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No more dirty paws: 3 best absorbent doormats for dogs

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Outdoor playtime’s over and your doggie cheerfully paws its way inside…

… leaving a trail of water, mud, and dirt!

Seeing how gleefully your dog wags their tail makes you feel all fuzzy, I’m sure of that. But witnessing the dirty mayhem after an otherwise pleasant walk outside?

Probably not! Which is why you need a good absorbent doormat for dogs. But wait, doesn’t a standard mat do the job just fine?

Yes, if you want questionable results. A heavy-duty dog mat like Dog Gone Smart will soak things up way better and will stop dirt/mud from entering your house too.

It’s a huge step up from basic mats as the one we had:

There’s exactly 3 rugs I’d label as best doormats for dogs. Each of them has its peculiarities and specific notes to bear in mind – that’s why I’m just about to review them properly! 

Top pick
  • Dog Gone Smart
  • Best for:
    Heavy-duty absorbency, attractive designs and non-slip backing for steady support.
  • Material quality:

    Stitching & double basting for ultra durability.
  • Water absorbency:
  • Sizes:
    M, L & Runner
  • Price:
For hardwood
  • My Doggy Place
  • Best for:
    Well-rounded performance, gentler on hardwood floors. Very soft and fluffy.
  • Material quality:
  • Water absorbency:
  • Sizes:
    M, L & Runner
  • Price:
Near bowls
  • Soggy Doggy
  • Best for:
    Smaller mat that is a great choice for sloppy drinkers. High quality chenille for great absorbency.
  • Material quality:
  • Water absorbency:
  • Sizes:
    Only 18" x 24"
  • Price:

By the way, you can actually use pooch mats for various things:

  • Obviously, to soak water up after a rainy outdoor session

  • To trap mud, dirt and small pesky objects (pine needles for example)

  • As a mat under dog bowls for those adorable sloppy drinkers

  • Even as a bathroom mat, as doggie rugs absorb REALLY well

My 3 top picks for best dog doormats

1. Best all purpose doggie mat:
Dog Gone Smart

This just might be the world's best absorbent door mat for dogs, given its materials and durability.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite here. Part of it has to do with not only its absorbency, but also all the cute customization you have going around.

You can pick from several sizes and designs, which is quite important for eye-candy fanatics like me. I’m quite partial to the teal one!

The first thing you have to decide on is the size. You have a 32″ x 21″ medium-sized dog mat, a large 36″ x 24″ one…Or the runner size which is really HUGE.

No matter what size you go, this is a very thick, highly absorbent doormat for dogs. Its GSM soak-up rate is 3000. This probably doesn’t speak anything to you, so let’s look at it this way:

It simply soaks up water and stops dirt with twice the power compared to your generic mat for dirty, wet paws.

Good absorbency doesn’t mean much if the rug isn’t sturdy or moves around all the time, however.

Great news on both fronts! First, you have both stitching and double basting – a recipe for durability, even with bigger dogs who thrash the mat around.

Second, the elegant non-slip and non-skid backing on the bottom of the dog drying mat prevents it from moving freely. It’ll stay in place on various surfaces – from laminate, to tiles. You can certainly put it on a carpet too.

My only note would be to not leave it outside if you live in an extra humid area or it’s raining. While this is a highly absorbent door mat, being constantly rained on will ruin the fabric.

A trusty water and dirt-trapping mat for dogs, it can be safely thrown into the washing machine too. I wouldn’t advise you to put it in the dryer afterwards, though.

Instead, just let it air dry. Dog Gone Smart have thought it out flawlessly – the microfibers dry way faster than other mats, especially chenille ones.

2. Overall best indoor mat for dogs [Chenille]:
My Doggy Place

With chenille fabric, this MyDoggyPlace rug is the best indoor mat for muddy dog paws.

I’m recommending this one especially to people who have hardwood floors. Unlike the previous dog mat’s solid rubber backing, there’s a more delicate stabilizing element here. There should be no chance of it ruining your beautiful hardwood.

Anyways, once again you have three sizes to pick from. These are quite similar to Dog Gone Smart’s ones – 31″ x 20″ (medium), 36″ x 26″ (large) and 5 x 3 feet (runner.)

A big difference here is that this microfiber dog rug is probably the softest one out there. Seriously, you just might find your dog lying on it like this at one point:

As far as the absorbency goes, no worries. The chenille is an extra heavy duty material that soaks up wet paws like there’s no tomorrow. It’ll also trap large volumes of dirt to protect your interior.

This dog doormat is also a bit thicker. This works great for bigger dogs, but keep in mind you might encounter difficulties in putting it under doors.

They won’t open properly, or they’ll simply move it due to its more bulky body.

Another point to remember is to wash it on a “high” spin cycle. A full-blown chenille like the one you have here is quite thick and absorbent – low spin cycles won’t take care of it properly.

Aside from a dog paw cleaning mat, you can also use it yourself as a shower mat. No more wet floors!

3. Best mat for under dog water bowls:

SoggyDoggy has the best mat for under dog water bowls: for those who have sloppy drinkers!

SoggyDoggy is the boss of anti-wet measures! We’ve mentioned their awesome dog drying towels too, so not really surprising to see them do well with doggie mats too.

Keep in mind that this one comes only in a 18″ x 24″ size. Better grab it if you have a small dog breed, or a medium-sized pooch – it won’t work as well for bigger furry fellas.

The fact that it’s more compact and its chenille materials make it the best doormat for sloppy dog drinkers, in my opinion. Just put it under the bowls and forget about dripping wet floors.

There’s a high chance that it’ll be stepped on all the time, and even dragged on.

Worry not – SoggyDoggy’s chenille is high quality and very durable. It’ll put up with your pooch practicing its own version of doggie kung-fu on it!

In all other terms, this absorbent mat for dogs is similar to My Doggy Place’s product. Very soft, fluffy, good stabilizing mechanism.

Throw in a very attractive price considering the comfort you’re getting, and you’re really looking at a no-brainer solution to dripping-wet headaches.

I guarantee you’ll save on floor cleaning – usually any dog’s corner is a call for daily tidying up, which can grow tiresome in time!

Top 3 things to look for in any floor mat for dogs

The best mat for dirty dogs is a combination of a few factors. All of them matter, so don’t make compromises when it especially comes to:

  • Materials.
    Chenille or chenille blends are definitely the best option here. Pure cotton mats are usually a no-go, as they don’t absorb dirt or water as well. Look for high quality, thicker chenille types or microfiber varieties.

  • No slipping feature.
    Mats dragging on the floor are not only frustrating – they might slip under your dog so its muddy paws actually touch the floor. You need stabillity and a grip that won’t budge even under bigger breeds.

  • Easy to wash & dry.
    Doormats for dirty paws will call for you washing them frequently. You want something that is easy to maintain and won’t take ages to dry out so it can be used again.

How can I teach my dog to wipe its paws after a walk?

Dogs are reluctant to wipe their legs off – especially the back pair, if you don’t teach them how to do this. It’s not that hard, actually, and as you can guess, it involves treats as many other training activities like walking your pup.

Note: You might want to get more strong smelling treats as it helps with reinforcing the behavior. After all, they attract pooches more than more bland snacks!

There’s a few approaches to teaching your pooch how to wipe its muddy paws.

First option: just teach them to stay on the mat at first and give them a snack. Grab another in your hand and wait for your dog to start shuffling its feet in anticipation.

Make sure they stand on the mat while doing so – if they leave it, hide the treat until they return.

A few tips on teaching your dog to wipe its muddy paws!

Whenever your pet shuffles its feet on the mat, reward this with a snack. At one point, they will realize that their paw movements are being rewarded and you can apply it to any return home after a muddy walk outside.

Second option: hide the treats under the mat itself. Your dog might paw at the mat or try to bite at it to lift it up. Hold the corner of the mat so they don’t do that.

Of course, this will make your dog a bit angry and they will paw at the mat, trying to reach the treat.

Once they do so, reward them with a treat (preferrably one that you have in your hand, leaving the other under the mat.) Rinse and repeat for a few times, reinforcing the training drill.

Both of these are a good start. You might want to continue reinforcing them throughout the first few muddy walks, until the habit sticks.

At one point, your dog will start wiping its legs without you prompting it to do so!

You might also want to use a command word too. It’ll make things easier in the long run – after a few times you will only need to say the command word, and your doggie will clean its muddy/dirty paws as it should.

Final note: Be careful with using fabric softeners when washing your doggie doormats!

Remember that while softeners do make things fluffier, they reduce the efficiency of water absorbing fabrics the chenille and microfiber!

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