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baby blanket dangerousBaby blankets are one of the most commonly gifted items at baby showers. While they are made to keep you warm during sleep, for many babies under a certain age, baby blankets can actually be dangerous.

Infants and newborns are at the highest risk due to the fact they simply don’t know or are not able to move a blanket if it’s covering their face and causing obstructed breathing.

Many pediatricians advise that a thin blanket should be used if necessary and that there is actually a proper technique that should be followed.

Ideally, you want to tuck the blanket on both sides of the crib as well as underneath the baby’s armpits. This allows the baby the freedom it needs to move around, stay covered, and keeps the blanket away from their face.

Baby Blanket Alternative

As an alternative to the traditional baby blanket, a baby sleep sack is one of the best gifts you can give at a baby shower. They fit almost like a shirt, with arm holes on the sides, and will allow a baby to move about freely without the possibility of getting entangled and having their face covered like with a normal blanket.

Not only are they generally warmer, there is no chance of the baby getting uncovered during the night. This will give parents peace of mind and much better sleep for everyone in the house.

baby blanket alternative

Sleep Sack Options

With many companies getting on the sleep sack bandwagon, these wearable blankets are available in a variety of styles, colors, and features. They can be purchased on any budget with many of the most popular ones starting under $20.

Whether you go with a lightweight cotton sleep sack by Halo or a warm and ultra comfortable Sleep Nest baby sleeping bag by Baby Deedee, you have options for all purposes.


So while you may not have thought of baby blankets as being dangerous, at certain ages, they very well can be. No parent wants to experience the tragedy of something like SIDS. The fact is, sleep sacks are now being issued at many hospitals for babies (example) to help in the prevention of SIDS.

As you can see, hospitals have done their research and have determined baby sleep sacks to be a better alternative to baby blankets and so do we. Be sure to check out our sleep sack buying guide to help you get the ideal baby blanket alternative for your little one or someone else.

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