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woombie-air-ventilated-baby-swaddle-reviewThe Woombie “Air Ventilated” Baby Swaddle is similar to other Woombie models but solves the common problem that a lot of babies face: overheating. Unlike the original and deluxe version, the unique mesh design in the front vents away excess body heat to help prevent overheating.

The design is

currently patent-pending. Woombie, winner of 14 awards, designs its swaddles in a way to mimic the feeeling of being inside a womb.

This air-ventilated version seems to be the most popular in their lineup and does a good job minimizing the “startle reflex” that many babies have which causes them to wake up earlier than they should.

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Material and Warmth

Lightweight, stretchy, and breathable is the best way to describe the material used in this swaddle. The soft cotton fabric has soft compression to imitate the feeling of touch allowing the baby to feel safe and secure. Woombie refers to this fabric with 4-way stretchiness as “bebeflex”. It really is soft and cozy.



This particular Woombie is available in two sizes. The “Newborn” size is for infants between 5-13 pounds who measure 20-22 inches from neck to toe. The “Big Baby” size is for babies weighing between 14-19 pounds and measure 24-26 inches from neck to toe.

Out of the package, this baby swaddle appears almost too big, but once you put it on your baby, the size seems just right. The stretchy fabric allows the baby to have some movement underneath but is restrictive enough to make them feel secure and calms them to sleep.

Design and Features

One of the best features of the Woombie is howwoombie-ventilated-with-pillows easy it is to use. While the Miracle Blanket is fantastic, it does take longer to swaddle the baby. With the Woombie, you simply put the baby inside and zip it up.

Nighttime diaper changes are quick and easy because of the dual-way zipper. No scratchy Velcro is used anywhere. At the neck opening is a single snap (covered) that prevents your little one from wiggling their hands out. The waist is even slightly tapered to provide gentle pressure to gassy tummies.

While some may feel the shape of the swaddle is a bit unusual, the Woombie has a large selection of cute prints it can be purchased in. There is even a version with pillows sewn into the sides to prevent the baby from rolling.

What We Like

  • Easier to use than other swaddles (put baby inside and zip up)
  • Keeps baby’s hands underneath
  • Allows some movement but not enough to get out
  • No Velcro to scratch them or catch on other clothes in the laundry

What We Don’t Like

  • Mesh could be slightly thicker
  • Some babies prefer to have arms swaddled on their side
  • Some parents think it looks too much like a straight jacket


We believe the Woombie Air Ventilated swaddle is one of the best swaddles for babies who sweat excessively during sleep and are more likely to overheat. The ease of use sets it apart from other baby swaddles.

Because of the design, the Woombie is a good option to try if your little guy or girl has a tendency to escape from other swaddles. While it may seem a bit overpriced, it is worth the money as it can be used for any season. Simply dress the baby appropriately underneath.

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