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If you’ve been following The World Roamer, you probably know that I’m really passionate about sailing. What you probably don’t know is that I also have a thing for photography and, recently, videography too. The problem with video is that if you really want to make something interesting, you need to set aside a lot of time for it. And we all know how’s travel, you don’t always have the time or be in the mood to shoot video or take photos when all you really want to do is enjoy the experience and take it all in.

But during my latest sailing trip to Greece, I wanted to see if I can make a decent video. I also had the advantage of being a trainer for aspiring sailors, so I had a lot of spare time. That’s because when I’m a trainer, I usually don’t do anything that has to do with running the boat. The trainees do that. So I had time and energy to shoot a lot of videos.

The video was shot in several locations in Greece, including the Alimos marina in Athens, Poros, Hydra (which has some of the most amazing sunsets), Syros and, of course, out on the sea. So, what do you think?

And by the way, if you’re interested in what gear I used for this video, you can read all about it in this article I wrote.

I’m Vlad, I’m in my 30, I have traveled a lot in the past 10 years and I share stories with all the experiences I’ve lived. I’m really into writing, so I also talk about stuff that I find interesting and want to see at some point in the future. Also, I’m quite passionate about travel photography and I share my experience as an amateur photographer and videographer. He now writes at Upwind Travel

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