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Grobag baby sleeping bag reviewThe Grobag Baby Sleep Bag is the UK’s #1 selling sleep sack (this is where this type of product originated) and winner of multiple awards. There are many different options to choose from when selecting a Grobag.

The choices of material and thickness are based on the TOG scale, which rates the warmth of a product. The sacks come in 4 different thicknesses and cover a temperature range from 54 to 81 degrees.

Sizes of the baby sleep sack range from infant to 3 years old, with bags also available for older children. Unlike a lot of other brands, Grobag gives enough options for everyone.

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Material and Warmth

100% cotton outer shell, cotton jersey lining, and quick drying polyester lining make up the Grobag. The outer layer of cotton is thin (much like a cotton sheet), the inner layer is very soft, and the polyester thickness depends on the the tog you purchase.

It is machine-washable and can be dried on a low heat setting. With 4 different temperature ranges to choose from, the Grobag is much more likely to target your specific needs than other sleep sacks on the market. For example, the Aiden + Anais bags are best suited for warmer weather while the Baby Deedee brand is most suited for colder weather.

Things to consider when selecting a sleep bag of a certain TOG rating are: your climate, baby’s clothing, bedroom temperature, and baby’s personal preference (naturally cold or hot).

  • Tog 3.5 – For colder room temperatures ranging from 54 to 59 degrees
  • Tog 2.5 – For standard room temps from 61 to 68 degrees
  • Tog 1.0 – For warmer room temps from 69 to 74 degrees
  • Tog 0.5 – For hot room temps from 75 to 81 degrees

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The Grobag Baby Sleep Bag is sized according to babies minimum weight and maximum length. It is recommended that you observe these over the age range size so that baby cannot pull through the neck or arm holes.

  • 0-6 months – Min. Weight 8.5 lbs, Max Length 27 inches
  • 6-18 months – Min Weight 18 lbs, Max Length 34 inches
  • 18-36 months – Min Weight 25 lbs, Max Length 39 inches

Design and Features

Grobag sleep sack featuresDepending on the TOG and size that you purchase, the closure design varies a bit. For example, the bags that zip up the bottom and side have shoulder snaps and also under the arms to adjust for a smaller fit.

The others zip up the front with a safety cover over the top. However, the travel Grobag has a 2-way zipper in the front and a vent in the back to close around the car seat harness and straps. There are velcro strips in the back to close the vent when not in a car seat.

Each sack comes with a room thermometer and a dressing guide to eliminate any worry of your baby being too hot or cold. The large selection of designs are primarily “nursery cute” and would not be considered as trendy as some of its competitors.

What We Like

  • A variety of weights available to choose from
  • 3.5 TOG is one of the thickest on the market (best suited for cold weather)
  • One of the largest sizes options available
  • Cotton jersey lining is soft on baby’s skin
  • Can be purchased in a set, saving you money (example)

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to purchase new bags as baby grows
  • Regular bags will not work with a car seat, you would need to purchase a Travel Grobag
  • Polyester lining


The Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag has the widest selection of thicknesses available and the 3.5 TOG is the best option for cold weather. The variety of options can be a good thing if you have a specific need, but you will likely need more than one.

While you would need to purchase new sizes as baby grows, most other brands don’t have sizes larger than for two year olds. Some babies become particularly attached to their sleeping bag, as they associate it with bed time/sleeping.

Having the option to continue with the same type of sleep sack when they’re older is great for their sleeping habits. An alternative to purchasing different thicknesses of the Grobag would be to try one of the “all-season” brands such as the Merino KidsWoolino, or Nini & Pumpkin.

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