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HALO Sleepsack Swaddle reviewHALO is one of the leaders in the sleep sack market, so naturally they also make baby swaddles. Do you have a hard time wrapping a wiggly baby in a blanket tight enough that they won’t come out?

Designed for infants and babies under 18 pounds or who cannot roll over, the HALO Sleepsack Swaddle takes the guess work out of swaddling with a blanket and also ensures your baby’s safety so there are no loose blankets.

The HALO swaddle is exactly like the sleep sack, except it has wings to wrap around the torso to give extra security.

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Material and Warmth

HALO swaddles are designed to be worn with clothing underneath them and the type of clothing is dependent on the room temperature. There are four different fabric choices listed in order of TOG rating. A TOG rating is the European rating scale for material warmth.

  1. Micro-fleece – 100% polyester, TOG rating of 3, best for cold temperatures. This is the most popular material.
  2. Plushy Dot Velboa – 100% polyester, TOG rating of 3.
  3. 100% Cotton – TOG rating of 1.5, best for mild/average room temperatures. 2nd most popular material.
  4. Organic Cotton – 100% certified organic cotton, TOG rating of 1.5

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When choosing a swaddle, it is more important to choose a size depending on length and weight measurements rather than age. Any swaddle should be discontinued when baby is rolling over or can work themselves out of it. This sack tends to run small compared to other brands. The HALO swaddle comes in three sizes:

  1. Preemie – 5 pounds and under, 14 to 19 inches
  2. Newborn – 6 to 12 pounds, 19 to 23 inches, birth to 3 months
  3. Small – 13 to 18 pounds, 23 to 26 inches, 3 to 6 months

Design and Features

HALO sleepsack swaddle optionThis swaddle is basically a sleep sack with “wings” that can be wrapped around the baby. Their arms can be in or out depending on preference, so they can still be swaddled snug around the chest even if they like to move their arms freely.

There is ample room in the legs and feet, so if you have a baby who likes to kick and move, this swaddle is recommended over the Summer Infant Swaddle.

The front zipper is inverted (bottom to top), so you can change baby’s diaper with minimal interruption. Velcro wings are strong enough that the baby has a hard time coming loose, and can be fastened in the front under their arms or in the back.

HALO products typically comes in a large variety of prints and solid colors and the Sleepsack Swaddle is no exception.

What We Like

  • Designed well (arms can be in or out and legs can move while still keeping child snug)
  • Many different fabric and pattern choices
  • Is the swaddle of choice at many hospitals around the country
  • Cheaper price than other name brand swaddles

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t swaddle as tightly around the legs, which some babies prefer
  • When the baby’s arms are out, the “wings” are thick and can bunch up
  • Velcro is loud with a sleeping baby


The HALO swaddle is an excellent choice for babies who like to have a little freedom to move but like to still be wrapped. In comparison, the Woombie has a much tighter fit and does not give any option to customize the design.

HALO gives you the option of wrapping arms in or out, depending on baby’s preference. This makes transitioning into a sleep sack much easier, as the baby is already used to the looser sack design instead of a tight swaddle. Enter the HALO sleepsack. It is bigger and exactly the same without the wings.

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