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Keep your birdie happy with these best parakeet toys

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We call them parakeets – or budgies in some other places in the world.

But in fact, these cute chatterboxes are nothing else than endless energy of chirpiness and playfulness.

Seriously, if you thought dogs can be quite active, parakeets will totally change your perspective!

The best toys for parakeets are tied to how these birds behave. If you’ve ever had one of these adorable fellas, you’d know that parakeets:

  • Are extremely social! They chirp, mingle with friends and are always on the lookout for fun.

  • Love making some noise! Any toy that chimes will pique their interest.

  • Are quite active – they love to climb, swing and move around!

Which is why you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to giving them toys they’ll like.

Now, if you want an all in one solution, a bird playground like this one combines all the things a parakeet needs.

But nothing stops you from picking a few toys for parakeets separately and making your own arrangement.

Remember that their favorite toys are colorful, noisy and engaging. Let’s take a look at some recommendations.

Best parakeet toys [Activities]

Yosoo's swing is probably the best swing toy for budgies we've seen.

Give any parakeet a swing and they’ll have endless fun with it. Yosoo’s little budgie toy is even better due to 3 reasons:

  • It’s very colorful and your parakeet will appreciate how gorgeous it is.

  • There are small bells which will ring whenever it uses the swing. Twice the fun!

  • The base is a non-painted wooden stick your parakeet might have fun chewing on.

The size is also perfect for the somewhat smaller budgies. At 5.5″ x 5.6″, it’ll fit in your parakeet’s cage and spice it up with some vibrant colors.

It might take a week or two for your birdie to get used to the swing. But once it does…it won’t want to get off it!

Prevue's playground is one of the best toys for parakeets due to its wide space.

Not a parakeet toy per se, this bird gym is a more spacious way to ensure your winged friend exercises properly while also having fun.

I’ve picked this model because it combines a reasonable price with a wider space for your parakeet to enjoy itself. At 19″ (length), 14 1/2″ (width) and 16″ (height), this bird playground should be alright even if you have two parakeets, actually.

The solid hardwood is painted in vibrant colors which – according to the manufacturer and buyers’ experiences, are safe for your pets.

Parakeets will love the combination of brighter colors like orange, yellow and red, with some more toned down green and blue.

You might notice that besides the bell, there’s also a cup for water on top of the playground. A very good all-in-one solution that will keep your birdie engaged for long.

Usually, some playgrounds for parakeets are a pain to clean properly. The laminated base here is easily rinsed or wiped, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

Best social toys for parakeets

This is a cheap, well-designed mirror for small birds like budgies.

Do you have a lone parakeet? As I mentioned, budgies are very sociable and are always on the lookout for some chatting. If you have two of them, they’ll be able to socialize properly.

But if you only have one, it might feel a bit solitary. Give it a friend the easiest way, then – by just grabbing a small parakeet mirror!

You can literally get any bird mirror out there, really. I like this one because it’s simple and has a cute design.

Just put it in your parakeet’s cage and it’ll get some mental relief if it’s been feeling too lonely. If you catch it joyfully chirping at its reflection in the mirror…good job!

Mission “parakeet socialization” – accomplished!

Attention: keep in mind there are a lot of discussions re: parakeets and mirrors. Some owners feel the birds get overprotective of the mirror and too aggressive/obsessed about it.

Monitor your pet’s behavior to see whether this toy is proper for them!

I wasn’t sure where to put foraging – is it a pure activity, or does it have somewhat of a social aspect to it…?

Anyways, what really matters is that your parakeet should absolutely do some foraging! Like other parrots, budgies have to search for their food from time to time.

In fact, this behavior is a part of their natural instincts and it wouldn’t make sense for us to suppress it, right?

There’s a lot of foraging systems out there and you’re free to pick whichever you wish. I like this one because of its size, how easy to clean it is, and of course, the design.

Keep in mind that this is 4″ (width) by 6″ (length). I know some people prefer more compact systems for their parakeets. If you want a smaller setup, consider this one among other possibilities.

A few tips on parakeet toys

Honestly, parakeets aren’t that picky when it comes to them appreciating the toys you’ll give to them. There are birds that are way more prima donna about their entertainment!

Thus said, there’s a few things I recommend you to do when selecting the best toys for your parakeet/budgie.

  • Move things around a bit!
    Parakeets can get bored easily. Switch the toys’ location from time to time to provide them with a more interesting environment. Swings, mirrors or shredding parakeet toys are easy to move around anyways!

  • Shoot for vibrant colors!
    As I said, parakeets can appreciate the full spectrum of exciting colors our world has to offer. Don’t stick to dull toys, sprinkle some colorful fun around their cage!

  • Watch out for the toys’ materials!
    Some paint types can be toxic to parakeets, so always carefully check the manufacturer’s notes. Some playground can also come with small tubes of glue to help with assembling. I don’t advise using glue, as it risks your pet’s health.

  • Don’t be afraid to go the DIY way!
    Some parakeet toys are easy to make by yourself, instead of buying them. If you have the time (and are good in this, unlike me), experiment and com up with your own parakeet toy ideas. Here’s a good video on DIY foraging toys for parakeets:

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