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Who in their right mind would spend so much money on a sleep sack? That’s probably one of the most common questions parents ask themselves if they come across the Merino Kids baby sleep sack (not Merrino Kids, as some people write).

The truth is, year in year out, Merino Kids’ customers rave about this product and are glad they made the choice to spend a little extra up front and go with the best.

As the #1 selling merino wool sleep sack in the world, it is for parents who want the very best. Like any product, it’s not perfect but it sure comes close.

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Material and Warmth

100% natural and hypoallergenic, Merino wool has the amazing natural ability to regulate body temperature. The Merino Kids sleep bag can be used year-round and is intended for use in rooms ranging from 64-80 degrees.

Of course you want to dress your baby appropriately underneath which means that a full body suit is recommended to be worn by babies in the colder temps while simply a diaper should be worn underneath on warm summer nights.

The outside of the sleep sack is made of soft cotton while the inside has a thin layer of super snugly merino. Unlike synthetic fleece sleep sacks, your little one will be much less likely to overheat and sweat.


The original Merino Kids sleep sack comes in only two sizes: 0-2 years (baby) and 2-4 years (toddler). So while other brands offer more sizing options, they also need to be replaced about every 6 months.

The first thing you’ll notice is how long the sack is. This is great news for babies who are in the higher percentile in height which can be hard to find a proper fitting size in other brands. Alternatively, it’s also slightly narrower so if you have a somewhat chubby baby, it may not be as comfortable for them.

Design and Features

seat-belt-slitThe baby version of this sleep sack is available in nine different colors. All are attractive but may not have the “cuteness” factor as some others. The oatmeal color is one of the most popular and fortunately is also priced the lowest at times.

The toddler sleep sack comes in six colors. Everything about Merino Kids products says high quality. The zipper is one of the smoothest out there and unzips from the bottom up to allow for easy middle of the night diaper changes.

A top cover on the zipper makes sure that it cannot scratch the baby. One of the sleep sack’s best features is the unique slit for a safety belt which allows easy transport of a sleeping baby from a car seat or stroller to their crib.

merino-kids-shoulder-buttonWhy more brands don’t have this feature is puzzling. One feature that could have been better is the shoulder buttons which are only on one side. Most seem to prefer buttons on both sides to lessen the chance of waking a sleeping baby when putting on the sleep sack. Interestingly enough, the toddler size has buttons on both sides.

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What We Like

  • Highest quality materials
  • Very comfortable fabric
  • Achieves the highest safety standard certification
  • Won’t grow out of it as quickly as others
  • Can use with a car seat or stroller
  • Long length allows babies freedom with their legs

What We Don’t Like

  • High initial cost
  • Baby size only has buttons on one shoulder (toddler on both)
  • A bit too narrow for larger babies
  • Designs not as “cute” as some other brands


It’s a given that the Merino Kids baby sleep sack is one of (if not) the best sleep sacks available. The main reason for parents not buying it is the price. While the high initial cost may scare off a lot of people, it is actually cheaper in the long run if you think about it.

If you were to buy a cheap, lower quality sleep sack every six months such as the HALO, you may end up paying more in a two-year timeframe than the Merino Kids. It’s sort of like shopping at Costco… you’ll spend more in one trip purchasing a bulk package of diapers than a small package at the grocery store, but before that bulk pack runs out, you would have spent much more in total if you kept buying the small packages from the grocery store every time you ran out.

All in all, the Merino Kids sleep sack is a perfect sleep sack for all-season use. For those who live in the coldest of climates, a warmer “winter-weight” version is also available.

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