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Deluxe Woombie swaddle reviewThe Deluxe Woombie Baby Cocoon Swaddle is a fancier version of the original Woombie. There are embellishments or embroidery features added to the deluxe version, and they are functional and adorable.

The Woombie is a cross between a swaddle and a sleep sack. It prevents loose blankets in the crib and soothes your baby in a breathable, soft, compression material.

Designed in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months, this cocoon is easier to use than a wrap, safe, and super comfortable. The Deluxe Woombie is also great for photo shoots, special events, and anywhere else you want your baby to be comfortable and eye catching.

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Material and Warmth

Woombies are made of a signature bebeflex material. It is a 4-way breathable stretch fabric that allows the baby to move with some resistance and then returns back to its original shape, much like the feeling in a womb.

It is recommended that a onesie is worn underneath for normal/average room temperatures. For colder nights, dress them warmer underneath and the swaddle will help to keep the baby snug but not as a layer to retain heat. Bebeflex is very soft and does not pill or fuzz. It is machine-washable and can be dried on a low heat setting.


Newborn – 20 to 22 inches, 5 to 13 pounds
Big Baby – 24 to 26 inches, 14 to 19 pounds

Length is measured neck to toes. Sizing is important or the neck hole may not fit properly allowing baby to scratch themselves or get out. Like all swaddles, it’s not intended for babies who can roll over.

Design and Features

Deluxe Woombie denimThe Deluxe Woombie swaddle is tight like a baby wrap, but doesn’t have wings like most swaddles. It fits snuggly at the shoulders, is tapered at the waist to help with gas bubbles, and snug at the feet.

The shape resembles a peanut and is designed for the arms to stay in and close to the body, much like in the womb. The two way zipper in the front allows diaper changes with minimal interruption. Even baby houdini cannot escape from the Woombie when sized correctly.

The design has been updated over recent years, so there may be a few slight differences if someone you know currently has one of these. There are 4 attention grabbing designs and it’s really hard to pick a favorite:

  1. Ballet Pink Ruffles – Pale pink with pink ruffles at chest
  2. Denim – Denim colored, yellow zipper with pocket and W detailing on the front
  3. Dinosaur – White with green dinosaurs and matching green fabric (dino fin) down the zipper
  4. Pink Polka Party – White with pink polka dots and pattern ruffled down the zipper

What We Like

  • Easier to use than wraps (does not unravel)
  • Machine-washable
  • Stretchy fabric has the feeling of a womb
  • Fits baby snug but not too tight
  • Fun/cute designs

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing is very important; if it’s too loose, baby doesn’t get the swaddling effect and can scratch themselves through the neck hole.
  • Not a good choice for babies who prefer to have their arms wrapped by their side


The Deluxe Woombie Baby Cocoon has a unique, functional shape and comes in fun designs. It fits like the Summer Infant SwaddleMe, but is easier to use and keeps your baby’s hands against their torso instead of down at their side.

It is in the same price range as the HALO sleepsack swaddle and is the fitted version of a swaddle, whereas the HALO is a looser fit. If you have a wiggly baby who escapes blankets but still likes to swaddle, the Woombie is a great option.

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