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With the advent of wireless Bluetooth speakers, playing music outdoors – and even in far-flung areas and country sides – has become easier. Before you had to bring a heavy speaker with its wires and look for a power outlet to connect and make the speaker work; now you simply need a Bluetooth enabled device and a charged wireless speaker to do the job.

The Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are lightweight and portable; hence, it is the speaker of choice when you go outdoors. When you have an outdoor activity, you usually bring lots of stuff that will add up to the weight you have to carry. With a lightweight and portable speaker, you will be less burdened.

Furthermore, Bluetooth speakers only need a wireless connection to work. You can say goodbye to connection wires and power outlets that usually comes with your typical speakers. You only need two things – your phone, or any gadget that is Bluetooth-enabled, and your Bluetooth speakers.

Finally, a Bluetooth speaker is usually compatible with almost all gadgets. Connecting the speakers to anything will give users a wide range of options to choose from to make playing music more convenient.

How to Use a Bluetooth Speaker

Since a Bluetooth speaker is connected wirelessly, using it would entail a simple wireless set-up. To help you carry on with enjoying your favorite songs, below are some directions on how to use a Bluetooth speaker or pair it to other devices:

The first step is to check that your speaker and your Bluetooth-enabled devices, like your android phone or laptop, are powered on and the batteries are sufficiently charged for operation. Then browse your device of choice for the settings menu and enable the Bluetooth function.

At this point, it should be noted that different speakers work differently so you have to look for specific instructions for the operation of your speakers. As a general rule, however, Bluetooth speakers usually have a button that has the Bluetooth logo printed on it. To make it work, press the button for a few seconds or until it lights up and signals that the speaker is already discovered by the other gadgets.

Go back to your Bluetooth-enabled device and click the “search for devices” option that usually comes with the function. After a few seconds, the Bluetooth speaker’s product name or model will appear. Click the product or model name and choose the option “pair” to establish the wireless connected between the two devices.

There are Bluetooth speakers that automatically detect and connect to a Bluetooth enabled device. There are also speakers that need manual detection and pairing.

If your device cannot detect the Bluetooth speakers within a few minutes, go back to the Bluetooth settings of your device and click the disable button. Press the refresh button of the Bluetooth speakers or turn them off for a few seconds. Then power on the Bluetooth speakers again and, at the same time, enable the Bluetooth option of your device to establish pairing of the two devices.

If, after going through all these steps, your device still won’t connect with the Bluetooth speakers, your next action should be for you to check for other devices around you. There could be other competing Bluetooth-enabled devices that have previously paired with the speakers that prevent you from connecting.

This scenario usually happens when your Bluetooth speakers automatically pair with any available device that has its Bluetooth application enabled. Turn off the Bluetooth settings of those devices so that you can establish a new pairing between your preferred Bluetooth-enabled device and the Bluetooth speakers.

Also, check if you are within the Bluetooth range of your speaker. There are speakers that have a short range connection while there are others that could reach as far as thirty-three feet. To be sure, check the features of your speakers.

For other features such as volume and playback, users have two options to choose from: either control it using the Bluetooth-enable device like the mobile phones, tablets and laptops, or directly control it using the Bluetooth speakers. There are Bluetooth speakers that have volume and playback buttons so that external control can be possible.

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