Cozy puppy: 4 best dog drying towels

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I’m not sure how you feel after taking a proper bath. My first thought is to just crash on my bed and laze around like a sloth.

Doggies are often the exact opposite. Post-bath time for them means running around the house, soaking wet, paws and fur dripping all over.

Which is exactly why it’s a good idea to grab a good dog drying towel and use it! Note that I said a special towel for pups.

But why?

Our towels are usually mainly made of cotton. A puppy towel like this Snuggly Dog’s masterpiece is made of high quality microfiber. In other words, its waay better at absorbing all those millions of water drops on your pet’s fur.

Here are some other good picks that I’ll review: 

  • Snuggly Dog
  • Best for:
    Close to full body coverage towel that works more like a coat for your wet dog. Versatile uses.
  • Material quality:
  • Water absorbency:
  • Drying time:
  • Price:
  • Soggy Doggy
  • Best for:
    High quality chenille that absorbs water way better than other towels. Extra soft.
  • Material quality:
  • Water absorbency:
  • Drying time:

    Will need a little bit more time to dry properly.
  • Price:
  • Arcadian Towel
  • Best for:
    Ultra lightweight microfiber towel with antibacterial properties. Perfect for breeds with shorter hair.
  • Material quality:
  • Water absorbency:

    Lightweight and thin structure can't hold as much as water as chenille.
  • Drying time:
  • Price:
  • Bone Dry DII
  • Best for:
    Budget non-chenille towel that's best for paws, feet or face. Not for thick fur.
  • Material quality:
  • Water absorbency:
  • Drying time:
  • Price:

Of course, you can see quality microfiber with both polyester towels for dogs, or ones made from chenille fabric.

Usually there’s some tradeoff involved. For example, chenille is very thick and has superior absorbency.  However, it dries a bit slower and will be heavier than microfiber towels.

The same applies for thinner, lightweight drying towels. They’re easy to use and will be back to their non-soaked state in zero time.

However, they’re not optimal if you have a hairier breed, twice so if your furry pal is a bigger dog.

Cozy puppy: 4 best dog drying towels

The 4 best dog towels for drying your furry friend

1. Best multipurpose dog drying towel:
The Snuggly Dog Easy Wear

SnugglyDog is the best full-size dog drying towel, or so we think!

I wouldn’t limit this genius product to being only a towel. Technically, it’s more like a dog coat and it’s waay more effective at keeping your floors and furniture dry than usual towels.

Quite cute, this bath towel/robe for dogs is made of 400 gsm microfiber. Boring numbers aside, 400 gsm means you’ve got an insanely high density microfiber here.

And as you can guess, a higher density means way better water absorption. Note that while a great aborbant towel for bathed dogs, Snuggly Dog isn’t heavy. A very balanced weight that equals comfort for your pet and easy drying after that.

The fabric is quite soft. I imagine even if your dog leans on the stubborn side, it won’t be against slipping in its new fluffy bath robe. Your furniture, otherwise sure to be wet all over, will also thank you.

Know what’s the best thing? You can customize the whole experience – there’s a wrap around belt, a toggle for the neck, plus a secure loop for your puppy’s tail.

I told you this is not a mere microfiber towel for puppies. It’s a whole world class piece of clothing!

Please make sure to consult with the Snuggly Dog’s size charts. You have to know which size will work for your soaked puppy. Also, don’t obsess over fur sticking to the fabric – even hairier breeds like German shepherds shouldn’t leave the towel full of hair.

Note that you shouldn’t use fabric softeners when washing Snuggly Dog’s drying towel. Either wash it by hand, or put it on the delicate cycle of your washing machine.

2. Best chenille towel for bathed dogs:
Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

Best chenille dog towel after bathing: The famous SoggyDoggy!

“Soggy Doggy” just might be the next nickname I’ll use for any soaked dog I see! How cute!

Cuteness doesn’t mean much if your towels aren’t good enough. Well, no reason for you to doubt these marvelous chenille fabric towels for dogs that are in a desperate need of proper drying.

Soggy Doggy notes that these can hold and absorb water 7 times their weight. Let me tell you: this should work for you even if you have a gigantic, ultra furry pup!

Unlike the polyester with Snuggly Dog, you’ve got chenille here…which can be either good or bad. Personally, I love how chenille feels – it’s even softer than other materials. It’s also, without a doubt, the most absorbent fabric for good dog drying towels.

The downsides are weight and the drying process. Wet chenille towels for dogs will be heavier than their polyester counterparts. They will also need a little bit more time to dry out properly.

If you live in a very humid area, that might be an issue. Otherwise there shouldn’t be any big problem anyways. Note that chenille might get a tad smelly due to its thickness.

With hand pockets for some comfy underbelly drying too, Soggy Doggy gets my pick for the most water absorbing towel for puppies.

It might not be as full body as the previous one, but if you need nothing fancier than a standard towel…that’s your pick.

3. Best pet microfiber towel for large dogs:
Arcadian’s microfiber

Best pet microfiber towel for large dogs: Arcadian’s microfiber

Leaving chenille territory again, we go back to Arcadian’s ultra lightweight bath towels. And I’m serious about that: these weigh only around 200 grams! Keeping in mind you can use these for large dogs, it’s a serious cut on heavier options.

Arcadian turn our attention to the fact that their dog bath towels are antibacterial and I can’t help but rejoice about that. It’s very easy to get some pesky germs and bacteria hanging around in musty fabrics, right?

Alright, so how well does this perform in terms of water absorption?

The answer is: quite good, but not as good as the previous two puppy towels. This has to do with the ultra lightweight nature of the product, but please don’t think it won’t dry your dog properly.

It’s just yet another trade off. With Arcanidan, you’ve got a light, easy to dry out and easy to wash dog bath towel. This one can be safely machine washed and you can even tumble dry, which you can’t easily do with other puppy towels.

In exchange, you receive a little less water absorption. Also, mind the fact that ultra hairy dog breeds might need something thicker for an optimal dry out process.

On the upside, though, the lack of loops in the weave annihilate the prospect of fur remaining on the towel. Or at least it’ll be waaay less than chenille doggie towels.

4. Best budget dog drying towel:
Bone Dry DII

Best budget dog drying towel: Bone Dry DII

Bone Dry have oustanding products on lucrative prices and Bone Dry DII is yet another example of this. A word of caution from me, though: know your dog’s needs, so you can assess whether this one will come handy for both you and your pet friend.

What do I mean?

Well, this 44″ x 27.5″ dog hand towel is stunningly lightweight and guarantees a cozy snug post-bath time. The material is high quality, soft to the touch, with quite good absorbency.

Yet this is a pretty thin dog drying towel. If you have a very big or very hairy dog, it just might not be enough. Or, alternatively, you might need two of these to soak up all the water. That’s just how things work with the DII.

For its price, you get the best value puppy towel for sure. Just don’t think you can do everything with it.

In fact, my personal recommendation is to keep this as a dog drying towel for paws or feet and maybe around the face. For thicker fur or more stubborn full coats, pick one of the previous products. Personal opinion!

Tips on drying your dog after the happy bath time

Not all dogs can have the blissful, quick-drying short hair of pit bulls, for example.

For those breeds, returning their beautiful fur back to its non-soaked state can mainly be done in two ways.

You either use a dog hair dryer, or towels. Obviously, I’m more of a fan of the latter!


Because there’s a lot of dogs who are just stressed out by hair dryers. If your dog’s anxious, this will be an absolute nightmare for them!

My #1 tip would be to never rub or be too aggressive with your movements when drying your pooch out! Be gentle, carefully squeeze them or pat them.

This also depends on fur type, of course, but rubbing will only make them hate the process.

Cozy puppy: 4 best dog drying towels

Tip #2 would be to decide whether you want polyester or chenille as a material. As I mentioned, chenille is great, but if you’re in a humid hell, it’ll probably start smelling funky at one point.

Tip #3: always read the instructions on how to wash whatever dog bath towel you choose. Some materials can be very delicate and putting them in the washing machine will destroy the weave.

Keep track whether you have to hand wash the towel, or you can do a regular machine wash.

Here’s a quick, straight-to-the-point video on how to towel dry a dog. Try to do the same!

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