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Why Kent combs are the best tool for your hair & beard

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Pointy plastic teeth that just pricked your skin again. The discomfort of seeing split ends all across your beard or hair.

There are so many things that can go wrong with the $2 combs in your local drugstore.

I’m speaking from personal experience, of course. Sure, I haven’t had any hair on my head for quite some years. But the last time I didn’t have a huge beard was at age 21.

Switching to a real Kent comb a while ago felt like graduating from being a boy.  I had enough of those questionable moments with my previous tools. Now was the time to be a REAL gentleman!

Something as small as a comb (or a brush) can make a tremendous difference in your grooming routine. A lot of people seem to vastly underestimate this fact. I sure did when I started growing my beard.

British-born Kent products made me appreciate the beauty of grooming. They’re also the reason why my beard feels majestic every single day.

I’m never going back to my previous comb choices.

Hint: For gentlemen with a serious styling routine, Kent also have this beautiful set of 3 combs for all your grooming needs! Try it out.

How are Kent combs different from normal combs?

You can bet that a company that’s been around since 1777 knows how to do things better than your generic comb brand.

Kent’s secret lies not only in its historical roots. It’s in the extremely intricate manufacturing process of every single hand made comb or brush of theirs.

Standard combs are produced like this…

Standard combs are made of plastic that goes through a process called injection molding. The plastic gets melted, then it gets thrown into a die. Once it hardens/cools it’s ready for use.

Pretty basic procedure that a lot of factories follow. It’s quick, easy to replicate and allows for scaling production.

The issue?

You know that jobs done in haste leave room for many imperfections. In this specific case, there are a lot of rugged points all over the teeth and tines of the comb.

Which means uneven, sharper teeth, split ends on your hair, and the risk of pricking your skin.

Oh, and these teeth can break very, very easily. I mean it.

Kent improves things by doing this…

The first thing they do is use better materials. Instead of your typical plastic, Kent use cellulose acetate derived from plants. It’s more durable and has better anti-static properties.

More importantly, though, there is no injection molding involved here. What the company does is called “saw cutting.”

As you can guess from the name, this involves a hand made process of cutting each and every tine with a saw. The resulting tines are then polished to remove any imperfections.

This is exactly why Kent combs glide effortlessly through your hair. The teeth – rounded by hand, also don’t irritate skin and help with brushing your hair or beard symmetrically.

You get a cozy grooming process and a fuller-looking, neatly brushed (facial) hair.

The experience is comparable to graduating from a junk razor to the exquisite art of using a shavette for those who do not want any facial hair.

What types of Kent combs are there? What’s the best for my beard or mustache?

Kent has a rather big assortment of various combs depending on their:

Personally, I love the half fine, half course Sawcut OT I have:

It’s small enough, even though it’s not as compact as Kent’s special mustache comb.

I’d say you’re safe to use any of their combs for your beard. Generally Kent hair tools are anti-static and work great on both dry and wet hair.

Of course, keep in mind your (facial) hair type and pick accordingly. I lean more towards the coarser side of things, so the fine teeth don’t work that well for the densiest areas of my beard.

For those who style their hair with pomade: worry not. As the material used for these tools’ manufacture is extra sturdy, they will withstand hardened hair.

Remember, this isn’t simple molded plastic. It’s handcrafted cellulose acetate.

Freely go ahead and shape your hairstyle in any way you wish after applying your pomade of choice. The soft, rounded teeth will carress your locks with outstanding precision.

For those of you who are proud wearers of mighty mustaches, I have a note:

Be sure to try out Kent’s special mustache comb.

It’s very small (~3″ or so) and specifically made to conform to the mustache area. Compact, easy to glide through mustaches, with a fabulously ergonomic handle. It’s a total winner.

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