars are godsent

  • Bath towel

  • First-aid kit: Optional, but good to have around

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