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A Bluetooth speaker is best characterized by its portability and being wireless. These characteristics are exactly why it is loved by many and has been such a hit, especially among music lovers who like to be on the go while still having the option to broadcast their sounds.

Aside from playing music, Bluetooth speakers also give you the liberty of taking speaker phone calls anytime and anywhere. However, just like any other electronic device, a Bluetooth speaker needs to be charged at some point in its battery life. Luckily, there are many ways on how to charge a Bluetooth speaker in almost any circumstance that you may find yourself in.

So, just as you could take and use your Bluetooth speaker anytime and anywhere, you can also charge it almost anytime and anywhere. Below are a few scenarios as well as a few ways on how to charge a Bluetooth speaker.

Power bank

A power bank is a wonderful way to charge your Bluetooth speakers while on the go. Power banks can also be very useful if you want to recharge your speaker in places that do not have access to electricity, such as when you are out camping in the middle of the woods or boating in the middle of a lake.

Simply plug your Bluetooth speaker into the power bank using its USB power cord. It’s simple to use, and very handy for outdoors. There are a wide variety of power banks available online. Their prices vary greatly from cheaper low-capacity types to high-capacity costlier models.

Just like other gadgets, these power banks may also come with extra features such as water resistance, shock resistance, and so on.

At home

When charging a Bluetooth speaker at home, you may find that your Bluetooth speaker comes with a USB cord that may vary and range in size from mini to full-sized. These USB power cords are responsible for recharging your Bluetooth speaker and they can easily connect to your computer or laptop at home.

Alternatively, you may also connect your Bluetooth speaker’s USB cord to a wall outlet to be able to directly plug it in so you won’t have to power up your laptop or PC just to charge your speakers.

In the car

If you are mobile and do not have access to a power outlet or a computer where you can plug your Bluetooth speaker to power up, you may find that your car has a built-in USB port on the dashboard near the radio. Most cars these days are built with these, so you can easily connect your Bluetooth speaker using its USB power cord.

If you have an older car that does not have a USB port built into it, you can plug in a USB-AC adapter to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and plug the USB power cord there. These adapters can be easily found in your local gadget store and are a savvy thing to have, especially if you have a car that does not have a USB port.

Solar charger

These devices are great to have, especially if you are expecting to do a lot of outdoor activities in the sun, such as when you are on the beach. The solar charger works by absorbing solar power from the sun and storing it for use in a device that needs to be charged such as Bluetooth speakers.

It is a clever and cost-effective way of charging your devices, although it may take a while longer compared to charging directly onto power outlets, they are mostly at par with other charging options. The biggest plus side to this type of charger is that basically charges itself without cost for as long as it is exposed to the sun.


Technology has indeed come a long way, and these days, smartphones are now able to charge Bluetooth speakers. These special smartphones have what is called “reverse charging,” which drains power from your phone into another connected device such as a Bluetooth speaker.

Some phones inherently have this ability, while other phones use what is called a power-sharing cable, offered by Samsung, which lets certain models of their phones share their battery power with any connected device.

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