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Merino-Kids-Cocooi-Babywrap-ReviewMade from Australian Merino wool (allergy safe, bleach and synthetic free, naturally fire retardant, the Merino Kids Cocooi Babywrap is the swaddle version of their award-winning sleep sacks.

The swaddle comes in one size, five solid color choices, and is intended for infants up to 3 months old. Baby swaddling for a new parent can sometimes be a difficult and stressful ordeal.

The Cocooi makes it much easier than with traditional baby receiving blankets. It allows the baby to have free movement but also some resistance, much like still being inside the womb.

Room temperatures can fluctuate through the night, and this swaddle is the best at covering a wider range of temperatures as it wicks moisture away while keeping body heat in.

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Material and Warmth

Appropriate for 62 to 80 degrees, the Cocooi Babywrap is great for any time of year. Merino wool naturally regulates body temperature by pulling the moisture away from the body and allowing it to breath, unlike any type of polyester or synthetic fabric.

Merino fibers are very thin and have natural elasticity, which allows the baby to move and still returning the fibers to their original shape without being restrictive. It is designed to be worn over clothing and therefore appropriate for different climates… simply dress the baby accordingly.


One size fits most babies under 3 months old or until they can roll over. There are no snaps or fasteners, so the size is not defined by measurements as other sleep sacks and swaddles are.

Design and Features

Merino Kids baby swaddle

The Cocooi Babywrap is not a structured swaddle like most. For example, there is a pouch for baby’s feet and legs to slide into but there are no snaps or noisy velcro to fasten it around their torso.

When laid flat, the shape resembles a boomerang instead of a triangle shape like that of the Summer Infant Swaddle. It allows them to have free movement with some resistance and is a cross between the Summer Infant Swaddle and a traditional receiving blanket wrap.

There is an opening in the back for a car seat belt, so baby can easily transition to and from the car. Each swaddle comes with a matching newborn hat and is available in 5 solid colors:

  1. Raspberry (pink/mauve)
  2. Banbury (light blue)
  3. Honey Oat (natural tan/cream)
  4. Mint (sage green)
  5. Turtle Dove (blue-gray)

What We Like

  • Has the feel of being in the womb
  • Natural materials
  • Hypoallergenic and good for babies with sensitive skin
  • Naturally regulates body temperature
  • Very soft
  • Machine-washable

What We Don’t Like

  • There isn’t much, but it may not be the best for wiggly babies as it does not fasten
  • For car seat use, wrap must be laid in seat, belt pulled through, then baby put in and wrapped back. Getting them out is the same
  • High price


While it is pricey compared to most swaddles, the Cocooi Babywrap is made to the highest quality standards. It is the only wrap you will need until baby is around 3 months old unless you live in a colder climate. If you live in a place that the baby’s room will be colder than 62 degrees, look at the Woombie.

It is designed a bit different but gives the snug fit and is a little more appropriate for cooler temperatures. The Merino wool is very soft and perfect for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. The stitching is high quality and would be beautiful for newborn photo shoots and it comes with a matching hat.

It is not thick and bulky like most swaddles and should be considered by anyone looking for a high quality baby product.

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