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Cozy aroma: My best smelling fabric softener picks

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I can’t stand dirty clothes.

What I dislike as much, though, are supposedly clean clothes that smell…bland. Or even worse – funky!

That’s not what I want to see happening with my fresh laundry!

Me and Greg have gone through lots of different fabric softeners. Over the past year, our definite pick for the best smelling laundry softener is Mrs Myer’s Lavender:

Best smelling fabric softeners: which to choose? My personal review on some options!

Not that the Ecover pictured is bad, don’t get me wrong! We just found out Mrs Myers’ scent stays around for longer.

Plus, lavender is a very balanced, yet pleasant smell to linger on your freshly washed clothes.

Of course, there are other nicely scented fabric softeners. Other brands I particularly like are Downy and Method, with the latter being a great softener for sensitive skin.

Based on my personal experience, here are the 4 best smelling fabric softeners for a fresh, aroma-filled laundry load!

1. My favorite best smelling fabric softener:
Mrs. Myer’s Clean Day

Definitely love Mrs. Myers fragrant fabric softeners. Great for sensitive skin too!

The Clean Day line has several scents, but so far, the Lavender’s been the best. It strikes the perfect balance between infusing your clothes with a pleasant smell and not going too overboard.

What I love about Mrs. Myers is that it’s as natural as a softener can be. Instead of the dreaded chemical agents, you have mainly plant sources here.

In other words, what takes care of your clothes’ aroma is cotton extract, and skin-friendly essential oils!

As other quality softeners, Mrs. Myers reduces fading, helps with the hated static cling, and makes clothes easier to iron.

People with HE laundry machines, worry not! This softener is perfect for HE washer use, so just grab a bottle of it and go on a nicely scented journey.

Mrs. Myers recommend using two capfuls of the liquid per load. Honestly, you can safely go with a little bit less than that. 1 1/2 cup has been plenty for me!

2. Best Downy Infusions softener:
Downy Honey Flower

You can’t write about fragrant liquid softeners without mentioning Downy. Their Infusions line is outstanding in terms of long-lasting scent and softening effects.

The Honey Flower is definitely for those ladies who prefer a more feminine, sweet scent lingering around. It’s richer than Mrs. Myers’ lavender, and I can only describe it as a ‘floral explosion’!

Now, obviously, if you’re into more subdued scents, it might be a tad too much for you.

In any case, this is a good quality fabric softener once again. Helps with dreaded things like colors fading or fuzz.

Especially the latter – I’ve mentioned how much I hate to see lint accumulating on my clothes!

I think the Infusions has the strongest softening properties out of all the other softeners we’ve tried. It’s just a cut above Mrs. Myers or Method, but you can feel it.

That said, it’s definitely not as natural/organic as both of the other brands!

3. Best scented fabric softener for sensitive skin:
Method Beach Sage

Method is a wonderful, wonderful brand. If you haven’t used them for your household needs, I suggest you consider doing it.

Their fabric softener is a good starting point, but me and Greg also use their products for cleaning our laminate floors.

Two things you should know about Method’s hypoallergenic fabric softener. First, it’s gentler on sensitive skin due to being naturally derived.

In fact, it’s a little more eco-friendly and bio than Mrs. Myers, which is a serious feat!

Second, it’s a bit more concentrated than other softening liquids. I’ve gotten away with using only half a cap per standard load…But maybe some of you would prefer to increase that to 2/3 of a cap.

This one is perfectly fine for HE washing machine usage too. It takes care of your clothes’ colors, makes them easier to iron, and ditches some of the static cling we all hate.

Not to mention the charming scent this Beach Sage has! Method also have a Ginger Mango variety for this softener. Be sure to try it out if you’re into fruity aromas!

4. Best smelling scent booster:
Downy Unstopables

I know some people are really into scent boosters. For me, if you have a nicely smelling softener you don’t really need a booster…

…but hey, if you want a recommendation, mine would definitely be Downy’s Unstopables!

Sure, it’ll run some extra dollars per load. But it also will transform your fresh laundry into a revolution of long-lasting scent.

As Downy mention, this will keep your clothes fresh and fragrant for up to 3 months. Note that this is for clothes that stay unworn!

Honestly, I think this is great for those times when you change your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

For example, storing your winter clothes and making sure they’ll stay fresh in those shelves.

As with any scent booster, you have small beads here. Just shake a few of them and fill the cap (I recommend filling at least 2/3 of it again.) Toss them in the drum before adding your clothes and detergent/softener.

Unstopables has several fragrances, but to me, the Fresh variety is the best smelling scent booster of them all. But as I said, you don’t really need one if your fabric softener has enough fragrance to itself.

Is fabric softener really neccessary?

No, not necessary per se.

But at least in our case, it has helped reduce static a lot, not to mention it helped out with clothes piling too.

The best benefit is definitely the combination of softness and fragrance you get with a good quality softener. I want to emphasize on good quality, as stronger, chemical-based products might achieve the opposite.

Before we started using a good softener, our clothes were clean…But they didn’t have that WOW factor to them.

Now they’re tidy, yes, but they also smell sooo nice it makes an impression on everyone around us!

What fabrics should I NOT use fabric softener on?

Of course, clothes differ. And it’s not only about clothes anyways.

So while with your traditional cotton T-Shirt you won’t encounter any issues…you might want to think twice in some other cases.

Towels and microfiber are two important exceptions where you don’t really want to use fabric softeners.

The problem?

Reduced absorbency. Both microfibers and towels have a specific purpose – the first one absorbs dirt/dust, while the other soaks up moisture/dampness.

And unfortunately, fabric softeners can reduce their absorbency when used often. I learned that the hard way, when one of my favorite towels suddenly couldn’t dry my body that well anymore.

Note: this is especially important if you use absorbent doormats for your dog!

This applies to another important part of our daily life: underwear.

If you have sportswear, or, more specifically, underwear that focuses on wicking moisture, softeners will have the same effect. T

hey’ll reduce the anti-sweat properties so ultimately you’ll want to skip on adding a cup or two with the load.

Another crucial materials to keep in mind are silk and wool. Both are somewhat delicate and a fabric softener can destroy the integrity of the fabric.

What is fabric softener made of?

Typical fabric softeners consist of two main ingredients: conditioning agents and emulsifiers. The latter helps the former “stay put” in water, as the oily nature of conditioning agents prevents them from dissolving in liquids.

I mean, some people’s biggest gripe with softeners is how chemical they can get.

I think that’s been a huge inspiration for me to try more organic-based brands like Ecover, Method, and ultimately – Mrs. Myers.

All I can say is that more natural fabric softeners aren’t neccessarily weaker in terms of softening properties or fragrance.

Especially if you have sensitive skin, I really recommend doing thorough research on what are your softener’s actual ingredients!

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