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Guys, Let Your Happy Trail Be: Here’s Why!

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OK, let’s talk about happy trails. There’s around 100% you have at least some, and a high enough chance that you’re actually quite hairy there.

We’re in an age where grooming is taken to an extreme. I mean, you see guys pluck their eyebrows all the time. Can a trail of body hair make it alive?

Sure. And in fact, you should leave it be, in my opinion.

Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve never shaved my happy trail, but I did trim it frequently with a Norelco trimmer. I was single at that time.

Correlation doesn’t mean causation and stuff, but since I started dating Kate I found something. Something that, frankly, probably many of us don’t expect.

A lot of women love au naturel happy trails.

Let’s be real here. A big fat chance of why you landed on my post is because you were torn whether it’s a-okay with the girls. It makes sense, I get you.

The worst thing you can do is shave your happy trail off completely. Trimming it is quite alright…

…But the best thing is to just leave it.

Seriously, I did some digging and the results are in:

Its very sexy. To explain it to a guy, I’d probably compare it to when you see a little bit of cleavage peeking out from a girls shirt. Its kind of suggestive, and many girls just like body hair on guys to begin withari7 (discussion)

Extremely hot! I love them. My boyfriend has one, and it’s awesome. It was the second most exciting thing I discovered on his body – worried19 (discussion)

I mean, even gay guys are in for it. KEEP IT! is the most popular comment in this thread.

Alright, alright. Maybe you don’t care about public opinion on happy trails. Maybe you’re still set on making the choice all by yourself.

Should you shave your happy trail? Why would you? Why wouldn’t you?

Let’s explore a few pros and cons. First, here are several variations of how your abdominal hair can look like:

Why you might want to shave/trim your happy trail

#1 Sweat sweat sweat!

If you’re really, really hairy down there – well, technically not down but you get me…maybe it’ll be a good idea to trim things a little.

The main reason would be the devil I’ve talked in other posts of mine. Yes, the dreaded humid weather and dripping sweat.

An extremely bushy trail can be uncomfortable during those soaking wet commutes around the city when the sun is bringing scorched apocalypse from above.

Nobody likes a sweat spot all across the front of their shirt, after all.

#2 Happy trail is too wide

Sometimes the happy trail is a whole darn highway. And yeah, in that case it might look a bit too unkempt.

Refer to that picture of abdominal hair I posted above.

If that’s the case, I’d advise trimming the sidelines and leaving only the center of the trail au naturel. Will look neater and it’ll suit your trimmed pubic area (if you do that.)

Why would you want to NOT shave it?

#1 People actually like it

I mean, you saw the threads. They’re not meant to be countrywide statistics or something, but there’s a universal opinion prevailing there.

The thing is, my real life experience absolutely confirms what people in those threads said. I haven’t met a single girl who has anything against it.

#2 It’s considered a safe grooming zone

Look, I did mention grooming has been crazy over the past few years. However, there are still a few body zones that are expected to stay there.

They’re manly. They make you look sexy.

And happy trail is one of the most popular safe grooming zones you’ll ever see. End of discussion.

Alright…but how do I grow a happy trail?

I’m not sure if that’ll work.

I mean, people use Minoxidil to grow their hair and even their beard. So maybe there’s a chance it might work on the happy trail area too?

However it seems like a total hassle and I can’t guarantee you any results.

Generally, you’ll see whether there’s a happy trail future for you around your late teens. If you don’t have a lot of hair on your stomach around the age of 19-20, it’s safe to say that you probably won’t have much later on.

It’s OK though. Nobody will ridicule you if you aren’t bushy there, friend. Don’t sweat it too much 🙂

If you decide to go with grooming that area, grab a Norelco trimmer (I was fairly satisfied with it) and get to action. This video will help you out:

You might also want to check out my other guides and tips for your average gentleman. I’ve written some stuff about hair pomades, styling advice for bald men like me, and even shampoo recommendations!

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