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In some of my other articles, I mentioned several phone pouch models and why they offer the best protection for your phone. The first thing you need to know about a waterproof phone pouch is that it wasn’t designed for a specific phone model. Most pouches will allow you to protect a 6 inch phone, but this number may vary from one model to the other.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

But first, do you know what you should look for in a good waterproof phone pouch?

  • It should be able to hold any phone model that measures less than 6 inches. While it might not seem a lot at first, consider that 7 inches is the dimension of a tablet, so your phone is most likely measured at around 5 inches.
  • When you seal it properly and submerge it underwater, the pouch (with the phone inside) should float like a beach ball, not sink to the bottom.
  • The touchscreen response should not be in any way affected by the fact that your phone is now inside the pouch.
  • It should have a transparent front and back, to make it super-easy for you to take photos and record videos underwater.
  • It should come equipped with a lanyard, so that you can easily hold your phone around your neck while swimming.
  • Even if you should never hold your waterproof phone pouch near sharp objects, the plastic should still be durable enough to withstand minor scratches.
  • I’m going to show you our top 3 picks in terms of waterproof phone pouches you can buy online and explain why each one of them would make a keen purchase for everyone interested in keeping their phone dry.

    JOTO CellPhone Waterproof Phone Pouch

    Being one of the most popular waterproof phone pouches on Amazon, the 6 inch JOTO is compatible with a whole bunch of modern smartphone models, from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and up to the iPhone 6S Plus. Thanks to its shape and size, it can be used to hold more than just your phone. You can use it to store your credit cards, money, IDs and even keys, even if the latter should never be stored together with the phone, as they might scratch it.

    Probably the hottest selling point of this pouch is its transparency. Thanks to the transparent front and back of the pouch, you can easily take pictures and videos underwater, without affecting the quality of the image. In fact, if you check out some of the Amazon customer reviews, you will see real and crystal-clear pictures taken with their phones while it was being held inside this waterproof phone pouch.

    Even so, before you start using this pouch, always test case before trusting it with expensive electronics. Do this by submerging the case in water with a paper towel in it. Also, make sure to place phone in the pouch under dry conditions and try not to open the pouch during your trip. Opening the pouch in hot weather conditions after being submerged in cold water can result in condensation buildup inside the case and that makes the clear plastic foggy. Keep in mind: if you will be using your phone for taking pictures or texting while you are keeping it safe inside the pouch, try to squeeze out the air before sealing it. Leaving air inside can cause bubbles, thus making it difficult to use the touchscreen.

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    2 Pack Ace Teah Clear Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

    Even if you can buy a single Teach Clear waterproof phone pouch, you can get the second for an extra $3, so we’ve decided to show you the 2 pack deal instead. You’re going to love this pouch. Just as the model we presented before, this waterproof phone pouch is not only compatible with a wide array of smartphone, but it’s transparency will allow you to take amazing underwater images and videos without having to compromise the quality of the pictures. The Teah Clear pouches measure 7.76 inches x 4.49 inches x 0.59 inches, which means that you can not only keep your cell phone dry, but also your MP3 player, money, IDs and other small goods that you don’t want to get wet.

    However, before you start using this waterproof phone pouch, there are a couple of thing you need to take into consideration. First of all, should you ever transport this pouch in a bag or pocket, make sure it’s stored away from sharp objects. Since the pouch is thick enough, some phones may require that you remove their protective case, as well as any additional screen protectors that may interfere with the touchscreen’s response. Even if this pouch has been tested underwater, it’s better to be safe than sorry and perform your own test at home. Each time that you plan on using this pouch, submerge it underwater for 15 minutes with a paper towel inside. If the towel is still dry when you remove it from the pouch, then you can entrust it with your smartphone as well.

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    YOSH Universal Cell Phone Waterproof Phone Pouch

    With over 3,000 Amazon reviews, this is truly one of our number 1 choices as far as dry bag pouches are concerned. In fact, YOSH’s waterproof pouch has a worldwide reputation of being one of the best products of its kind. With its fully enclosed edge, you can make sure that your phone stays safe in a durable and sealed environment. Just like every good dry bag pouch, the YOSH dry bag pouch can hold any smartphone of maximum 6 inches, making it compatible with HTC phones, iPhones, Galaxy Edge models and more. The best part of this feature is that you can have multiple family members use it, even if they have phones different than yours.

    Even if the pouch has been tested at a water depth of 100 feet, it is still advisable that you perform the water test each time you plan on taking this baby out for a swim. In fact, you should make a habit out of testing items that are meant to protect expensive electronics. One important thing to remember: if you are using this waterproof phone pouch with an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, please take note that the fingerprint and home button are unavailable. You can unlock your phone by using the power button.

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