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Comparing products according to features, performance, and price can get a bit taxing. There will always be a speaker that’s better than the other in one aspect. The best thing to do prior to buying is to determine what you are mainly going to use the speaker for. This will help you narrow the choices down to the most ideal one.

If you are primarily after a good price, here are some of the top performing speakers that come in at under $50 when on sale.

OontZ Angle 3 PLUS by Cambridge SoundWorks

This is a very good model to buy of because a majority of customers who have reviewed this waterproof Bluetooth speaker agreed that it is indeed a great product. What sets it aside from all other waterproof speakers, aside from its sound quality, is its outstanding battery life of up to 30 hours at two-thirds of its playing volume.

This allows you to take it along with you wherever you may be, without having to worry about having to recharge it during the day. That is an extra plus factor when it comes to portability since you are not obliged to bring a bulky power bank with you every time.

Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker by AYL SoundFit

This, also, is a popular waterproof speaker, judging by how many customers have reviewed and rated it, as well as the ratings themselves.

What makes this Bluetooth speaker stand out is that although it is not really submersible in water, it is able to withstand an accidental drop into a body of water; aside from the splashes that it may encounter, you will also feel more confident placing it nearer the water, knowing that it can definitely survive an accidental dip if ever that were to happen.

Vtin 20 Watt Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The most rave reviews mainly remark on the Vtin 20 Watt Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker’s outstanding 20-watt power, which cannot be matched by most regular generic Bluetooth speakers that only go as far as 3-5 watts.

Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

Finding this portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker on sale is a bargain you would not want to miss. How would you feel if you could get a portable Bluetooth speaker as well as an FM radio for just the price of one? That is exactly what the Ancord Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio is offering.

With its built-in FM radio, this waterproof speaker has indeed captured some hearts—especially of those who are loyal radio station fans who want to tune in to their favorite stations every once in a while. The FM radio feature, combined with the portability as well as the connectivity truly makes it stand above the rest.

JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Most of the positive reviews on the JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker were on its daisy chain feature that wirelessly connects to an additional Clip2 speaker, allowing you to angle your sound and focus it in more than just one direction.

If you like the idea of having two speakers simultaneously functioning while connected wirelessly, this speaker would be greatly ideal for you. You get the portability and convenience of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, as well as the ability to link your speakers wirelessly to be able to establish a miniature sound system without the mess of wires.

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