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Halo toddler sleep sack review

As one of the best-selling toddler sleep sacks, the Halo Early Walker is similar in many ways to its baby sleep sack version. When your child begins to stand up in their crib or is first learning to walk, the footless design of the Early Walker is the logical next step to match his or her newfound mobility and freedom.

They will love the freedom this Halo provides while keeping the same familiarity of their old sleep sack. I mean, as an adult, who wouldn’t want to be able to get out of bed in the morning and walk around in their warm and comfy blanket? Don’t answer that…

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Material and Warmth

The Early Walker sleep sack is available in a unique lightweight knit fabric that while synthetic, is soft like cotton, breathes better, and offers better coverage than cotton. Also available is a comfort mesh fabric which is perfect for the summer months as well as the popular micro-fleece for those cooler nights.

All three of these materials are easily washable and will not shrink. As with all Halo sleep sacks, they are lightweight and you will need to dress your child appropriately underneath, especially when the temps get a bit chilly.



The Halo Early Walkers are available in 3 sizes: medium, large, and extra large. It’s important to understand that all sizes run big, especially the large and x-large.

Many parents who have purchased them highly recommend getting a size smaller than what Halo advises. The difference between medium/large is more substantial than large/x-large. Some even say a 5 year old could easily fit in an x-large so keep that in mind.

Design and Features

halo-sleep-sack-for-toddlerOne main thing sets apart this toddler sleep sack from the baby style is the open feet style which allows a child to stand in their crib and not fall down.

The style is great for toddlers who are walking or learning to walk. No need to immediately change them into an outfit after waking up. It is recommended to put socks on your child or have them wear a footed sleeper when going to bed.

The Early Walker sleep sack is very roomy (actually TOO roomy if you get a size that’s too big). As all other Halo wearable blankets, cute prints and designs are available although not as many to choose from as the baby sacks. We think the blue and pink micro-fleece prints are simply too cute!

What We Like

  • Same familiarity and comfort when graduating from a Halo baby sleep sack.
  • Holes for feet mean more freedom and less frustration for walking tots
  • Low price

What We Don’t Like

  • Zipper quality is not the best (this brand is known for this issue)
  • Doesn’t feel quite as smooth and soft as the swaddle or baby version
  • The fabric may start to pill a bit after a lot of washer and dryer cycles


While we are big fans of the original Halo sleep sack, we are a bit less so with the toddler sized Early Walker. If your child is used to the feel of the baby version of the Halo but has outgrown it, it’s safe to say they will enjoy this one as well.

It’s not a perfect toddler sleeping sack (we really wish Halo would update their sizing chart and use better quality stitching for zippers), but there are really not many options in these sizes. For those who can afford a Woolino or Merino Kids toddler sack, we would definitely recommend those over this one.

That said, the Halo Early Walker is still a good option, especially at what it’s priced at.

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