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Bluetooth speakers are handy for anyone who wants to enjoy music anywhere while outdoors or on the go, such as for travels, picnics, or other outings that may not have access to proper wiring for audio speakers such as when camping or when boating. Because of this, many Bluetooth speakers are made to be waterproof. Bluetooth speakers are also an excellent backup for when plug-in speakers are unavailable such as in a power outage.

Below are some steps on how to pair waterproof Bluetooth speaker to your device.

Turn on the Bluetooth on your audio device

This would be your Bluetooth speaker. Your Bluetooth speaker may have different features or different mechanisms when it comes to powering up. Some may have switches, some may have buttons, and others may have touch screens for you to be able to control and navigate through it.

Ensure discoverability

Some Bluetooth speakers are automatically discoverable once you turn them on, while others require you to make them discoverable by going through its controls. This step is important for your mobile device or PC to be able to locate your speaker, so as to be able to successfully connect to it.

Likewise, turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device or PC. For the pairing to be successful, the Bluetooth on both your mobile as well as your audio device should be turned on.

If you are on your smartphone, this means that aside from turning on your Bluetooth speaker and making it discoverable, you should also turn on the Bluetooth on your phone to enable it to search and pair with your Bluetooth speaker.

Search for your Bluetooth audio device

On your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod, or PC, select your Bluetooth settings and allow it to search for your Bluetooth speaker. You will normally see a loading or searching logo that indicates that your device is currently searching for active and discoverable Bluetooth connections within its range.

Relating to this, it is important to know the range capability of your Bluetooth devices. Some can go as far as 30 feet, while others may range at about 10 feet. It is also important to test the strength of your Bluetooth connection when it comes to pairing your Bluetooth speakers with your usual device, such as your phone or PC.

When out shopping for waterproof Bluetooth speakers, it is important to first test it with the device that you would normally pair it with most often. Some Bluetooth speakers may have a greater affinity towards some devices compared to others.

Select your audio device name on your mobile or PC to connect

Once your device has finished scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices, you can expect your Bluetooth speaker’s name to appear on the list. This means that your phone or tablet or PC has successfully located your speaker and that it is ready to be paired with it.

To begin pairing, simply select the name of your Bluetooth speaker and wait for it to connect. It usually takes a few seconds, although, for some devices, it might take longer. The time it takes for two devices to pair may vary greatly with the Bluetooth version on both devices, their Bluetooth strength, or their affinity towards each other.


And these are the essential steps on how to pair a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with your device. Some devices may pose a bit of variation, but generally speaking, these are the steps to follow.

If you do encounter some difficulty in pairing a certain device to your Bluetooth speaker, it is best to consult the manufacturer’s customer service in order to determine the proper way to pair your device to their product, or to be able to successfully troubleshoot any problems that may have occurred during the pairing process.

Your customer service representative would be glad to assist you if you have problems, and if is a product defect, you may even ask for a refund or an item exchange.

Remember when purchasing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to always ask for their warranty policy, their customer service, as well as any nearby accredited shop where you could turn to in case your device needs repair, or you need physical help in troubleshooting your device to get it to connect.

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