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miracle-blanket-reviewThe “Miracle Blanket” baby swaddle has been around since 2002 and is a product created by a father of three boys who had very colicky babies. Since that time, thousands of Miracle Blankets have been sold around the world.

Hundreds of pediatricians, nurses, lactation consultants, doulas, and nannies around the country recommend this swaddle for babies. While traditional swaddling blankets are adequate for those who have perfected the art of swaddling or have low-wiggle babies, the Miracle Blanket is for the rest of us.

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Material and Warmth

Made of high quality, 100% cotton knit, the Miracle Blanket is soft yet very durable. It is one of the best at holding up through multiple washings. Its slightly stretchy fabric allows for a snug wrap.

Because the material is thin yet breathable, it can be used both in the warm summer months (diaper only) and chilly winter months (onesie underneath). For a good summer only swaddle, the SwaddleMe is also a good option. This all-season swaddle blanket is available in a large variety of different colors and patterns.



The Miracle Blanket is available in one size; which is all that’s needed for baby swaddling. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 0-14 months but it’s fine to use all the way up until the point your baby starts rolling over on their own. Many report using it until about 5-6 months. If you have a tiny 5-6 pound baby, it may be a little too big to start using right away.

Design and Features

miracle-blanket-instructionsWhat makes this swaddle different from others is its shape and design. Measuring more than six feet wide and being designed in a very specific shape allow the Miracle Blanket to do its thing. There are arm straps that keep arms at the side and a pouch at the bottom for feet to go.

Once wrapped, even baby Houdinis who can escape any other baby swaddle will have a hard time wiggling themselves out of this one. No buttons or Velcro mean that babies won’t accidentally get scratched or the blanket won’t lose its swaddling ability after a few wash cycles.

What We Like

  • More secure than other swaddles
  • Easy to use (even for dads with no experience)
  • Works well to calm fussy babies
  • Almost impossible for baby to get arms out and wiggle free
  • No noisy Velcro
  • Great designs

What We Don’t Like

  • Baby must be lifted up twice to wrap correctly (might wake them)
  • Nighttime diaper changes make take longer than other swaddles


Despite a couple small negatives, we truly believe the Miracle Blanket is the best baby swaddle you can buy and worth every penny. We truly believe it falls on the “must-have” baby products list, especially for new parents.

While not the cheapest swaddle, it still costs half the price of some others. As with any baby swaddle, you should purchase at least two in case one is in need of washing. Once you have one, it will be the only gift you will ever buy for baby showers. As corny as it sounds, the Miracle Blanket can really be a miracle for some parents.

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