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11 irresistible Yankee candle scents I’m 100% crazy about!

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Is there a way to not adore Yankee candles?

Sure, sure – they’re slightly more expensive than your run-of-the-mill scents. But I’d willingly trade a few more dollars for:

  • Well-balanced candle scent – neither too faint, nor overwhelming!

  • The widest variety of aromas you’ll ever find with a candle brand!

  • Long-lasting burning time with quality overtime aroma diffusion…

I zig-zagged around brands until I finally realized that Yankee candles are the best fit for how I picture my apartment smelling. It just feels like home.

My go to choice is the Balsam & Cedar candle: it literally helps me escape from the busy urban hell. Warming one of these up makes me feel as if I were in a tranquil forest, surrounded by lush pine trees and vast green spaces.

Hint: it’s also one of the top selling & most popular Yankee fragrances!

But that’s just me: other people would prefer fruity aromas, or something slightly spicier. Based on my personal experiences, here are my top Yankee candle scents.

Don’t worry – I’ve selected a diverse bouquet that will satisfy completely opposite fragrance tastes! I certainly did quite a bit of experimenting before settling on my favorites.

Continue reading after the list for some additional tips on Yankee candles, by the way!

1. For the fans of classics:
Yankee French Vanilla

Yankee FrenchVanilla is one of my top rated Yankee candle fragrances.

Vanilla is as vanilla as they come! Well, there’s a reason for that aroma being so popular, though, right?

If you’re fond of ice cream, vanilla cakes, delicious puddings and above all – the inviting, gentle scent of vanilla, you’ll love this.

French Vanilla is definitely more subtle than other Yankee scents. Be patient with how it diffuses, it might take just a little bit of time for its beauty to spread its aromatic wings.

My only complaint is that the candle scent was so tasty, I was craving some vanilla-flavored sweets all the time!

2. For nature addicts (with a thing for fruits):
Yankee Sage & Citrus

I don’t know why, but earthy scents with a tang of citrus are amazing for candle burning. Maybe because it’s still woody, but the lemon also infuses a bit of fruitiness?

The result is an earthy, yet fruity blend that soothes your body and mind.

While this is not a best selling Yankee scents, I love how delicately refreshing it is. There’s no overbearing sweetness or earthiness here.

A balanced, relaxing aroma that is not only a ladies’ favorite – men also seem to enjoy it quite a bit. Note that the blend is Lemon-Lime, not only our fellow yellow citrus fruit alone!

By the way, as with other scents…when burning the candle, make sure you trim the wick properly. It’ll ensure long-lasting aroma and also minimizes any risk of candle fire.

Personally, I use this neat wick trimmer for candles, but you can go with whichever one you wish.

3. For fans of the distinctive Tidy Clothes Smell:
Yankee Clean Cotton

CleanCotton is definitely the best Yankee candle for home use with its smell of soft tidyness!

Let’s be honest, ladies: the smell of a batch of freshly washed clothes is heaven on earth. It’s soft, calming, and it evokes a very peculiar feeling of purity and cleanliness.

This Yankee candle scent blends light aroma with crisp notes that will engulf your room in a gentle smell that feels fluffy and neat.

It’s really hard to describe it, that’s probably the most peculiar Yankee fragrance I’ve used. You have some notes of white flowers, a very subtle tang of lemon, and the soothing lead aroma of sun-dried cotton.

By the way, this one is perfect if you want to eliminate odors lingering around. Feels like the best smelling softener and detergent…just way, way better!

4. For those who want to feel FRESH:
Yankee Balsam & Cedar

Balsam & Cedar is the most popular Yankee candle scent with a reason. I love it!!

Here it is, my most treasured baby! This is probably the most popular Yankee scent, or at least in the top 3 based on my rookie observations.

Aside from your regular daily use, this fragrance has an amazing festive feel to it. Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations are a notch merrier and more intimate if you light one of these.

Balsam is a great standalone aroma for sure, but once it blends with the juniper berry and aromatic cedar wood…Oh my, what a combination they are!

This Yankee candle aroma can start a bit smoky, but don’t rush with your conclusions. It’ll soon calm down into a light, refreshing scent with woody tones stronger than the Sage & Citrus one.

I especially love using it during autumn or winter. If you can’t grab a real Christmas tree for the holidays, this candle will make you feel as if you were surrounded by a whole forest!

5. For the “An apple a day…” crowd:
Yankee Macintosh

Mmmm…what a big, juicy and crispy apple! Oh wait, I’ve been actually inhaling the Macintosh fragrance with closed eyes…

Getting lured by this best selling Yankee candle scent is pretty easy. The rich aroma of fresh apples, combined with crisp greenery and some fruit peel notes is a true temptation.

Now, I’m not sure how you and cinnamon get along, but I don’t like it that much. Yet another reason for me to adore the Macintosh – it’s all apple here, without the famous Apple & Cinnamon combination.

A full focus on elegant fruitiness that will cheer you up even in the coldest of winter months where you want to curl up under your warm sheets.

Very balanced fragrance too, no going overboard with the fruity punch!

6. For ladies who fancy flowers:
Yankee Lilac Blossoms

LilacBlossoms: the best Yankee candle scent with flowers.

Usually most people like rose-scented candles, but I feel that Lilac aroma is somehow more sophisticated and elegant.

This best Yankee candle scent for both fall or spring opens the door to a marvelous flower field of lavender and lilacs. The aroma here is especially rich and way more prominent than the other candles I’ve listed here.

Imagine yourself standing surrounded by lilac bushes, the subdued light flickering after a warm spring rain.

The divine fragrance of lilacs is all around you, transporting you to the dreamy place of your fantasies.

That’s how this candle feels! Definitely the best flower aroma Yankee have put out, like ever.

7. For more masculine moments:
Yankee Midsummer Night

As far as Yankee candles for men go, this scent is the best for any masculine moment!

The Midsummer Night is definitely best suited for a man’s room, or inside a stylish car. Don’t expect gentle tones here – this Yankee scent is 100% masculine, with stronger, musky aroma.

I bought one to see whether Greg will like it and what do you know, he absolutely LOVED its fragrance.

The blend here is sage, with quite a bit of mahogany cologne, some patchouli whiff and just the right amount of musk.

Mothers, if you want to give your son something to turn his bachelor pad into more classy environment, this is the candle you want!

Ladies, if your husband or boyfriend complains about candles, the Midsummer Night is a sure way to convert them. They’ll plead for more (well, at least Greg did!)

4 other top Yankee candle scents

I fully realize these are more of a situational thing, but they still deserve mentioning. While the previous 7 aromas were definitely the best selling Yankee candle scents…these ones are worth to think about trying!

The Mango Peach Salsa is a zesty, full-on summer aroma. The famous sweetness of mangoes gets mixed with some tasty peaches, with a tang of citrus and ginger. A pink pepper on top provides you with a lively, energetic Yankee aroma for those sunlight-filled days of summer parties!

Beach Walk rides on the summer waves too, but in a completely different mood. A cool whiff of salt water, combined with sea musk provide a more subdued, relaxing scent for the warmer days.

This base gets spiced up a bit by the tangerines and orange blossoms, but it’s still a more calm take on the hot summer days.

Are you a fan of experiments? Yankee’s Pineapple Cilantro candle scent is a very interesting take on aroma blends. Some people seem to find it really strange, but I had no issues with its peculiar smell.

The freshness of the pineapple is complemented well by some citrus cilantro and the classical fragrance of coconuts. Love the color too, look how lush it is:

The Kitchen Spice, faithful to its name, is the perfect candle to make your pantry or kitchen space a festival of fragrances. Cinnamon makes an appearance here with its distinctive spicy smell, paired with some sweet orange and clove to tone it down.

The slight gingery touch ties it all together flawlessly. This one also pairs up quite well with a good candle or tart warmer, compared to some other Yankee aromas.

How long do Yankee candles burn for?

It depends on the type of candle you get.

Generally, as listed on the Yankee candle site itself, burn times are as follows:

  • 110-150 hours for the large jars (I listed this type here)
  • 65-75 hours for the medium jars
  • 20-30 hours for the small jars

Aside from the Yankee candle scent jars, you’ve got their tumblers. Interestingly enough, while the large Yankee tumbler burns for a shorter period, the small tumblers are more long-lasting than the small jars.

  • 75-110 hours for a large tumbler
  • 40-50 hours for a medium tumbler
  • 35-45 hours for a small tumbler

Keep in mind that burn times might differ across different Yankee candle scents.

Car vent sticks are another story – they can last for up to 3-4 weeks. Expected, as they’re pretty small at 0.5 lbs.

How many consecutive hours can I let my Yankee candle burn for?

I advise you to not overdo it.

What the brand recommends is to not go over four hours of burning in one session. Let the candles cool a bit (an hour a half or so should be fine), and light them up again.

Should I use a candle wick trimmer?

In my opinion, yes, you definitely want a wick trimmer. After the short cool down period of the candle, make sure you trim before lighting up again.

It doesn’t need to be a sophisticater wick trimmer, you can grab something as basic as this model.

Yankee candles recommend to keep the wick trimmer to around 1/8″. This will both ensure your candles last longer and will take care of your overall safety.

With a trimmed wick and proper candle maintenance, you’ll also see the candle aroma diffusing into the air better.

Trimming a candle’s wick is easy. Place the bottom of it along the surface of the candle and tilt it just a little bit back. At this point, the “elbow” of the trimmer will be on the candle’s surface.

Shoot for an around 45-degree angle to the wick so you can trim it properly – not too little, not too much.

Snap with the two handles, just like you would with a pair of scissors. Get the cut off wick out of the candles before you light it up again.

Always make sure to trim the wick of a candle to a proper length.

Are Yankee candles safe?

From what I know (correct me if I’m wrong!), the brand is a member of the National Candle Association so it adheres to its regulations.

First of all, Yankee’s wicks are made of cotton so they are safe (unlike the harmful lead wicks you might see with other candles.)

Second, at least according to my personal experiences, their fragrances are genuine. What I mean is, they incude real essential oils and high quality extracts, instead of cheap garbage.

As far as safety of usage goes, just make sure you light them around a protected and dry surface that’s also resistant to heat. Don’t put things that might easily catch fire around them and definitely be careful with small children hanging around the candles.

What I additionally advise you is, if possible, to monitor the burning candles. I wouldn’t light a Yankee candle scent and leave my house for a few hours – but maybe I’m slightly paranoid.

Last but not least, make sure there are no wick trimmings left in the wax pool. It needs to be clean of any materials!

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