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sleep schedule for babyAs most parents know, getting their baby to go to sleep can sometimes prove to be very challenging. When your baby struggles to find and keep a regular sleeping schedule, it makes your job as a parent that much harder.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are six great tips to help establish a regular sleep schedule for your little bundle of joy.

#1.  Create a Routine

Get your baby onto a daily routine where you put them down to sleep at the same time(s) each day.

It can be hard with a newborn baby, especially when friends and relatives keep coming by to see the new baby, but it is vital that you establish a consistent routine so your baby can get into the habit of laying down to sleep at around the same times of each day.

An infant may simply tend to sleep after he or she eats, however once the baby is a couple of months old, you should begin establishing a steady sleeping schedule.

#2.  Night & Day

Many parents are surprised to find that their child decides that the best time to be active and awake is late at night when the parent would most like to be getting a little shuteye of their own.

Teach your young baby to distinguish between night and day by keeping the house lit up brightly and with natural light during the daytime, and at nighttime keep the house dark.

When you feed the baby at nighttime, speak quietly, and avoid eye contact with your child. If you do this properly then your baby will learn to sleep more at night then they do during the daytime.

#3.  Use a Sleep Sack

Another recommendation would be to use a sleep sack for all of your child’s sleeping. A sleep sack is highly recommended because it will keep your baby consistently warm – when it is time to feed your child in the middle of the night keep them in their sleeping sack, burp them, and then put them straight back into their crib or bassinet.

It’s common for babies to wake up in the middle of the night due to getting uncovered or entangled due to the blanket. A sleep sack alleviates both problems. One of the absolute best sleep sacks you can find is the Merino Kids brand.

#4.  Be Willing to Adapt

Adapt to the needs of your baby. From time to time, your baby may need to vary their sleeping and eating schedule due to illness, over tiredness, etc. You want to remain vigorous in attempting to keep a sleeping schedule for your baby, however you need to be willing to adapt to your child’s needs.

#5.  Provide Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is vital to the sleep habits of a child. If the baby is not getting enough breast milk or formula then he or she will not sleep as well and will be undernourished and/or dehydrated.

When your baby is properly fed, it will be easier to tell when the baby is sick because the baby may be crying and you can rule out that the baby is not hungry.

#6.  Get Family Support

Another important tip to establishing a sleeping schedule for your baby is to make sure the rest of the family is on board. Make the other family members in the house part of the baby’s schedule.

You need your older kids to be quiet when it is nearing bedtime for the baby. Making other family members an active part of raising the baby will ensure that everyone is supportive of the needs that the baby has.


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