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Merci chocolate review: a yum bouquet of rich flavors

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European chocolate.

I had the delightful opportunity to visit Belgium during a Central Europe trip of mine a few years ago. As you can guess, I couldn’t miss the chance to try some genuine Belgian pralines.

Oh god, I felt my taste buds and heart were going to melt together with the handcrafted cocoa dissolving in my mouth. Two words: sensual paradise.

Of course, eating Belgian pralines frequently isn’t a viable financial strategy. I wish it were, though…

Storck’s Merci chocolates are an affordable entry to Europe’s chocolate heaven. Tadaa:

Merci chocolate: a complete review of this fine European box of cocoa paradise!

But you know what’s really exciting?

You get to taste eight (!) Merci flavors. Even the pickiest of chocolate fanatics ought to be satisfied. I usually get the 32 pieces box. In other words, you have 4x every flavor. The arrangement looks like this:

Here are all the Merci chocolate flavors in a box of 32 (four of each taste)

If you want something smaller, there’s a 20 piece box, but it contains only 7 flavors.

No, these aren’t cigars even though it does remind me of an exquisite collection of those. Definitely a bit of a retro feeling which is always a plus for me.

You can be impatient and jumble them like this:

Close look at the 8 flavors Storck's Merci offers you in its bigger box of chocolates.

But I don’t recommend it, as it might fuel binge eating on all of them. And let me tell you: Merci chocolate was made to be enjoyed slowly, like a chocolate meditation for your taste buds.

What’s in a Merci box?

As I said, you have 8 different flavors. Boxes of 32 will have 4 chocolates of each flavor. I prefer this one as the box of 20 has only 7 flavors…and less chocolates, obviously!

Note: the extra flavor you get with the box of 32 is the Marzipan flavor (tan colored ribbon.)

The 8 flavors you’ll find here are:

  • Milk chocolate (blue)

  • Coffee & cream (brown)

  • Hazelnut & almond (green)

  • Hazelnut creme (orange)

  • Marzipan (tan)

  • Dark cream (dark brown)

  • Dark mousse (red)

  • Praline creme (purple)

Across all flavors, you’re getting high quality German chocolate. The taste is rich and deep, lacking the usual over the top sugary feeling you have with cheaper chocolate. Where there’s creaminess, it exceeds your typical creamy cacao products.

Ah, what about the cocoa percentage?

Well, obviously this differs across chocolate. It can get as high as 50% (marcipan flavor or dark cream) to a lower 32% in the more milky varieties (hazelnut creme and milk chocolate.)

The good thing is that you have QUALITY cocoa. Once I overate on Merci and unlike binge eating other chocolates, it didn’t give me the good ol’ nauseous, ultra heavy feeling.

And yes, there’s no oily unpleasantry here either!

The average energy value hits 562 kcal/100g…this is chocolate we’re talking about, after all!

Merci chocolate flavors review:
picking the winners & losers

This is a tough one, as personal tastes differ so much when it comes to sweets.

For example, I absolutely hate marzipan, but Kate loves it. On the other hand, she’s not that much into pralines – and I’m crazy about that flavor.

We end up trading one flavor for another so both of us get a good deal out of the Merci experience.

Notable mentions!

Milk chocolate (blue): Very creamy and with a deep taste and lasting aftertaste,. Compared to a lot of the American cocoa counterparts, this is waaay better.

Hazelnut & almond (green): Oh god, we fight about this one as both me and Kate love it the most. Storck have thrown quite a bit of nuts here so you get a tasty and crunchy experience.

The nutty nuances complement the 32% cocoa’s delicate sweetness amazingly well.

The Hazelnut & Almond Merci flavors is probably our most favorite in the whole chocolate assortment!

Praline creme (purple): No, it’s not like those handcrafted Belgian pralines I ate back in the days. But it’s also a dozen times cheaper than them and emulates their core taste quite acceptably.

A very smooth chocolate feeling, a few nuances richer and creamier than the milk chocolate flavor. This one WILL melt in your mouth and the aftertaste of its elegance will linger for quite a bit.

The dark cream/dark mousse pair are also good. However, both me and Kate like our dark chocolate to be over 70% cocoa, so the 50% were a little low for your personal preferences. The quality was there, of course – we just long for a slightly bitter Merci variety!

So…I guess I’d call them losers. But in reality, in Storck’s tasty box of Merci flavors, there are no losers!

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