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Dog Rain Coats: Keep Your Furry Family Member Dry
We have a dog. A lovely, full of energy Westie puppy. If you’re a dog owner, you know what it means to walk your dog in the rain. While the furry rascals seem to enjoy playing in the gentle drops of rain, their fur gets all wet, they smell terrible and they get all muddy. You’d think that once you’re inside the house, you’ll bathe them and that’s it. But by the time they get into the bathtub, their dirty fur touches everything in sight.

Oh, and that wet dog smell… The dog’s in the bathtub? Good luck in scrubbing al that dirt out of its fur. Did I mention that it’s rain season? That means you’ll have to do that all over again the next time you walk the pup. Nah-hah! No more! Not with these new dog rain coats!

While we can dodge puddles by climbing buildings and we can quickly find shelter, our furry companions don’t have the same sick moves we do. Instead, their sick moves consist of finding the dirtiest outdoor place and rolling all over in it. You still think dog rain coats are not a necessity?

It’s true, people have walked their dogs for so long without one of these, but how much time, if ever, have they wasted cleaning the dog, the mess he left behind and getting rid of that odor? Even more, dog rain coats are so affordable, you can literally buy one for as low as the cost of a waterproof phone case.

But first, there is one thing we gave to get out of the way.

How to properly measure your dog

A very common mistake that pet owners make when purchasing dog rain coats is choosing an inappropriate size. This is why we’ve decided to explain the right way of measuring your dog and then finding the appropriate rain coat size.

Make sure the dog is standing; take the circumference of its neck and its girth at the widest point of its chest. Then run the tape measure from the dog’s collar to the base of its tail. Knowing its weight is also helpful. This information will help guide you when you select a jacket for your dog, but you’ll also need to see it on him to know if it’s a good fit.

A properly fitted dog jacket should cover the dog’s neck and belly, if it is a full-coverage style (make an allowance for a male dog). The fit should be snug but not tight, and the jacket should reach to the base of your dog’s tail. An easy-on, easy-off design is best. Avoid any tight jacket you must pull over the dog’s head, or any design that is a struggle to get on. When your dog is wearing its jacket, he or she should enjoy freedom of movement at the armpits and around the neck and be able to do its regular habits without any effort.

Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker Yellow Raincoat

From XS to XXL, this rain coat is suitable for a whole bunch of doggies. It comes with a self-adjusting belly strap, which secures the rain coat in place so it won’t wobble and fall. Thanks to the polyester used in the fabrication of this rain coat and the PVC coating, this item is completely waterproof. A very important thing to take into consideration before ordering one of these is the size of your dog. You shouldn’t try to guess the right size just by looking at the images, but rather measure your dog’s length to find a suitable coat.

Amazon customers that purchased this coat without measuring their fluffy companions have often complained about the size of the rain coat. You can measure your dog from the neck down the back to about 1 inch from the base of the tail.
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Zip Up Dog Raincoat With Reflective Buttons

While the price tag is also a bit higher compared to the rain coat we mentioned above, this model is a bit more complete and complex. It has a double-layered design that comes with additional buttons. This is an advantage for dog owners that want to adjust the coat as much as possible without compromising the original design. Its waterproof feature will keep your dog’s fur dry even in harsh weather conditions.
Thanks to the multitude of small pockets that the item comes with, you can easily store several goodies and have your dog carry them (such as a couple of doggie litter bags). If you use a harness, you will be satisfied with the small opening on the upper back of the jacket which was designed especially for harness attachment. Even if the product is made in China, the manufacturer promises quality inspections for all the sold rain coats.

What we really liked about this product is the attention they’ve put into details. Even if it’s meant to serve as a dog’s rain coat, the design is quite similar to a child’s rain coat. Even more, it comes with an adorable removable hoodie, proving that nothing is impossible in terms of animal wear! Before choosing a suitable size, remember to measure your dog and pick one of the following:
• XS: 10″ neck, 13.5″ chest. 8.25″ back
• S: 11″ neck, 17″ chest. 10.5″ back
• M: 13″ neck, 20″ chest. 15″ back
• L: 16″ neck, 27.5″ chest. 20″ back
• XL: 17.5″ neck, 34″ chest. 22″ back
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Packable Dog Rain Poncho

You know those products that are so visually appealing that you just have to stop in your tracks and check them out? This is exactly that kind of product. We first spotted the pink pattern, but the same model is also available with other patterns, such as blue with a yellow rubber ducky.

Since the material used is quite thin, this rain coat is mostly suitable for long-haired dog breed that just need water protection and not extra warmth. While sizes vary from XXS to XXL, this coat is generally designed for smaller dogs. This coat is extremely portable, so every time you’re out walking your dog and there’s even the slightest chance of rain, you can always carry it in your bag or even in your hand. It also comes with a leash access hole and an adjustable velcro waist band so you can secure it tightly.

Because of its lightweight, it is a great choice for dogs who normally hate wearing any type of clothing. Even in heavy summer rains, when it’s still hot outside, this rain coat will allow your dog’s body to breathe without causing any discomfort. thanks to the little snaps that button at the neck, it’s really easy to put the coat on and take it off in a matter of seconds.

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