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Summer Infant SwaddleMe ReviewSafe, easy, affordable and functional. The Summer Infant SwaddleMe is a swaddle designed for infants under 20 lbs or babies who cannot roll over.

It comes in 3 different sizes: preemie, small/med, and large. Different than a sleep sack, a swaddle mimics the warmth and comfort of the womb and helps baby sleep through the night as they cannot “startle” or wiggle out of it, reducing the risk of loose blankets covering up a baby’s face.

Most people have trouble using a blanket to swaddle their newborn and this takes out the guess work and bulkiness.

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Material and Warmth

The SwaddleMe comes in 3 different fabrics.

100% Cotton – A lighter weight cotton, similar to a receiving blanket, and designed for clothing to be worn under it. For example, the swaddle could be used in the summer with a short sleeved onesie underneath or in the fall/mild winter with long cotton pajamas depending on climate and room temperature. Available in all sizes.

100% Organic Cotton – Certified organic cotton, the eco-friendly version of the cotton sack.

Micro-Fleece – 100% polyester, and best suited for colder temperatures (think about being wrapped snuggly in a fleece blanket). It is also designed to be worn over clothes, but does not breath as well as the cotton, so dress baby accordingly.

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Three different sizes are offered. The two cotton varieties are available in Preemie (under 7 lbs), Small/Med (7-14 lbs), and Large (14-20 lbs or until baby can roll over). The micro-fleece swaddle is only available in Small/Med and Large.

*Small/Med is one size. Though it is 100% cotton, shrinkage is expected. Wash on cold and dry on low heat or air dry.

Design and Features

best cheap swaddle

One of the most affordable swaddles on the market, the SwaddleMe sack is designed quite well and makes swaddling easy. When unfolded, it looks similar to an inverted triangle and baby’s feet slip into a pouch at the bottom.

The “wings” have velcro pieces and are designed to wrap around each other. Your baby can stay wrapped and warm during diaper changes, just take their feet out of the bottom pouch and leave the sides wrapped.

The velcro is very durable and even the squirmiest baby has a hard time escaping and each piece has an attached cover for washing so as not to snag anything. When the baby is ready to move out of the swaddle, begin by sleeping with one arm out and gradually work towards sleeping without it.

Harness slits on the back make car transitions easier, as well as securing them in swings and bouncers with minimal disturbance. It is available in a large selection of pastel/light colors and prints.

What We Like

  • Inexpensive
  • Large selection of colors/patterns
  • Safe and functional
  • Easy to use design

What We Don’t Like

  • Shrinks easy
  • Doesn’t give legs and feet much room to move


Start with this swaddle and you may not need to purchase another until it is time for a new size or a sleep sack. They are very inexpensive comparatively (about half of the price of the HALO sleepsack swaddle) and one of the best designed on the market.

Many are a zip front with wings, and do not allow you to change baby without unwrapping them or are difficult to use. This swaddle is perfect for babies who wiggle out of blankets and adults who are confused or frustrated with traditional blanket swaddling.

The Summer Infant SwaddleMe is also available in multi-packs for the best value around. Don’t let the low price fool you. The SwaddleMe does things just as well if not better than other brands costing much more.

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