Cozy husky: best harness, leash & top tips

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Note: this post is brought to you by my friend Emma, a proud owner of a Siberian husky and an Alaskan malamute.

I’ve seen this mistake over and over again. People thinking of a best harness for husky without elaborating on what kind of a harness they’re actually looking for. Believe me, this is a game changer.

A no pull husky harness will work wonders for a joyful walk around the neighborhood. It’ll be useless and can be straight up dangerous if you want to use a dog scooter or have fun bikejoring with your husky.

For laid-back outdoor sessions, Expawlorer’s no pull harness is great for any Siberian husky. It’ll also save you from stumbling when your pet chases after something that caught their eye.

The best husky harness for pulling will allow for energetic sport activities or joring. However, it’ll be unneeded if you only want a casual stroll along the streets.

For more intense purposes, Canine Equipment’s harness is heavy-duty, durable and gives your husky the comfort it deserves.

Both of these don’t come with leash included. If you want to supplement them, grab the Leashboss. It’s very durable and ergonomic, also perfect for stronger breeds like huskies.

  • Canine Equipment
  • Best for:
    Professional pulling harness with extra padding and safe weight distribution.
  • Durability:
  • Sizes:
    S to XL
  • Weight endurance:
  • Price:
No pull
  • Expawlorer
  • Best for:
    Affordable no-pull vest for medium-sized huskies (sponged padding.)
  • Durability:
  • Sizes:
    XS to XL
  • Weight endurance:
  • Price:
  • Leashboss
  • Best for:
    Sturdy nylon leash (3/4") with reinforced stitching and molded rubber ergonomics.
  • Durability:
  • Length:
    20, 30 or 50 feet
  • Weight endurance:
  • Price:
  • 2 Hounds Design
  • Best for:
    No pull vest + leash combo with decent performance. Best used for medium-sized huskies.
  • Durability:
  • Sizes:
    XS to XXL, 1" or 5/8" leash width
  • Weight endurance:
  • Price:

Before I start with a few reviews on the best harnesses for huskies, here’s a quick heads up on how non-pull and pull harnesses differ.

With pulling (traditional) harnesses, any generated tension goes straight to the leash. When your extremely curious and strong husky decides to explore something and jumps, you’ll follow suit quite quickly.

No pull husky harnesses channel the tension to your pet’s body instead. Usually the focal point is under their arm area. This slows them down or downright stops them, and you remain steady.

You realize where the catch is, right? If you do sports with your husky with a no pull leash, you can cause severe strain due to the tension focusing on them, not the leash.

Cozy husky: best harness, leash & top tips

1. Best husky harness for pulling:
Canine Equipment Ultimate

CE come up with the best husky harness for pulling, really sturdy and flexible.

Even with pulling harnesses, the way the tension gets its weight distributed matters a lot. Canine Equipment is a professional dog accessory that takes care of your dog’s well-being.

Any pressure on your husky’s throat or back can be dangerous. This husky harness distributes weight across the stronger chest and shoulder areas instead. You can safely do bikejoring, jog with your husky or perform other more intense activities without worrying about your pet’s comfort.

To ensure even more coziness, the pulling harness for husky dogs has some extra fleece padding around the shoulders and the neck. With a built-in anti-slip feature, there’s not much more you’d want from an accessory.

What I love is the intelligent Safety snap shackle.

Basically, if you don’t have a heavy duty joring belt, you might lose control if your husky pulls too strongly. The shackle pairs up with a hands free leash so you can instantly release yourself from your pet.

Cozy husky: best harness, leash & top tips

In other words, you can skip on falling if there’s too much pull from them. Falling down after you’ve gained traction can hurt a lot, so that’s a good approach to your safety as a dog owner.

This pulling husky harness is great for bikejoring or even dog scooters (the latter is best if your husky isn’t too heavy.) The D-rings are sturdy, but if you go overboard and your dog is too strong, they might snap. Be careful.

The biggest drawback to this harness is the lack of a leash included in the purchase. You’ll want to get one separately.

On the upside, if you like night activities, there’s reflective piping for better nighttime visibility!

2. Best no pull harness for husky dogs:
Expawlorer’s No-pull vest

As far as the no pull husky puppy harnesses go, this is the best pick.

Even the most calming walk can turn into frustration if your husky tosses you around like a ragdoll. And believe me, especially if you’re as short as me, this will happen.

Huskies have that instinct to hunt, to jump at anything they deem worthy of their attention.

Expawlorer’s no pull harness for Siberian huskies will have you skip on this inconvenience. It’s made of durable oxford material that’s also not too heavy.

Ergonomics matter when you’ve got an anti-pulling vest. It needs to be made of soft material, balance pressure properly, and fit your dog to avoid slipping. Expawlorer’s harness ticks all these boxes.

It cuts down on any pressure that might hit at your dog’s neck and cause injuries. Instead, it redirects to the chest area, where there is additional sponge padding. You also have extra padding on the belly area too.

Even if you have a husky that’s 50-60 pounds or slightly more, the harness should keep them in check without its rings getting torn.

Also, I don’t know about your husky pup, but mine enjoys swimming from time to time. The harness is great for water activities too, at least in my personal experience.

It won’t smell afterwards (or just wash it if it does), and the material doesn’t get damaged.

With other harnesses your dog might get those dreaded sore spots under the armpits due to the pull. Ergonomics and padding combined, Expawlorer won’t cause any inconvenience.

However, make sure to measure your husky’s girth and pick the right size! Again, you don’t have a leash included here which is the main drawback.

3. Best leash for huskies:
Leashboss Free Range

A sturdy pick for the best leash for Husky dogs.

Both harnesses I presented you with lack a leash included with them.

Leashboss is, in my opinion, the most durable leash for husky dogs. It’s designed for medium to large breeds, so a heavy-duty construction is what you get.

The first thing you need to think about is the length you want. Leashboss has three options: 20 feet, 30 feet or 50 feet. I don’t know what your preferences are, but I stick to a 30 feet one usually as I’m a bit more active.

The husky leash is made of nylon, but it’s an extra durable one. It far exceeds cotton leash types and comes with reinforced stitching.

With durability covered, the next feature to tick off is ergonomics for you, the pet owners. Leash burn is a thing, especially with energetic breeds like Siberian huskies.

Leashboss’ handle has molded rubber that fits my hands right and provides me with the ergonomics I need.

If you’re interested in the width – it’s 3/4″ which is just about right for any usage from simple walks to more heavy-duty training. Another great thing is that it’s made in the US, with the best of quality in mind.

4. Best no pull harness + leash package for huskies:
Freedom training set

Best combination for leash and a durable harness for Husky pooches? That's the one!

If you want a good quality no pull husky harness with a thicker (1″) leash, the Freedom combo is quite the deal. It’s also a good budget pick as it saves you a bit of money compared to getting a harness and leash separately.

Clip one leash to the front of the harness and you’re ready for your strolling adventure!

A good detail here is the Swiss velvet lining on the strap. It ensures softness, circling around the legs to minimize any sores due to harness usage. The webbing’s edges are also reversed to minimize irritation when coming in contact with your husky’s skin.

As with Expawlorer, the balance in this no pull husky vest lies around the chest area. It’s especially softened to your pup doesn’t twist which would cause unwanted inconvenience and pain.

The best thing is, you’re not suffering from the “package deal” factor. Both you and your dog get a high quality accessory that is ergonomic, lightweight and resistant to a husky’s tremendous pulling force.

Not much more to say about the Freedom package – it combines the best of both worlds on a good price. Maybe just a little bit less heavy duty than the Expawlorer, but if you have a standard weighted husky, you’ll be fine!

I’d actually recommend it more for other breeds, especially if you’re in a need of a pitbull harness.

How to prevent your husky from pulling on the leash or harness

Huskies’ thick, volumnous fur is a beauty to behold (although it might call for frequent undercoat care…)

Above all, though, they’re curious, energetic and ready for new adventures all the time.

Great qualities for a loyal companion…but a headache brewing if you want to enjoy more relaxed walks around the neighbourhood.

So, how can you actually prevent (or try to prevent) your siberian husky from pulling all the time?

As always, it boils down to discipline and rewards.

The first thing you want to do is to start when your pet is as young as possible. Don’t postpone. The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to foster proper discipline.

The second thing is to just stay in one place when your pup pulls. What will follow is a confused look on their face as they turn towards you.

Don’t yank!

Notice I said that you need to stay completely still. Yanking won’t work on any husky – they have it in their blood to pull heavy objects, so you’ll only get your husky more excited.

Not to mention that yanking usually just startles or even hurts dogs if you pull too much.

Cozy husky: best harness, leash & top tips

Your pup will probably approach you to see why you’re standing still. When the leash goes slack, start walking again. There’s a chance your husky will run again, pulling the leash too much.

Stop again.

With a little bit of patience, your puppy will understand that walking is permitted only when the leash is free.

An alternative is to walk in reverse once you feel your husky pulling too much. That’s right – turn your back and go in the opposite direction. Establish dominance and show them that once the leash gets pulled too much, they’re not going anywhere.

Don’t forget to reward any proper conduct with small treats. This will only reinforce your efforts to discipline your husky!

Bonus points if it’s something as nutritious and tasty as the Victor Hi-Pro Plus, our guest author Maria’s favorite.

Here’s a video that offers a refreshing perspective on taming the main reason for husky dogs pulling on leashes or harnesses: excitement.

An exhausting walk sometimes warrants a proper bath. Especially if there has been a lot of dirt around your husky’s beautiful coat!

Check out our roundup on the best dog drying towels if you’re interested. You’ll need a thick, heavy-duty one knowing what a majestic, furry beast any Siberian husky is.

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