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Bluetooth speakers are handy and useful. However, there are so many of them competing on the market that many of them have evolved to better stump competition. And thus, the different types of Bluetooth speakers were born. They mostly differ in terms of their features, as well as their style—depending on your preference.

Low-cost Bluetooth speakers

These Bluetooth speakers typically do not go over in cost; in fact, some may not even stray too far from $30.  If you are a first-time Bluetooth speaker buyer, you might want to try it out and go for the more inexpensive types of Bluetooth speakers.

Luckily, there are lots of them available on the market. However, you have to be cautious because you cannot always expect them to sound as good as the more expensive models, or have as many features and benefits as their pricier counterparts. However, there are a select few which are not really bad for their relatively low price. Just make sure to watch out for reputable brands.

Premium features

There are Bluetooth speakers that give you bonuses when it comes to features. Although these features may not usually be present in your conventional Bluetooth speaker, they are pretty cool features to have—such as an SD card slot that enables you to directly play music with your speaker without necessitating a cell phone or other device.

Some other speakers have recording devices that can allow it to function as a voice recorder for memos, or to record calls while you are in speaker phone mode. Still other functions may be found on other premium featured Bluetooth speakers such as a megaphone function or vocals stripping.

Premium looks

This may all boil down to preference, but there really are some types of Bluetooth speakers that go above and beyond when it comes to appearances. Think about size and dimension. Think about color schemes. Think about the material. Think about construction.

Some types of Bluetooth speakers are built with sophistication and art, and these are the types of Bluetooth speakers that you place on its own podium, and it’s basically the star of the show. You can expect a heftier price tag on these types of speakers, but aesthetically speaking, they are worth every buck.

These speakers are those you get to place front and center when you are entertaining guests in your home, or at poolside. These are also the types of speakers that make your space not only sound but also look lush and sophisticated. These are not just Bluetooth speakers. These are masterpieces.


If you can’t seem to choose one, and just decide that you want the best of the best, there are types of Bluetooth speakers out there which can deliver. These are the speakers that can go the loudest, give you the fullest bass, offer a clearer speaker phone experience, all while being considerably waterproof and able to withstand a good dipping for some period of time.

It may also have some great physical features such as a hook to suspend it, such as you want it hung up in the center of a gathering, or you want to keep it high up, such as when you are at camp. Additionally, these speakers are not fragile, but are still attractive, meaning that it will fare pretty well in just about any setting—whether you are out camping on a rainy day or inside the house, warm and cozy by the fire.

On top of all of these features, these speakers have a considerable battery life as well as a lightweight build to be a bit easier on your back if you are up and about with it.

The sleek and impractically stylish

Practically speaking, you wouldn’t really need a motion-detecting Bluetooth speaker that switches on at the wave of a hand. Nevertheless, you would still most likely go for it because it is super-cool and ultra-modern. And yet, despite this modernity, a certain model can even accommodate a classic turntable! These are the types of Bluetooth speakers that are for the impeccably hard to please when it comes to ingenuity and style.

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