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Home elegance: the 4 best candle warmers I adore

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It’s fascinating how such a small thing like a candle warmer can infuse your home with so much coziness.

Yes, yes…I know it’s candles themselves, with their fragrance, that are the real comfy feeling “culprit”. Yet a good warmer really complements their scented beauty.

There are two main types of electric candle warmers. On one hand, you have the bulb candle warmers like the Aurora lamp. They use a special lamp that melts the top of any candle or tart.

On the other, there’s quite a bit of hot plate warmers. You simply place the scented wax on the plate and it gets melted over time.

I’m particularly fond of ceramic plate warmers for candles like this collection. Most of them come in stunning designs that fit any interior.

An elegant ceramic plate: allows for the best tart or candle warmer, with style too!

What’s even better is that both types are versatile. You can use them as tart warmers or put jar candles on them. Round shapes, scented wax cubes…they will melt it all so you can enjoy your favorite fragrances.

Alright, enough talking! Let’s get to the reviews of the best candle and tart wax warmers out there.

Note: Please be careful with leaving these on for extended periods of time. Most candle warmers should be fine, but supervision is still recommended!

The 4 best candle & tart warmers [Reviews]

1. Best light bulb candle heater:
Aurora Lamp

Aurora is the best bulb candle warmer on the current market.

Sure, lamp candle warmers take up a bit more space. However, they simply feel luxurious, in a way. Especially when they have an elegant bronze finish and a simple, yet sleek lamp design like this one.

Aurora (what a beautiful product name!) works by melting the top of any candle you’d put beneath it. With time, the melted candle will fully release its fragrances to engulf you in its pleasant aroma.

So what size candles is it compatible with?

This lamp for melting wax is quite versatile, actually. It’s optimally used with 16 or 17 oz candles, but you can go up to 22 oz. I mean, most of us use moderately sized candles anyways, right? At least I prefer them.

Also, yes, you should be fine with using this wax warmer with our favorite Yankee candles. The large jars are 22 oz, so they should fit.

Of course, the bulb does get hot eventually. However, the frosted white shade protects it from causing any problems. And anyways it won’t get too hot to ruin the balance in melting the candles or tarts.

A neat detail is the fact that you’ve got an On/Off switch on the cord. You don’t need to constantly plug it in or unplug it. It’s something really small, but I appreciate the switch.

The tricky thing with even the best candle warmers based on bulbs is that the bulb might need to be replaced at one point.

Luckily, the brand sells replacements (NP5 bulb in this case)…and the bulb, as well as the lamp, are quite durable anyways.

2. Best candle wax warmer (ceramic):
Candle Warmers Etc. 2-in-1 Series

Best candle wax warmer (ceramic): Candle Warmers Etc. 2-in-1 Series

This is a stunning product line of hot plate tart and candle warmers. Every single design is a small masterpiece that paints a different mood.

The biggest thing about these electric wax warmers is their 2-in-1 nature. You can use them without the dish to melt a standard jar candle. Alternatively, you can use their dish to melt fragrant wax tarts.

I prefer these to bulb candle heaters, as you only have the hot plate here. No peripheral stuff, just a simple way for me to warm my scented tarts or candles. Ridiculously safe to use too.

What I love about the series is that there’s a 35″ cord. That’s long enough to use both on tables, nightstands or wherever you wish to inhale some gentle aroma for extra coziness.

The tray here is rather wide, though it differs across designs. For example, this one is quite large:

Best candle wax warmer (ceramic): Candle Warmers Etc. 2-in-1 Series

You can easily place several wax cubes or even accommodate more than one scented tart. Very convenient if you want to mix scents together.

A recommendation note: the ceramic can heat at the bottom. Put something heat-resistant beneath the electric candle warmer if you’ll be placing it on gentle surfaces like wooden tables.

You can also supposedly keep it on as long as you wish. It shouldn’t cause any issues. I do prefer to switch it off after 6-8 hours of usage, though. I like to play it safely.

Cleaning is easy, no matter which of the two functions you use it for. I usually wipe it with a paper towel and it does the job just fine! Remember that sometimes it makes sense to cool the ceramic, so the wax gets easier to clean off.

3. Best budget candle wax warmer:
Darice Large

Best budget candle wax warmer: Darice Large

This neat budget warmer for candles works just fine, but…It doesn’t really add to the home comfort mood for me. It’s practical and functional, but lacks the designer beauty of the previous picks.

Different things work for different people, though, so I’m recommending it anyways.

Once again this is a simple heating plate candle warmer. The plate measures around 4.25″ and will accommodate various candle sizes. In fact, this one is a good pick if you want to melt larger candles.

At 17 watts, it’s weaker than the previous bulb candle heater.

It’s also not quite as potent, but the price tag makes up for it. You might have to wait a bit for it to heat up compared to more higher end electric warmers for candles or tarts.

A very convenient touch are the feet: they’re covered with felt to protect more delicate surfaces. You won’t leave scratches on your tables or nightstands if you place this properly!

4. Cutest jar candle warmer:
OBI Butterfly

Cutest jar candle warmer: OBI Butterfly

I’m listing this ceramic warmer for tarts or candles because it’s so ridiculously cute. Otherwise it’s quite similar to the previous 2-in-1 heated plates I reviewed.

Once again, you can use it both for candles or tarts, depending on your preferences. The plate works just fine – it’ll melt even bigger tarts somewhat quickly. It won’t overheat to ruin the melting process too.

Running on 20 watts, this 5″ x 5″ x 4″ butterfly beauty has an indicator light. Located at the back, next to the cord, it’ll let you know whenever the heated wax plate is turned on.

Speaking of the cord, you get a long one once again. It measures around 35-36″, plenty to place the scented wax warmer on a location that fits your taste the best.

Similar to the other model, the plate is quite big. You can put a few cubes altogether, or mix some wax tarts for proper warming and scent combinations.

The biggest thing here for me is, as I mentioned, the ultra cute design. If you value colorful ways to express your interior ideas, this will be your favorite for sure!

Can my candle wax warmer cause fire?

Assuming everything’s working in order, not really. It also depends on the model, of course.

Most manufacturers say that you can use their wax heaters for extended periods of time. Some users even mention leaving them on for a whole day.

As I mentioned, I’m the more cautious type. I leave my candle warmers for extended periods of time, but turn them off at one point.

According to my personal experience, anywhere from 6 to 10 hours is plenty anyways. You have the time to heat the candle properly and have it spread its delicious aroma around for extra cozy points.

Home elegance: the 4 best candle warmers I adore

Is there any specific material for warmers you’d recommend me?

Not really and frankly, there’s not a great variety of materials anyways. This has to do with the fact that some of the warmers can heat up quite a bit. It wouldn’t make sense to use wood for this kind of appliance, right?

I’m very fond of any ceramic scented wax warmer. They look classy. Sure, ceramic can shatter easily, but you can prevent this by just being careful around your candle heater.

Remember that ceramics stay cooler than a lot of other materials when exposed to heat. It’s the safest way to warm your candles – with the best appearance too. Win-win!

Not to mention that add to the ambience, especially in those cold nights that call for gentle candle lights and warm, snuggly bedding.

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