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Beanitos review: finally, chips without the guilt!

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Junk food cravings are, unfortunately, very real. And very persistent.

Just by writing this I have the urge to grab a bar of chocolate. Or, you know, dig my hand in some chips.

Fortunately, there is a way to satisfy these cravings with something that’s actually healthy.

What, did I just mention the mythical creature called ‘healthy junk food’?

That I did. Ever since I tried my first Beanitos chips – black beans with sea salt, I’ve been hooked on them.

I grabbed a batch of fresh Beanitos to try other flavors…

My review on Beanitos chips: healthy bean tastiness, filled with protein and fiber!

…and then another one…

Hard to pick my Beanitos favorites...but the Mac n' Cheese is crunchy and outstandingly tasty!

You catch my drift, I guess. I ended up trying out all of Beanitos flavors which is exactly the reason I’m here to review them.

Guess what?

Turns out that junk food that’s healthy can also be ridiculously, finger-lickin’ tasty. I admit I’m definitely partial to Beanitos Mac n’ Cheese and the amazing Nacho Cheese flavor.

But the truth is, all of them were a piece of crunchy, yummy bean heaven. Are you up for a reviewing tour?

So…what’s up with Beanitos chips?
Why is it good?

Look, I love chips as much as you. It’s a vice of mine.

But at one point you’re at a crossroads. On one hand, the chips cravings never end. A few more turns into a few more until the package is gone.

Then you feel greasy and full, but not in the good sense. You also feel guilty. You just consumed a ridiculous amount of trans fats, carbohydrates and way too much salt.

Here’s where Beanitos kicks in.

First of all, these are not oily fried potatoes. Neither corn which is a no-no for many Americans.

We’re talking about pure beans, high in fiber and satisfying your hunger way, way better. Crunchy, healthy, well-seasoned.

White beans, black beans, pinto beans, all sourced in the US. Mmm…Beans are very filling, so you won’t binge on them as easily too!

Second, this is No Trans Fats Zone. Look at the label (pictured is the Nacho Cheese flavor):

Beanitos chips ingredients: just how healthy are they?

Even the saturated fats are reduced to a minimum! In addition to this, the majority – if not all, of Beanitos’ chips are also:

  • Non-GMO

  • Free of corn

  • Gluten free (certified)

  • Kosher

  • Vegetarian

  • Full of proteins & fibers (usually around 4g per serving)

Most of them are also vegan. Excluding the cheese flavors (my favorites), of course.

If you’re a salsa or guacamole lover, congratulations! Grab a bag of these and make your own home feast. If it was your regular chips, it a) wouldn’t taste as great and b) wouldn’t be as healthy.

For those of you who love tortilla chips, but don’t go well with corn…Well, this right here is your proper replacement food.

My definite favorite:
Beanitos Mac and Cheese review

Nacho Cheese and Restaurant Style emerged to be my chips darlings. However, the true winner for me is the outstanding Mac n Cheese the brand managed to create.

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for Mac n Cheese, and I’m very picky about what I’m getting…

…and Beanitos ticked all the boxes.

Upon opening the bag, I’m greeted with this beautiful view:

Beanitos Mac and Cheese is BAKED! Here's my review on it.

And the scent…delicious, but not too aggressive cheese smell. It isn’t as prominent as, say, Cheetos.

It also tastes way, way better. Less salty, less of the slightly artificial flavor I’ve found most cheese snacks to have.

Another very important thing to me is how much of the product you’re getting exactly. We all know the trick: a bag half-filled with air and then you wonder where your snacks went.

So, me and Greg did a quick experiment and that’s the result:

Pretty good! I’d say the bag was ~80% or so full. Definitely no sly tricks to rob me of more, more, mooore Mac n’ Cheese. Thanks, Beanitos team!

The ingredients are not half-bad either. As I mentioned before, the brand prepares their bean deliciousness without any trans fats inside. The cholesterol is also kept to a minimum.

Somewhat expected, Mac n’ Cheese has a bit lower levels of protein (3g) and fiber (2g) compared to the usual 4g/4g allocation of other Beanitos chips.

The crunch is awesome! Definitely the crunchiest bag of Mag and Cheese majesty I’ve tasted so far.

Verdict: God I want to bury myself in a mountain of these!

As I said, though, there’s another benefit of Beanitos. Their more natural ingredients and the filling beans leave you feeling full after eating a serving or two.

It’s ok. I have all the time in the world to enjoy these bags of bean chips anyways…

On a related junk food note – but not as healthy, you can check our Merci chocolate review too!

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