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Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Review

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest baby sleeping bag is one of the best selling sleep sacks available. In 2011, it won both a Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Award and Creative Child Award for best product.

The Sleep Nest is the closest you will come to a baby sleeping bag with its cocoon-like design. The Sleep Nest is most suited for cooler climates and winter time while the thinner Lite version that Baby Deedee manufactures is more of a summer time sleep sack.

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Material and Warmth

With a 100% cotton exterior and lining, the Sleep Nest is actually classified as 75% cotton/25% polyester. While it may look sort of like a little sleeping bag, it’s actually much softer than you would expect. Instead of the more common wearable blanket-type sleep sack, the Sleep Nest feels more like an expensive wearable plush down comforter.

While fleece sleep sacks are popular to use in the winter, your baby will be much more prone to sweating in that material. The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is both warm and breathable.

Even though this sleep sack looks much thicker than other competitors, it is surprisingly lightweight. As mentioned earlier, this sleep bag for babies is fantastic for cooler temperatures. When the temperature of the room is between 58-68 degrees, the Sleep Nest is hard to beat. As with any sleep sack, it’s still necessary for your child to wear appropriate sleepwear for the temperature.


The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is available in three sizes:  small, medium, and large. General sizing details are below but many parents report that the Sleep Nest sizes run a little small, so if you’re not sure, go with the one a larger size.

  • SMALL – 0-6 months; 22-26”; 10-18 lbs.
  • MEDIUM– 6-18 months; 25-32”; 16-26 lbs.
  • LARGE – 18-36 months; 31-39”; 25-35 lbs.

best sleep sack for winter

Design and Features

Available in eight great color combinations, there is a lot to choose from. One model even has a glow-in-the-dark zipper. While not something that’s super beneficial, it’s actually pretty neat. One of the best features is the large, heavy-duty zipper which zips from top to bottom.

If you’ve ever done a nighttime diaper change where you just want to get done with it and go back to bed, it’s a huge time saver. It’s also great for those babies who want a little more freedom with their feet. Simply unzip a few inches at the bottom and your little one will be even happier.

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A fantastic unique feature is the pair of shoulder snaps. These honestly should be made mandatory on all sleep sacks. They allow you to put a sleeping baby inside the Sleep Nest without them waking up. Simply lay a sleeping baby on top of an opened Sleep Nest and zip and snap. There is no need to have to wrestle little hands through any arm holes. Easy peezy!

Baby Deedee sleep sacks tend to run longer in length that other companies. This can be both good and bad. Good that a baby will have a hard time standing up in their crib and not having a hard time falling back asleep; bad that not being able to stand up may turn them into little grumpy pants. If that happens, they generally go over it quickly.


What We Like

  • Well-made with good quality materials
  • Keeps your baby warm in cold temperatures
  • Easy to get on and take off (shoulder snaps are awesome)
  • Easy to wash (use delicate or hand wash cycles)

What We Don’t Like

  • A bit too long
  • More expensive than some other brands
  • Might be too warm as an all-season sleep sack


The Baby Deedee is considered by many to be the best sleep sack for winter. It’s warm enough to keep a baby comfortable in even a Minnesota winter as long as the baby wears something warm underneath, such as fleece/flanel pjs. This is one of the few sleeps sacks you can actually use for camping.

While great for keeping your baby warm in cooler temperatures, you may want to use a the Sleep Nest Lite or an Aden + Anais sleep sack for the warmer months. Highly recommended, the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest also make for a fantastic baby shower or Christmas gift.

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