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Knowing whether your baby or toddler is warm enough is one of the things many parents struggle with, especially as the weather outside gets colder. Here are a few tips to make sure that your little one stays warm and cozy in the cool winter months.

keeping baby warm

Outdoor Tips

If your child is not yet a toddler, chances are they won’t be spending too much time outside when it is bitter cold.

I would recommend that when taking your child from the car to the store (or wherever it is that you might be headed) that you simply keep them in their carrier and cover it with a nice warm blanket while you’re still in the car.

Once outside, this will shield them from the wind and cold air, and when you make it back indoors, you can remove the blanket if you want. If your child is a bit older (and you don’t want to drag in the car seat) just wrap them in a nice warm blanket and carry them in your arms.

If your child is walking and talking and therefore more independent, you’ll need to make sure that you dress them in clothes that will keep them warm for the type of outdoor activity they plan on doing.

Dress them in layers so once they make it back indoors they can shed a layer or two and still be comfortable. Don’t forget about their little hands and their head. Some warm gloves or mittens, and an insulated cap will go a long way towards keeping your child happy and warm.

Bedtime Tips

baby warm enoughHave you ever heard of sleep sacks? I’m guessing that if you’re on this website, you just might have. These can be described as sleeping bags for infants, toddlers, and beyond.

Like most sleeping bags, the sleep sacks are also bags or covers, which can be zipped close. When you use a sleep sack with your child for a month or two, and you will find that they won’t want to sleep without one.

They keep the child warm and cozy all night long, without the need for blankets or comforters.

Once your child is past age one, you’re able to start introducing some items into the crib with them. Again, if you’ve been putting your child to bed with a sleep sack, you’ll likely find that they do not need or want anything else in the crib with them.

But, if your child has grown out of the sleep sacks, at this point you’re able to add a blanket, comforter and a small pillow if you’d like.


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