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Aden + Anais Easy Swaddle Blanket Review100% cotton muslin, the Aden + Anais “easy” swaddle blanket is good for warmer climates and room temperatures. Two sizes (0-3 months and 3 to 6 months) are designed to be worn up to 20 lbs or when your baby can roll over.

It offers the comfort of a blanket without the risk of having anything loose in the crib. Aden + Anais sleep sacks and swaddle blankets are known for their lightweight, superior soft, uniquely printed fabrics and the swaddle blanket is the same.

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Material and Warmth

The Easy Swaddle Blankets come in two materials: 100% cotton muslin or 100% organic cotton muslin. They are both open weave and breathable.

These swaddles are designed to be worn over clothing and since they are light weight, they can be used in virtually all temperatures depending on how you dress your baby underneath.


As mentioned earlier, two sizes are offered. Small/Medium is for babies from 0-3 months and up to 23 inches or 14 pounds. The Large size is for babies 3-6 months and from 23-28 inches and 14-20 pounds.

While the cotton muslin is so, so soft, it does have the tendency to shrink so washing with care is important. Also, the sizing tends to run small, so keep that in mind when ordering.

It is more important to go by the physical size of your baby rather than the age range. When your baby can roll over or work themselves out of the swaddle, that’s when you know swaddling should be discontinued and a sleep sack should take the swaddle’s place.

Design and Features

This Aden + Anias swaddle has a much longer body than most, with smaller “wings” wrapping around the upper arms and shoulders, not half of the length of the torso like most other swaddles. The baby slides into the torso portion of the wrap and then the wings are wrapped around and snapped.

The Easy Swaddle is more restrictive than the HALO swaddle and not as adjustable. It is best for babies who do not move a lot. Just like the other Aden + Anais products, the swaddle also gets softer the more you wash it. Signature prints and colors range from simple to trendy. There are 3 styles in organic cotton and 8 styles in regular cotton.


What We Like

  • Snaps do not snag fabric; most swaddles have velcro fasteners which are noisy and scratch other fabrics
  • Light weight and breathable; good swaddle for hot weather
  • Good selection of prints and designs

What We Don’t Like

  • Design is not as functional as most; torso/body piece must be pulled down
  • Snaps are more difficult to fasten, especially in a low lit or dark room
  • Not very durable. Muslin is delicate, especially at seams and snaps, and difficult to repair if needed
  • Not as easy to launder


The Easy Swaddle is a good choice if you live in a warmer climate with a baby who doesn’t move much. Fans of Aden + Anais products have given this swaddle mixed reviews. While it has A+A’s trademark softness and fashionable prints, it is not as durable as most of their products and is considered more restrictive than most other swaddles on the market.

Unless you need one specifically for hot weather (over 73 degrees when sleeping), there are others in the under $50 price range that have a better design and are more durable. If you are looking specifically for use in hot weather and are willing to spend a little more, the Merino Kids Cocooi Baby Wrap is a good choice as it naturally regulates temperature and is appropriate for a larger temperature range.

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