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sleeping-while-pregnantSleeping while pregnant can be quite a challenge, and many women find that trying a comfortable way to sleep is difficult. There are many symptoms that can interrupt your usual sleeping habits while you are pregnant, including but not limited to: nausea, leg cramps, heartburn, and even snoring.

There are many different ways to help you sleep better that are also healthier for your pregnancy, and finding one that works best for you is something that is important for healthy rest while being pregnant.

Use a Body Pillow

I truly believe a good body pillow is a necessity during pregnancy. Side sleeping is obviously the best sleep position while pregnant but without extra support, it’s tough to get comfortable.

There are different types of body pillows so you may need to try out a couple to find one that works best. For me, I just couldn’t get very comfortable with those long straight pillows.

I settled on a U-shaped pregnancy pillow and still use it post-pregnancy. Here’s a good guide to get you started:  How to Choose a Body Pillow

Drinking Less Caffeine

To ensure that you aren’t as awake by the time you go to bed, a good habit to follow is to drink less caffeine during the late afternoon to early evening. This can help and make you more tired and relaxed so that you may be able to fall asleep easier when trying to rest. This is pretty common knowledge for anyone that’s not pregnant, but is even more important if you are.

Eating Snacks

popcornYou may be a bit surprised by this one, but this geared to those that are prone to nausea at night. Before you go to bed, snack on some bland foods so that your stomach isn’t empty.

Popcorn (homemade using a Whirley Pop is the best), nuts, yogurt, and crackers are all good options. Women have found that this helps to prevent nausea, and may work for you to prevent yourself from rushing to the nearest restroom for a second reason at night.

Don’t Keep Still For Long

Now to target those leg cramps! Make sure that you are moving a lot throughout the day. Not staying still for long doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to rest. It is just important to make sure that you have good circulation in your legs throughout the day so that you aren’t experiencing these leg cramps at the worst time possible (when you are trying to sleep) in the day.

Blood Flow

After you are beyond 20 weeks of gestation, it is essential to begin to sleep on your left side. This is proven to be the best position to allow blood to get to your baby and your kidneys.

You want to avoid sleeping on your back, as the weight of your belly can put unwanted pressure on a blood vessel called the Vena Cava as well as your baby, and can cause some of the issues that you have while trying to sleep such as nausea and dizziness.

If heartburn is also a problem for you, then sleep with pillows at an angle and stay away from spicy food before bed. There are many tips that you could use while pregnant, and it is best to follow these tips for a nice and healthy rest for both mother and child.

Drink Less Fluids At Night

A good tip that you can also follow is to drink less fluids in the evening. Pregnant women that drink all throughout the day, even into the night before they go to bed, find that they may have to go to the bathroom more at night.

To avoid this, it is a good idea to drink less fluids at night so that you may not have to go when you are trying to sleep, unless you have a small bladder in general, in which this tip may not work.

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